Anshar of Agartha: Earth is Recovering

we are one love eraoflightBe greeted master. It’s an honor to talk to you. It has become much calmer with us in Agartha since some negative energy has been removed. Now it just gets lighter for us. We in the inner realms are constantly monitoring and monitoring people and animals on the surface of GAIA and there have really been major changes among people.

GAIA has also recovered incredibly well. The forests and lakes are considerably healthier due to the much cleaner air. The seas and lakes are clearer than in a very long time. This pandemic has really affected people a lot. The light around the planet has never been as strong as it is now and we look forward to when we can go up to the surface to get health for our cousins.

Yet there remains some purification from GAIA and even from the people before anyone can say that now we have shifted to a whole new world of love instead of hate. With cohesion instead of war. This development is a blessing, although it also involves some fear for their loved ones, for illness and death.

Everyone should know that no death is an accident but it is something that humans themselves have decided before incarnating on Earth. Their life contract has expired. They leave and embark on a new adventure. Many are needed on the other side in various respects. Not everyone was willing to follow the climb with GAIA. They chose to wait for another occasion when they feel ripe for it. However, everyone should know that everyone is cared for in the best way, no one is left outside.

We in Agartha who are in the ninth dimension are multi-dimensional and can therefore go between different dimensions, which is very exciting and fantastic. People will soon be able to do this after the transformation of the great flash from the great central sun. Then you people become multidimensional just like us. It is a fantastic time we are living in now and finally we will soon be seeing dear cousins.

Take good care of you now in these times. Meditate a lot and feel how you would like your world to be after this pandemic and isolation. Visualize a fantastic world for everyone and it will be.

With love from Anshar in Agartha

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM

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» Source » Channel: Inger Noren