Urgent Message for all New Earth Timeline Co-Creators

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomThis is an urgent message to ALL who are presently manifesting new-earth/Nova Gaia timelines. For it is seen that there are some truly less-than-benevolent forces/entities/beings/energies out there who are currently looking to trick people into manifesting “partial disclosure” — citing ideas that doing so would “keep people safe”. These beings claim to be of the highest light here. However, many of these very sources have continually maintained earlier that there would be NOTHING LESS than COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISCLOSURE of ALL NEGATIVE BEINGS / AGENDAS / ACTIVITIES ON EARTH that have been hidden from humanity for so long. So also had these beings continually assured 100% EXTRATERRESTRIAL DISCLOSURE. And it is NOT as if these spiritual channels “didn’t know” of the effects that such disclosures would have upon our collective populace — they can literally see through time and space here. Their (presently) changing words and statements, therefore, reek of GREAT DECEPTION and less-than-light-like behavior. And hence, must be THOROUGHLY QUESTIONED; given that we are all beings of 100% TRUTH here; and are ultimately here to bring out NOTHING LESS but the HIGHEST OF TRUTHS THAT THERE ARE.

Now that all of you are awakening to and reclaiming your full-fledged statii as reality-manifesting divine creator GODS, it is now all the more critical for each and every single one of you to ENDLESSLY QUESTION the authenticity of such sources, given that certain people would be really happy here into manipulating you into accepting “disclosures” that are LESS THAN 100% TOTAL AND COMPLETE. And such is deception and manipulation of the highest order indeed.

BEWARE of such entities, and make sure to always put out the HIGHEST of intentions, visualizations, feelings, emotions and imaginations into the ethers (to be manifested) — in order that the plans of such ‘less-than-light-friendly’ beings are shut down ONCE AND FOR GOOD, and IRREVERSIBLY at that. For only the COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISCLOSURE of 100% TRUTH is what we are all collectively here to manifest; and manifesting anything that is even an iota lesser than that would just benefit those who have FOR LONG gotten away with dark acts and actions of unimaginable magnitudes.

Trust that ALL OF US do indeed have MORE THAN ENOUGH healing, forgiveness, peace and love/light energising powers to help our collective handle such disclosures with ease — or we wouldn’t even BE HERE right now. And so it is. And so it is.

Thank you for reading.


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