Anshar of Inner Earth: Time for Reflection

anshar inner earth eraoflightdotcomWe in the collective are very happy that we have this channel that is a great and ascended master and that comes with great things for our Lord GOD and humanity. This time in the pandemic sign is a time for reflection and contemplation. People really have an opportunity to rise in frequency further to rise at an ever faster rate. We want people to start by looking around in their homes or in nature to see, really see what they think is important in their lives.

People will be amazed at how much they have changed their view of what they think is important in their lives, both materially and seeing nature in all its beauty. This tranquility that prevails now is a blessing for GAIA and humanity throughout the planet. Many people have begun to discover that since they have been home due to the isolation they have gained different perspectives on their existence. This is something that many would now like to continue. Life has gained a new and more significant existence with loved ones, despite much fear for the elderly in society but also for their lost income and businesses.

It’s amazing to see how people still show love and understanding to each other in many different aspects. Never before has the Earth, both on the surface and in the inner Earth, been so calm and peaceful. This love has also risen to the atmosphere where there are thousands and thousands of ships from different star systems.

The Earth is surrounded by a lot of love energies that come from the very light beings sending these to Earth right now. Lightworkers also send their light to the whole Earth to change the energies to a higher frequency. We are so grateful to see such a development among humanity and it is not long before the big event is here. Then we have a new world that is a prosperous and joyous world without war, poverty and hunger. Continue to be loving towards each other and yourselves.

Stand in your light as the light beings you all are and repeat this mantra when everything feels heavy and uncertain to say. I am love. I am the light. I AM. These words are of great importance and affect the ascent to everyone.

With love Anshar and the collective

Many thanks …. In love I earn…. I AM.

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» Source » Channel: Inger Noren