Kuthumi: Innocence and Creating Your Reality

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomKuthumi: Let us now proceed a little more with that second chakra. We have talked about how there is an innocence of a child that can be accessed in that second chakra when there have been alterations in the functioning of the first chakra through the mental body. It is through that Soul innocence of the child that you begin to change the way in which you create your reality.

The child at play puts no limits on that play and the creativity within that play. As you awaken the presence of the Soul within you and within that second chakra and as you bring the emotional body to play in that innocence and unlimited perspective of that childlike part of yourself, you begin to create your reality through the emotional body. You create from joy and excitement. The excitement that you are now feeling comes through that second chakra. The spinning and the availability of the energetics within that second chakra are unlimited and very fluid. They present many options of expression. Can you see how we have been moving toward this?

Jim: Yes. Very Clearly.

Kuthumi: These are truly exciting concepts that you are taking in and beginning to use. The old templates of third dimension that were based in fear are falling away. They are disintegrating because the electromagnetic field that holds those thoughts in play has been altered. Fear is less dominant in the energetic system. It is still present and is still recognized but has a momentary effect as you raise the functioning and the spinning and the color coding in the first and second chakras.

That bridging mechanism between the first, second and third chakras allows you to begin to see a whole range of magnificent, radiant colors that are very personal. They are very much connected to your individual Soul. And they vary from being to being. What you see as a variation of that color red, for example, between the first and second, or the second and third chakras may be green or purple or violet or yellow. Someone else may see them as blue or magenta because there are variations according to the individualized Soul expression.

As the spinning takes place in the first and second chakras and that childlike quality of the Soul begins to be activated and used, there is a great opening that takes place. The identity of the fallen state has been changed and has begun to be dismantled. The awareness of your eternal nature comes into play. There are more Light frequencies, a greater range of color codes, radiances and vibratory rates available to manifest in the physical realm through the power of the eternal nature of the Soul.


This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

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