Mother God: New System Installed on Gaia

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come today to share with you what is happening behind the scenes. on the surface, things seem to be chaotic and not much more than that. But at the energetic level, in the higher realm, the planet earth, and the Divine team have been busy. We have not only take Gaia’s next step further, but we also have crossed yet another threshold, Gaia’s ascension has reached another milestone, a victory of light.

You may ask what is the victory? What I can tell you dear ones is that we, the Divine have successfully achieved yet another level of human consciousness. In other words, humanity’s ascension has reached another dimension. It is almost as high as the 5th. For the planet and humanity, it is quite an achievement. It is Divine’s highest achievement so far. It is Gaia’s highest existence since the fall of the planet and humanity. The comeback of Gaia’s existence has been achieved. The process is a success. What it means is that from this point on, the planet will no longer drop below that level. The vibration is going to be stable over time. The planet and humanity can no longer go downhill and success is going to stay. Mother Earth will no longer be taken for granted. She is now in the 5th dimension. She knows better. Her children can no longer take her down. The spiritual laws won’t allow that to happen.

Yes, Gaia has a new system in place now. An entirely brand new system has been implemented in Gaia. This new system requires all souls on the planet to apply the spiritual laws and rules which were designed for the planet and the human race. Gaia has her special treatment. She deserves a good sound system in place so that all souls on the planet will eventually learn to respect all lives on the planet and respect Gaia as their mother. Gaia has the support from the Divine and the company of heaven. Now what she will have is the support and love from her children on the planet. Gaia deserves it.

Now, from this point on, this planet will be operated in the realm of Divine laws. In other words, all souls on the planet will need to obey Gaia’s spiritual laws which were designed for Gaia and Mother Earth. These spiritual laws will be the guiding principles of the planet in the time to come. The entire human race is going to follow these spiritual laws. These laws are specifically designed for this time when Gaia is going through the ascension process. Once the ascension process is over, the Divine will evaluate the situation and decide the next steps. For now, these laws are being put in place for Gaia and the planet. Your Father God is the ultimate law officer. He will start the laws once his time comes. And these laws are going to be his ruling principle. He knows the planet well. He also knows the human psyche. He wants these spiritual laws to be implemented so that once his incarnation starts his tenure, the planet will be familiar with these laws.

For the time being, your Father wants the planet to know that the spiritual laws will be the laws that all souls need to follow. Laws are laws. Under the spiritual laws, all souls are equal. No exceptions. Get yourself familiar with the spiritual laws dear ones. Know that no one is excepted. Laws will be the guiding principles for all souls on the planet. That includes souls who have decided to stay despite their soul contract that says otherwise. In other words, it doesn’t matter who and what you are and what your Divine mission is. Laws are laws. No one can escape from the laws. Take this into the heart dear ones. And know that the future of planet earth is going to be different. Spiritual laws are going to be the guiding principles. And the human race is required to follow these laws without exception. That is the news.

I love you, dear angels. I am your Divine Mother God. Go in peace dear ones.

» Source » Channel: Linda Li