Sananda: Consciousness

sananda image eraoflightdotcomBeing human all day is not easy. You who are awake and have a consciousness greater than some in your surroundings. Maybe you even feel that your consciousness is greater than all the people who surround you in your life.

A consciousness is a subjective experience. So it is you in your form of consciousness that makes a personal observation, a personal consideration. It is you based on your platform that sees, hears and experiences with your physical body and what you wear in your physical form.

Remember that you are living your present life and you have a lot of past life in your luggage. Your consciousness carries this with you. Your consciousness carries these aspects with you in your life. What you have been through, what you have memories of, you notice a little extra. It’s like an Achilles heel for you. A sore point. From this, you react and act.

What you carry in your luggage is part of your life lesson and may mean your life lesson to disseminate information to others. Maybe you have been about what you have to restrict it from spreading. Therefore be aware of all the different aspects of consciousness. You who are subjective in your regard. Let yourself see with the eyes of the beholder to understand what your fellow human being is going through.

Also, learn to understand yourself and become aware of how you can expand your consciousness at a glance. By seeing, understanding and experiencing what opportunities are available to you. To allow consciousness to expand beyond your physical body, beyond the limits of your physical body.

You leave the limitations of your physical body. You leave the physical limitations to obtain the wisdom of your soul. So that you can see from an overall, all-seeing perspective. Then you understand that you all on earth express you in different ways and then you understand that you all have different references, different challenges and are stuck in different limiting factors.

By your consciousness, by the magnitude of your consciousness, by seeing it and feeling it, you can help your fellow human beings to understand the physical body and how its memories and experiences shape life.

Let experiences, memories and experiences be lessons but do not let these limit you in your life. Let them help you open up unlimited assets of consciousness. Give yourself away. Free to be. Free to live. Free to create the best conditions for you in this your present life.

I love you so.
Jesus, Sananda.

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» Source » Channel: Camilla Nilson