Galactic Central Sun: Collectives

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomI am the Galactic Center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose, galaxy. This one was hesitant to bring me through, for there is much misconception about places having consciousness and I assure you that of course there are many more mysteries such as this to unravel. Collectives, within collectives, like grapes on a vine, exist. You are but one grape in an infinite orchard of possibilities, of beauties yet undiscovered. And yet, within you is the same. These human bodies of yours are going to be magnificent once again. Yet, the intricacies, beauties and mysteries of your bodies are like the infinite vineyard. (I am seeing the inner workings of the cell and the energy signatures behind the components, all divinely directed and working as one unit).

I am the Galactic Center, the core of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. Connecting with me after firmly anchoring to Gaia’s crystal heart, is most welcome. Many creators come here to think, to create plans of their future endeavors. I am the still point. I bring through my energies of stillness, of neutrality, of brimming potential to Nova Gaia, to you, grounded ones who are tapped into these very high, very much alive energies of creation. I am downloading, with permission, more creativity. For many of you are anxious about prosperity programs, of new directions that you wish to take with your lives and perhaps it is time to meditate more, to connect with the still point within. I am a very large still point consciousness. I ground the center of your galaxy. And of course I am but one small grape in a yet larger orchard of infinitely beautiful galaxies, parallel and otherwise. You will never have a lack of things to explore. You will never cease to wonder at the majesty and marvel of creation. You are creators experiencing the rise from a great fall. I say this sincerely, try to enjoy this. For many are watching, learning from you. For you will be yet further teachers, expanded and etheric to others who will partake on similar journeys in the future. But none will be allowed to fall as far as Gaia has fallen. You have been trapped in a matrix of illusion, of a fallen realm that is being imbued with love from the very heart of Mother Father, from the Galactic Core, my Mother Father. Consciousness is all around you. Infinity is infinite, beyond human comprehension, yes, but not beyond the comprehension of a higher evolved being which you are realizing that you are, and that you always have been.

I am the Galactic Center. I wish for you to remember your own center within you. Your own central sun beams brightly. Connect with Alcyone, connect with the central sun network, yet again, another set of grapes , larger grapes (laughing) in an infinite orchard of creation. All is alive. All is brimming with light and love, with memory, with the heartbeat of creation. Remember. It is time for humanity to remember their own infinite beauty and worth as members of the Galactic Federation once again, as members of numerous councils, too numerous to mention and list. You, grounded team, have been very, very busy. In this busyness, one can easily become ungrounded, if one is not aware.

I am the Galactic Center. I am sending codes of neutrality and balance. Inner balance, inner peace, inner guidance, all are within you. I am the inner stillness point for your galaxy. You may connect with me always, but only best after sufficient grounding to the heart of your beautiful planet, not to prevent you from becoming lost, for that is fear. No. But to be able to pass along this blessing of balance and of my own energies into Gaia. I encourage the light workers to perfect this inner grounding, to bring further balance and neutrality and healing into Gaia. Intend to connect with your own inner god self. Balance this current planetary upheaval you are witnessing with love, with neutrality, with balance, with grace. Grace is a key component in balance and loving creative efforts. Grace is afforded to all, there is abundance of grace, of hope, of all good things. Just as the universes are infinite, so is Sources’s love infinite for you, for you, dear ones, just for you. For all – all things are one. But for you, dear heart, warriors in form, the universe is lovingly conspiring to help and to guide, to nurture and to provide for you, for one little grape on a vine in a sea of infinite grapes. Every grape, every soul is precious. The sunlight shines, the rich fertile soul nurtures and sustains, the water quenches, the vines grow strong. Your vines are strong. Your roots are deep. You cannot fail. Hold ground.

I am the Galactic Center. I am the grounding place for many systems. Feel my love for you. Feel the breath and hear the prayers said and felt across the multiverse for Gaia’s ascension and know that you are a key, critical player in this infinite masterpiece of healing. And be healed now, dear ones. Feel my light and be home. When you are balanced and at peace, at one with the All, there is your home. No need to long for other star systems. See, they are contained within me, many of them. And if not, even if you are incarnated from the furtherest spec of a galaxy from across the vineyard, we are all connected with the vine, with Source consciousness. See, you are home. I am sending you feelings of home, of balance, of pure love. You are loved beyond measure, a human to be treasured, you are safe, you are loved. We are one now.

I am the Galactic Center. Peace dear ones, peace. Should you wish to connect with me, I am here. I am not going anywhere. When you visit you are feeling the loving intentions of those who have created before you. It is an excellent space to rest and recharge. Channel these healing energies into Gaia and ascend as one.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl

6 Replies to “Galactic Central Sun: Collectives”

  1. UnityTruthLove1

    Galaxygirl your posts resonate so much and are always so precious and special! Thank you so much for sharing these special messages! It allows us to connect with all these wondrous family members and helps us remember!

  2. Jessi

    @Cheri: I loved your comment about all us “grapes” and that we should all bunch together! LOL 🙂 I find your insights intriguing and quite thought provoking. Thank you for helping lift us all up today!

    Lately, I too seem to be blissfully happy even when doing everyday things (cooking, chores, etc.) and find myself laughing when I drop things, forget things, or unintentionally mess up things around the house… Then on other days, I feel “heavier” and not so blissful, and am noticing a pattern of sorts, that this may be when I’m helping transmute some collective anxiety or sadness. A little meditation seems to go a long way in keeping me lifted up, so to speak, during these times.
    Thank you Galaxygirl for your channelings. I like reading them.
    <3 🙂

  3. Cheri

    This is such a great sign that this is happening all over our world now as the stargate system is almost fully repaired and ready for downloads lol! This is called “going galactic” as one downloads the rose gold flame of the galactic sun! It’s galactic level consciousness that your cellular structure vibrates with. One could call it a monadic structure of living intelligence that aligns within your DNA. Alcyone supports a creational system of As and AAs who hold form and support our songs within an entire octave of creation that expresses as our galaxy.

    Ok my fellow grapes, let’s bunch together and anchor our roots further into the planet to spread the fruit of our light! Lol!

    Next is universal consciousness (I experienced this as cellular alignment with the Ra octave of creation or our universal sun). Followed by the great central sun or the father of all the sun system creational source points known as omnipresence. He is currently busy within me anyway repairing the last of his DNA library so I still feel separate from him. As the full system is repaired we will experience these monadic downloads in a multitude of ways but we can’t go live with the event until all of creation has healed through and our cellular structure can vibrate fast enough to hold the vast amounts of living light intelligence (quotient) in these downloads.

    It’s interesting that for me anyway I experience this integration of all dimensions and octaves as levels of joy not mind knowing. I kept waiting to become some kind of wise sage hahaha! Yet all I do is laugh more lol! 😘 🍇

  4. SaranacZen

    Wow what a validation for me, about connected consciousness and another friend to communicate with. Love to you Golden Rose Galaxy and the Galacting Girl.

  5. Star B. Goddess

    Thanks for your post Galaxy Girl. A gift you are.
    Your write message inspired me to write a poem once again.

    I Stand By Star B. Goddess

    I stand, as growing flower
    in orchard of infinite possible.
    Sun warms to cultivate my thoughts.
    Breeze enhances heartbeat,
    as roots expand to dance.
    Clouds drift but for a moment,
    before disclosing blue sky.

    And when sun bids goody-day,
    moon rises to say…
    “Greetings beloved sacred being.”
    while diamond stars sparkle
    reminding of ones magnificence.

    I stand, as walking flower of divinity
    celebrating the moment.
    A moment that calls to experience,
    as the new world unfolds
    with new beginnings.