Weaving Unity

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomMore unity templates unfolding. This one is about resting in the ocean of Grace.

Taking time to step back, from the charges, and distortions to rest and remember that this whole ‘ship’ is simply an age-old story playing out its extremities before coming to the centre once again. Somewhat like a giant breath.

Somewhere in our cosmic heart, we know that we have been on this ship many times and carry unique and beautiful insights through our cosmic, ancestral and divine wisdom aka. SourceSoul.

The story of being human is an incredible gift – even in its extremities. I am feeling more and more in awe of our capacity for shift, for trust and balance as more and more humans are rising and finding that in the extreme experiences of embodiment comes peace, balance, and great love and grace.

It is frequency and energy that moves us into action and flows through us.

It does not mean that our full range of emotions and the human spirit leaves us, we do not become zombies of peace and liquidity – we become supercharged, informed, still, magnificent, sovereign, beings acting with discernment, respect and integrity for all life – and the WHOLE ecosystem on all levels – feeling the harmonic field, dancing with it’s expression.

It means we still stand up and express strongly when the energy arises, it means sometimes we do use force, or penetrate boundary – because it is necessary for the preservation of life, not at the expense of it or without great respect for the whole.

It means we integrate or break down, get lost, dissociate or break out and express in ALL of our colours – it means sometimes we hit freeze – numb – or overwhelm – sometimes we want dissolution sometimes the energy moves us to explode into new skins and flavours.

It means when we are moving to hold our inner space and reach deeper into compassion and tenderness of self-love.

When our beloveds fall or waiver we hold a hand out for steadiness but do not seek to alleviate, judge, control, patronize or undermine the journey they have chosen to make nor save the human race from its process.

Some are here to catalyze – to prompt change – to be great mirrors – to instigate – to invent – or prod at the stuck places.

Some play aspects of diversion – distortion – confusion – subjugation – suppression and dilution.

Some are born to steer – ambassadors – emissaries – information carriers – custodians – architects – orators and space holders.

Some are here to make peace – to bring stability, calm, balance, and harmony often working in health, healing and ecosystems but also in society and world orders.

Some are creators – inventors – artists – visionaries – coders – grid makers – musicians – new earth architects – expressing their creativity and imagination.

Some work at the back, never seen or heard but always there stabilizing, grid -keepers, gate-keepers, and holding the space most are unable to sense or see.

Some are simple enough just being here, and in many ways ALL because we are enough without doing anything at all.

Some souls who are very very open and sensitive become overwhelmed with strong expressions – this may mean that aspects are not integrated – but it equally may mean that they are perfectly balanced and primed to bring certain frequencies and information through in their perfect way.

Some souls will react less, become less involved or responsive when the waves are high, some will not even see it, or feel it, they are anchoring in specific frequencies and information.

My feeling is that most of our movements here still arise from programs, and energy we are playing out, as mostly we are simply here to be and any memory of mission or arising of great knowledge simply informs the present moment. Any further attachment makes is SOMEthing, and we create new containers for another round.

We are still letting go, of this habit…maybe even creation itself?

Whatever capacity is arising..being here is on Earth is enough, it really IS.

I feel every one as a great pillar of light, a huge giant beacon in space-time and time-space, a cosmic dancer, a time-traveler, an oracle of divine freedom stretched across dimensions visible, seen and heard in many realms.

Anchoring light is key – shedding skins – weaving in unity

It is not how mighty is the “I”
How abundant
How many followers
How red-pilled
How loud
How defiant, resistant or pious
How awake, divine or holy
How aligned to beauty’s expectations
How fear or judgment is portrayed
How useless, controlled, angry or downtrodden
How many pretty memes shared or tik tok videos made
How superior or elite
How spiritually tooled or experienced
How ‘not bothered’ or indifferent
How trained and ready

This process simply IS about Frequency and Embodiment and creating SPACE for the unity of Source to EMBODY and ANCHOR in…as the story begins to crumble.

What arises, as a result, is trust.

One minute to midnight.

Rest and breathe.

The story will ALWAYS be there if you want or need it and you can hold on in infinite loops…

What lies beyond?


» Source » By Susanna Amara