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sananda image eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda who wants to communicate a little with you.

Various questions and concerns have reached me. One question is whether the Divine Masculine Power can also be called Christ and the Divine Feminine Power can be called Sóphia. The answer is yes to primacy, the masculine and feminine, respectively, both of which emerged when humanity in its evolution went from being an androgynous being, to the division of a soul into a masculine and a feminine soul. A soul was thus divided in two and became two – a sister and a brother who are mentally closer to each other than closer to one-eyed twins – this is what is called twin souls.

Another chain of thought that I have reached is the question of what the Trinity and the Holy Spirit are. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the NATURAL Mother, the daughter and the Holy Spirit. When I incarnated as Jesus / Yeshua, the Holy Spirit was active in the Christ energies – the love energies that were made through the angelic being active in Mother Mary and also made me full of these love energies so that after the required education I could eventually fulfill my mission which was to fulfill The Christ energies to the earth’s surface.

Sòphia – the Divine feminine power was also active in Mother Mary – also through angelic beings. Within the Catholic Church, Modern – Sòphia which means wisdom – is worshiped more than in other parts of religions. Thanks to the wisdom of mankind for a long time now, both Christ and Sopia’s energies are now within reach of you all.

Return to the Trinity in “Father / Mother, Son / Daughter and the Holy Spirit”. That the Supreme Creator / God is the Father / Mother is probably everyone’s guess. That the son / daughter is all children of God – in this case the human race that has evolved through many incarnations on earth, alternating as man and woman you can also imagine, I think.

When we come to the Holy Spirit, it may happen more “fluffy” as you usually say. Imagine the strongest strong most radiant Light energies filled with God’s love and peace. Imagine how the most beautiful Angel Creatures come down to earth with this radiant Light that penetrates everything. These angelic beings thus brought the Christ energies to earth through Jesus / Yeshua – they played the role of the Holy Spirit – they helped God the Father / Mother in that part of the work. Christ was present with Mary to be conceived with this child – even with regard to Sòphia, the Holy Spirit was active.

Today, the Christ energies radiate back down over Gaia and bring forth everything in the Light. In recent years, Sóphia’s return has also been prepared by, among other things, “The meto movement” and now the trend is proceeding by storm. Both women and men wake up to the awareness that you are all primarily People, regardless of gender, ethnicity, occupation, social group, etc. you all have the same right to freedom. Freedom to be who you are in your heart – in your heart. Freedom to express your opinion, to be respected as you are – not for what you do.

The transformation that is taking place now is immense – now that justice is victorious on earth, woman is being restored and all individuals have the opportunity to achieve balance within themselves – with the Christ and Sóphia energies in balance both within and eventually except – on the earth that is then transformed. to the Golden Planet Nova Gaia.

One question I have received is whether this balance between masculine and feminine energies also provides feedback to the twin soul. The answer is yes, feedback is provided. A feedback that gives a strong sense of freedom as the longing for “the other half” is over when the balance within the individual himself has been reached. Balance has been found in itself – thus, freedom is complete with both the Divine Masculine Power / Energy and the Divine Feminine Power / Energy inboard. The unity, peace, happiness, joy, freedom and a life of love is achieved.

This woman recently had an experience that a painting she made – magenta-red with a simple symbol painted in a different color – needed an opposite / an equivalent. The result was a blue-green image with the same symbol, but mirrored and of a different color. Before the painting was completed, she experienced “a sequence” where the paintings were held up against each other so that the mirrored symbol came on top of the other. Then the images immediately merged, they were united. At the same time, the woman saw a picture of how the planet Earth became radiant golden and a spiral of energy swirled beneath the planet that ascended towards the Light and became the Golden Planet Nova Gaia.

Then the woman asked me about the images, the magenta-red and the blue-green, and yes, they represented the Divine Masculine aspect and the Divine Female aspect respectively. When they were united and met – in her experience – the great energy boost that changed planet Earth happened.

So, of course, twin souls are united in this process, which often gives a strong sense of unity, love and peace. But I would like to point out that one does not need to know who personally is one’s twin soul / one’s “other half” for this process to be completed – since each one is already a whole.

This may be enough for this time.

Thanks. I love you all more than you can believe and I am here to help you.

With love. Is Sananda

Kerstin: Thank you Sananda for helping answer questions. Thank you for helping us in this exciting time.

I love you just as I love God Father / Mother.

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