Aita’s Higher Self: The Three Lightworker Assignments

sunny era of light dot comLife is so good on Planet Earth today. Our Dear Precious Starseeds, Lightworkers. Now, you know your purpose here in this Human existence. You know what you are here for. You are here to bring Planet Earth out of its quagmire dark and desolate experience.

You are here to lift the vibration of the Human race. Being born into a Human body, in this time space reality, is a part of being trained into a greater capacity for love. Love, love, love, that is what we really are.

Despite all indications to the contrary, despite all negative feelings, experiences and thoughts, we are deeply and inherently love and light. Bliss, joy, communion with each other, camaraderie, compassion, gratitude, such Heavenly vibrations are our natural Beingness.

Humans come to Planet Earth ensconcing their Souls within their body temples to grow themselves into greater and grander multi dimensional Beings. We are as great as the Angels and Archangels for we are a part of God as they are a part of God.

We are a part of Consciousness, a part of all that is. We are equal drops of water in the ocean of God Consciousness. God is individually, idiosyncratically growing each of us to be like unto Himself.

As we grow, we develop our individual talents, preferences and abilities. And that is what we Humans are here on Planet Earth to do. There is, in reality, in the Spirit realm, no fear. Dark energies, evil beings, do not exist there.

The Material Realm and Planet Earth, the Galaxies, Universes, and all of the Beings therein, were created by God, that we his children, might experience darkness, and therein know deeply that we prefer love and that we are love.

Humans come into this training simulator, Planet Earth computer training simulation as innocent children, not knowing right from wrong. They are spontaneous, reacting to the environment and events around them with curiosity, joy, enthusiasm and positive energy.

Then, in this simulation of fear adventure in the Material Realm, where our Soul is deeply embedded in our body temple, we are trained into negativity and fear.

Those who look after us as babies have been taught to fear. They teach us to fear. We, as little children, long for love and approval. We are greatly, sorely disappointed. Our Souls, our very Beingness, is crushed.

Where we long for encouragement, we get disapproval, where we long for love, we get hate. We want communion and get rejection. So, inevitably, and this is part of the Divine Plan for us, inevitably we down spiral into fear.

We begin to fear our parents, our caretakers, our Brethren. Every word that comes out of their mouths prods and pokes at us. We feel that we are dreadful sinners who hardly deserve to live.

Our life’s philosophy becomes, “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.” We come variously to expect pain and disillusionment at every turn. Murphys law rules our life. And, with these expectations, our life out pictures from our thoughts in negative experiences.

We do not know our thoughts create our reality. By the universal law of mind and the universal law of attraction, what we think gives us what we experience.

As we grow from childhood, we leave our natural inherent spontaneity, loving nature and enthusiasm behind and take on the negative, down spiraling beliefs of those around us.

So, we adopt the values we are given and live a life of despair and denigration. That is the first stage of our Human existence. It is our task on this Planet Earth training simulator experience, to move through this victim stage.

It is our task to question the values and beliefs given to us. To ask, is it really true that I am a sinful worm, worthy of nothing, lacking abundance, lacking health, unloved and undeserving of love.

This period could be called the dark night of the Soul. For, we must look at the negative, erroneous beliefs of others that have become deeply embedded in our psyches.

Nothing can be healed until it is seen and revealed. The problem cannot be solved at the level at which it was created.

So, in dismissing the values and beliefs we have been given, in rising above the religious dogma, the medical indoctrination of taking a pill to cure all ills, in seeing the falsity of the claim of our sinful nature, we grow ourselves above the Human fray. We grow ourselves out of the victim mode.

We cry, we rage against those who have taught us such vile ideas about ourselves and others. We are angry and upset. We are in fear and lonely and flailing about about, searching for love.

This is the dark night of the Soul. This is the ascension process that we are here on Planet Earth to experience. This is the training simulator adventure.

And, as we form new ideas, values and beliefs, our own, deeply thought through and analyzed values and beliefs, we move to mastery. We see the big picture of the Planet Earth training simulator experience.

We see that Human Beings are Divine Souls, ensconced in body temples, learning greater love by experiencing fear.

Now we are enlightened, we are avatars. We look upon the Earth experience with benevolence knowing that all is as it should be. Everyone is exactly where they need to be. Everyone is perfect in their place in the training simulator.

Dear Starseeds, Lightworkers, this has been your experience. Now you are light and love. You have dismissed fear as unreal. Your thoughts dwell on love, love, love, joy, joy, joy. Now you are blessed Beings indeed.

So, what Dear Ones is your life’s purpose? You are the avatars that volunteered to come here to help Planet Earth, to help your Human Brethren, to ascend out of their negative quagmire experience.

You have three assignments. Firstly to experience life and fear as a Human on Planet Earth. Only by so doing can you fully understand and empathize with your Brethren.

Secondly, to go through the dark night of the Soul, re-evaluate your beliefs and re-write your life script from fear to love. Your conditioned negative thoughts cannot be healed until they are seen and revealed. All this you have done. Now, how to help further?

Here the hundredth monkey principle comes into play. As a collective, dear Lightworkers, you are to exercise your free will. Earth Humans were to have free will. This was hijacked by the dark fear forces sent here to divert us from love. We have been lied to on all fronts.

Now is the time of ascension. The old system, the negative Beings are failing in their dark and devious manipulations. The light is being shone on the dark and the dark is in great tribulation, attempting to increase their control and fear paradigm.

Mankind is puzzled, in befuddlement and deeply fearful as the chains of freedom become more and more constricted. Free will must be exercised and it is you, Dear Lightworkers, Starseeds that can collectively exercise this free will. This is your third assignment.

Since you see the big picture of the Planet Earth experience from the upper room, since you have turned from fear to love, you can now say no to the dark controllers. In fact it is your job to say no.

Claim your freedom and that of all your Human Brethren. Say I love you all. I love all Beings whether they seem dark or light for all is of God. I know this Earth adventure is a training simulator experience. But, we have had enough. We have felt enough darkness.

Now is the time of ascension Dear Ones. Ascension is all important now. Claim your freedom and that of your brethren that still sleep. Say, enough, no, we choose love. We deny your right to control us in fear. We deny your right to treat us as deplorable sheeple.

We deny your right to use us as slaves, to separate us from each other, to call us conspiracy theorists when we tell the truth.

We have been through the Planet Earth simulator program. We have experienced great fear and thus learned love. And, now we choose love and light, camaraderie, and communion with each other, we choose the joy and bliss that we inherently are.

By the collective power of our loving Beingness, by denying the dark plan to take us over, we exercise the hundredth monkey principle and lead Planet Earth and its Human inhabitants back to love.

Thank you, indeed thank you, God, Creator, Consciousness. We are very grateful for the Human experience and now it is time for us to return to love and light.

Aita Channeling her Higher Self.

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