Earth Gives Humanity Wake-up Call

energy waves eraoflightdotcomRight now during the corona virus crisis, we are experiencing what in hindsight will be one of the most unique and memorable times of humanity’s long history on the Earth. Tiny Virus Reveals Our Interdependence

A tiny virus invisible to the naked eye has shown us just how interconnected and interdependent we are. It also has brought front-and-center the interconnected bond between humans and nature.

Many people understand this on an intellectual level. Indigenous people understood this instinctively – having no doubt that they were one with all life and that all life was sacred. How they lived reflected this understanding.

Earth Day 50 Years Celebrated April 22

Fast forward to now – with 50 years of Earth Day being celebrated April 22 – and we catch a glimpse of how far we have diverged from our indigenous ancestors.

The signs are all around us. The Earth is giving us a wake-up call. Nature doesn’t have borders. A multitude of species share the same air and the same water. Pathogens like viruses can show up in many places.

Times of Past Epidemics

In times of past epidemics, food and other products were sourced locally. importantly, too, people were healthier with more robust immune systems. That’s because back then, people had not been introduced to processed foods and were not living in toxic environments because of chemicals used in agriculture and other industries. In past centuries, we didn’t have so many people packed into high-density cities with toxic air and toxic water.

Our indigenous ancestors lived more naturally, from the land, and ate real food. Also, our ancestors in past epidemics were not dependent on pharmaceuticals, the side effects of which can further damage health.

Consider this. If more people on the planet were healthier today, with strong immune systems, a virus like COVID-19 would not be such big news. Also, if more people had access to preventative health care vs “sick care” that only treats disease, our collective experience with this virus would be dramatically different.

Using Crisis for Healing and Balancing

Let’s use this crisis for healing and balancing – seeing it as the wake-up call it is, and keeping a big-picture perspective that goes way beyond COVID-19.

Humanity is now at a crossroads of how to go forward. The planet itself cannot sustain this level of chaos, discord, and disruption of natural ways of being.

Also, humanity cannot progress spiritually in an environment of constant war, division, and abuses of power. What we need is collaboration, caring, and solutions that support people and honor the environment.

Predictions 2020 Book

In my “Predictions 2020” book I wrote: “It’s too soon to say whether 2020 is the year the world fully wakes up to the existential crisis of climate and takes serious measures. To be sure, scientists will continue to remind us that we are destroying our only home – and there’s no Planet B.”

Continue reading in my book for more understanding about this year and the opportunities we have individually and collectively to alter the course of history. Trust that we indeed can shift what’s out of balance. We are encoded for this, and at a soul level, we know that this is our destiny.
Your Feedback Welcome

We have a new moon April 22, an excellent time to make a new beginning. I invite you to reflect on what you want to do in a new more quantum way and how you see your personal role in our collective transformation of how life is lived here on Earth.

Your feedback on this article is welcome – either via email or on my social media pages. As you contemplate your response and invite spirit’s view, even more insights will come to you. Trust this.


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