Seven Signs That You Have Been Here Before

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomKejRaj: In this moment I’d like to speak from a personal perspective. One of the most prevalent signs that you are an old soul is this; You never wish to be in a physical confrontation with anyone. Not because of fear but simply because you have experienced this many many times, the lesson has been learned. And you no longer believe in violence as a means for resolving anything.

Our time on earth is fleeting. It seems that one minute we are here and then gone. But what if we could come back, many times, and live a new life with new meaning. Well, reincarnation allows us to live as many lives necessary until we reach a certain level of enlightenment, at least that’s the basic idea. So, what if this is not the only time your feet have touched the earth? What if this life is your third, your fourth or even fifth visit? The idea puts a whole new spin on things, don’t you think.

To be made flesh again

The belief in reincarnation has been around for over 3,000 years. Both eastern and western cultures believe that none of us live only one life. Einstein himself said that energy never dies, and when our bodies die, our energy must live on! So energy, or our souls, must inhabit a new body and live a new life, whether human or animal. The rebirth or transmigration of the soul that’s the process of moving energy from one being to another “new” being. Unlike possession, reincarnation brings the soul together sometime even before physical birth, thus uniting soul, spirit, and body as one.

And how do the cosmos decide where the energy will travel to next? According to Hinduism, Karma is the force that directs the soul into the next life, a result of the actions of the present life. You’ve heard of the sayings pertaining to Karma as a “consequence of negative or positive actions”, yeah now you get the picture. Maybe if you’ve lived a rather sordid life, filled with crime and deceit, you could possibly return to a lower life form. How comforting.

Have you been Reincarnated?

With this information about living multiple lives, I’m sure you wonder if you have been here before. Well, there are ways to ascertain whether or not you have experienced reincarnation, and what you can do about that information. Let’s start with some simple indicators and then we can decide for ourselves.

1. Dreams

Our dreams can be pleasurable or full-fledged nightmares. Either way, they can be indicative of a past life. The important factor at play here is how often we dream the same things-repeated dreams can be signs that we are remembering something from another life. These dreams can be symbolic, holding clues that point toward people, places or time periods. The key is to pay attention and make sure you write down details from the dream upon waking. If you see a pattern, you may have a link to a past life.

2. Phobias

Some fears are understandable, while others make no sense. It’s the ones that leave you confused that may be the links to reincarnation. If you have a fear of something and don’t know why this could be a detail from a life before-like fears of water could mean drowning.

3. Talents and Gifts

We all have talents and gifts of some sort, that’s no indicator in its own. But when talents cannot be explained, like being able to speak a foreign language with no exposure, this could indicate a past life. Talents and gifts which are instant and easily learned may be attributes filtering through into the present life.

4. Memories and Déjà vu

If you have a strange feeling of familiarity about a certain place, then you are having déjà vu. What if that déjà vu is simply a memory trying to surface? Most people experience déjà vu, whether it’s about people places or things. It’s an unsettling feeling of having been there before. It is possible that this life is not your first and those memories are part of a lost moment in time.

5. Having an old soul

It’s most likely that reincarnation has occurred many times if you are a more mature individual. Old souls have surpassed the childlike qualities of new souls. If you feel older than you are, you may have indeed been here many times over.

6. Interests in foreign cultures

If you have a strange connection to certain foreign cultures, then you may have lived with that culture in a past life. You will even find that you are quite adept at enjoying parts of the culture and having a familiar appetite for the foods as well.

7. Soulmates

While some call it rash and irresponsible, others call it immediately finding your soulmate. When sudden romantic or plutonic connections are made, and the relationship gets serious quickly, you may have found your twin soul. Twin souls travel together all through time, united in every life that reincarnation affords. The soulmate doesn’t have to play the same role, however, and could hold different positions from life to life.

Now what?

Yes, it’s possible that you have been reincarnated. According to spiritualism, it’s highly likely that the majority of us have been here before. If you feel like these indicators speak to you, then you may want to go further with your personal quest of discovering your past. Past life regression by hypnosis is one way to experience details from a past life, as well as meditation.

While our time on earth is fleeting, like dust, we can take comfort in the idea of reincarnation. We will die, but maybe, just maybe, we will be back again.


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