New Moon in Taurus

astrology update eraoflightdotcomThe April 22nd New Moon in Taurus (3 deg) makes a separating square to Saturn in Aquarius and an applying conjunction to Uranus. So this new beginning gives one the sense of being caught between a rock and a hard place – rules (Saturn) define and restrict, even as you deal with the urge to liberate (Uranus) yourself. Or, you may have to deal with a sudden upset to your security, navigating new territory while being pressured by extra responsibilities.

Not easy, not fun. And yet, here is the new chapter. Things will unfold very slowly -Aquarius and Taurus are Fixed signs and Saturn indicates delays or outright obstacles. Even though unexpected change is upon you, you’ll have to go slow. Maybe this is for the best – gradually make your way into this new space. Accept the responsibilities or work within the new boundaries.

While Uranus disruptions are jarring, I feel like Saturn will be the real kicker. The square will be a crisis about what you can’t have or what you must do. It will be uncomfortable, but its goal is to teach you self-sufficiency. Perhaps the old ways of finding comfort are no long valid. You try to fall back on what was and you’re confronted with a wall that keeps pushing you forward.

The only way to get through this is to define (Saturn) new (Uranus) forms of comfort and security (Taurus). Work to make it happen and recognize that hard Saturn aspects can deliver rewards, if you dig in and quietly do your thing. You will have to do without for awhile. You may feel alone and the process will be quiet. At times, you will wonder if you’ve ground to a halt.

But eventually….eventually….you’ll be able to settle into a new set of solid values or resources that you have defined. Your strength will be very apparent. You’ll look back on this moment and see that it forged something unbreakable.

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