Anshar Collective: Truth Versus Non-truth

we are one love eraoflightHere is our message from the Collective. We provided a message to all a few days ago and it was well received from our vantage point, so we would like to give you another message at this time.

This time, the message will be concerning the topic of truth versus non-truth.

You have many instances in your current situation on your Earth to be hearing a multitude of non-truths. This can cause many people, especially those who are unawakened, to feel great confusion, anxiety and chaos.

For those of you who are awakened, such as you who are reading this message, you are able to discern the non-truths much more readily than the unawakened ones. It is your role in this lifetime to be there for the unawakened ones when they are beginning to awaken and that is not too far in the future.

We know from listening to the thoughts of this one receiving our message, that your role of listening to the unawakened ones when they have questions, is daunting. However we would like to try to remove a bit of that anxiety with this message.

The daunting feeling that you are experiencing, when you are asked questions regarding the non-truths that abound, is a sign that you care. So it is a good thing, if you will, in a strange way.

The guidance we would give you, to help the unawakened ones learn the truth is to speak from your heart. If in the moment it does not feel right in your heart to give great details about all the non-truths that exist, then just let it go.

Your years of personal experience, as you discovered the non-truths for yourself, will be the guide that you will use to help others to awaken.

You will be able to remember what it felt like for you as you were awakening to these very disturbing and chaotic feelings that you experienced. As you already realize, we are sure it is going to be even more chaotic and disturbing for these new awakened ones to learn the truths, because it is going to be happening at a much quicker pace.

It is true however, that they will have more support as they learn the truth, than you did in your earlier years of discovery.

So, we would say that it is probably an equal balance as to how difficult it will be to learn these truths. In truth however, this is not the main discussion we would like to have here…however it is still a worthy one.

So once you are past the feelings of insecurity in teaching others the truths, you will find that the words will just flow out of you at the right time. One must pay particular attention to how the energy feels during the interaction, because that will be the largest indicator as to how far and how much information you should provide, in that moment to the other.

Our channeler here, has become very caught up in which particular words she chooses, and tries to say them in a particular manner to others who are unawakened, but that is not the easiest way to convey truth, as she is learning.

We think that she is beginning to realize, that she is fighting the flow of information between the two of them, and that will never result in a positive outcome. So she is learning, that the energy in that moment, is the most important aspect when one is trying to convey very difficult, but also very important, information to another.

That is the primary message that we wanted to convey today, and we appreciate this one allowing us to use her experiences to help others understand, in a more concrete way, how to handle the situation.

When one has other’s experiences to learn from and to read about, it helps to greatly understand and assimilate the lessons, for any topic.

We feel that we have provided the particular information that we wish to in this message, and we wish to say that we are very pleased and honored, to be communicating with you more now, and through various channelers, at this time.

We truly appreciate the time that you have given us by reading this message and we send you our blessings. We ask that you be kind to one another, pay attention to the energy in all things, and at all moments, and be well.

Anshar Collective

» Shared per request » Channel: Losha