The Collective Lessons Here Come to the Fore

sunny era of light dot comBecome aware that so much of the old stuff is being churned up now, the old past life stuff, the collective stuff, especially that of Atlantis and the heritage of Atlantis, and humanity’s tendency to self-destruct.

It was in Atlantis, with the Fall, that control boxes were implanted into the populace for mind-control, and when this happened they self-destructed.

The collective lessons here come to the fore.

Are we going to allow the same to happen in this lifetime? More than this, we need to look deeply within ourselves as all of this is reflecting so much of ourselves and our innermost being back to ourselves.

We finally have the opportunity to transcend Atlantis and what plunged us into the 3D, and can now rise fully into the 5D and the New Golden Age.

I was made aware of this again this morning, and how important the Forgiveness decree is at this time. More than this, to release the old vows, the old contracts, the old agreements, the old stuff. So often these bound souls, countries, nations together and created negative bonds which no longer serve the greater good.

We need to free ourselves and others now, so that we can wipe the slate clean for the New Golden Age and the 5th dimensional state.

More than this, there needs to be deep surrendering of all which you are holding onto so dearly: – whether it be attachments to persons, things, places etc. but also the outcomes we wish to force into being, or the preconceived notions, or ideas.

This morning I was asked to go and surrender everything, my whole life and being onto the Sacred Altar of the Divine. It is ultimately freeing: – for in surrendering you are not losing control or your life, but you are gaining! Now you allow the Divine Will and Purpose for your soul and life to take over. You are surrendering your life and being to the highest possible service and in the highest possible way, with great love.

“Not my will – but Thy will be done!” Ego’s do not like to surrender, for the ego wishes to be in control.

Yet, when the Divine calling merges with the soul, then the soul is freed to concentrate fully on the task and will not allow itself to get distracted, pulled down, nor in any way shackled, for it finally sees the bigger picture, the greater calling, the greater whole.

Such calling is greater than the sum of self! It is in essence the Call of the Soul. When the soul is called for Higher Work, this will always be what pulls the soul towards fulfilling it!

High Calibre souls will follow that calling no matter what, for it is greater than the sum of Self and the Ego, as thus they surrender completely to the Divine Will and Purpose.

If you lay your whole life, your soul, your Being on the altar of the Divine, you are in truth returning to the Truth of your soul and its first creation, the primordial reason the Divine created your soul for to express and to be and to become. Know that this will bring immensely powerful shifts within you, and it will bring about changes in your life and it will mean that you will wake up to a much higher degree, as your entire focus shifts.

This is what is so necessary at this time!
Judith Kusel

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