Ron Paul: Unnecessary Coronavirus Policies Are Destroying the Economy

free world news 2 eraoflightdotcomIn a matter of just weeks, 22 million Americans have been thrown out of work by politicians. So many small businesses and livelihoods have been destroyed by political decisions. A federal government that has blown trillions on endless wars, and that has promised trillions in welfare, looks to The Federal Reserve to counterfeit trillions of dollars to bail everyone out.

Overwhelming government interference in our lives, and The Fed that enables it, are both doomed to fail.

One Reply to “Ron Paul: Unnecessary Coronavirus Policies Are Destroying the Economy”

  1. Tom

    Wear were you when Trump gave 2 trillion dollars to his rich friends 2 years ago. This last bill that just passed has a tax cut in it by the Republican put in at the last min by the Senate for the rich.
    Why do we bail out the airlines when in 2008 they were given billions and they wasted that free money. Banks were giving billions that were wasted
    I could go on but you get the picture. The federal reserve is not part of our government. It is a private own business and does not have to listen to our government. Look in to it the Rothschild and Rockefeller own the Federal Reserve.
    They run this plant with a few other 1 percent family’s they own your congress and they own 90 percent of the big corporations.
    The dollar is worth nothing the oil was to be what backs the dollar but that has dropped big time so with oil down what is backing the dollar?
    Ron Paul is crying now but the government has been mis manged for years.And Paul son is another crybaby who does nothing he so scared of Trump as all the Republicans are. They cry but never stand up to their master Trump.