Life Tapestry Creations: Freedom

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

It is time to address your need to be right. Your feeling that you know best not only for yourself and the ones you love but the entire world. In truth, you now know less about the needs and wants of others than you ever have.

This is a time of uniqueness that blends into the whole. As if the earth is a huge pot of stew that changes with each additional ingredient into something that pleases the palate.

Instead of one approach to life, this is the time of acceptance. Even though you might not yet agree, your past earth eons have been about fitting within a specific mold or rightness of being. You might have done reasonably well in many lives, but to do so you ignored at least some of your personal needs.

This new life you are beginning to enter is about your unique needs – as well as the needs of others.

Perhaps you remember our discussion about groups of this new world with similar interests working through a common goal. It is unlikely that more than a handful of those goals/groups will be of interest to you in this lifetime. That does not make other groups wrong, merely different. Your attempts to make those groups think and act as you do is no different than any other 3D life you experienced.

Your new world is about freedom. The freedom to think and act as you wish – as is true for all. Likely, you believe that such will create yet another 3D world of haves and have nots. That the wealthy and powerful will make those less powerful succumb to their needs. Such thoughts are so because that is what you have experienced in previous earth lives. Not because you had to, but because you wanted to be of the social milieu of the day.

You no longer have that need.

Once that need is removed, you and all others will have the freedom to create and live as you wish. Perhaps you do not believe such is possible. We remind you that you have no difficulties believing such is true in other dimensions and frequencies.

You continue to create and think with 3D parameters. Such will change as you evolve. The first step is allowing others to become who they wish to be. You are not the great wizard determining how others will live, any more than you want some great wizard telling you what to do. You are all evolving – even those who wish to remain of 3D. And as you do, you will find it less and less comfortable when anyone tries to put you in a box of rightness. The same is true for all.

It is time for you to ignore the wants and needs of others. Not because you are mean or self-serving, but because their needs and desires are different than yours – unless they are of your group. And of course, if they are of your group, you will have no difficulties with their thoughts or actions.

No longer is the earth expected to perform like one as has been true for eons. This new world is about unique individuals creating unique lives under the common umbrella of “we’re one.”

Even though this new direction may seem frightening, such is little different than you deciding to become an engineer instead of a social worker. Both perform important functions, but it is unlikely that the two professions would have much in common in a business conference call. The difference is there will not necessarily be labels for the various groups such as is now true for 3D professional or interest labels.

The actions and creations of the groups are so new that no overarching labels will be probable in your lifetime. You will merely start talking with someone and find that you have a great deal in common. A commonality that will lead to a new creation or activity. Labels or energetic work will not be required, as was true in 3D. It will merely happen. Until that activity is no longer interesting and you discover another group.

So it is you will contribute to this group and that group as will be true of every one of the earth. There are no shoulds or longevity requirements other than interest. For anything you are interested in will be enhanced with your contribution, whether or not you know how you contributed.

This new society is about shared interests instead of certain molds you must fit within. So it is no longer appropriate to vilify those different than you, for they are merely creating something other than what interests you.

Some of you question that thought for you are aware of those who do not care about humanity or the environment, and you believe they are wrong.

Those who seem to be tied to 3D shoulds and beliefs are as much a creator as you. For their beliefs, ensure you will create something different. There is no need to be part of their group for their beliefs are not of interest to you. But because they are so obviously of the old, they are your springboard to the new. Allow them to be, for they are your impetus for new thoughts and actions. Many of you are angry at those seemingly mired in 3D. But in hindsight, you will recognize the vital role they played in your new world.

Allow yourself to follow your joys – and allow the same for others. This is a new world of freedom. Not freedom to have everyone believe and act as you do – you have already tested that mode – but the freedom to be in all their glory whether or not that glory is of interest to you. So be it. Amen.


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