Ashtar Command: Independence

first contact eraoflightdotcomAs you look more and more through the illusions and become more independent, you also become a greater threat to those who previously used you as puppets. In desperation to keep you on the carpet and “barred” you are fed with even more illusions, via the media and subliminal messages.

You have now acquired so much knowledge and wisdom that you usually have a choice. What we see from this is that you now feel so much easier when you make a choice based on your EGO instead of your own and others’ highest interests. We fully understand that this is not easy and that you are tested daily.

The temptations are great and sometimes you have to allow yourself to fall into the trap to see in retrospect that it was actually an illusion you tied yourself to.

There is now a great leveling on the planet. The imbalances in assets that have been prevailing for so long are now being shaken so that energies for all life on the planet should be able to feed themselves.

Poverty is also a complete illusion. It can be very difficult for a person who has identified himself or herself with poverty to understand that it suddenly has the assets it needs. This is a process that, from your eyes, requires a bit of time to be corrected.

What we want to tell you is that in order to see through illusion on illusion you sometimes need to close your physical eyes and see with your inutitions and heart eyes. They pretend to be your helpers and screw up in a way that appeals to you, but they are too perfect, too obviously uncritical of their actions. Remember that they are not used to criticism.

We can compare these occurrences to a scientist using mice in a laboratory laboratory. He is used to the mice running after the cheese bit, everyone, but suddenly the awake mice see that the cheese is a “shin cheese” and they go in a different direction. It becomes calabic in the world of mice and the forger is despairing that they no longer obey his slightest hint. In his despair, he takes to a bigger and tastier cheese that smells even more cheese than any before, but the mice still understand that the researcher has a hidden agenda and really does not want them well. This, at least, understands some of the mice and their rebellion leads to a wave movement among the mice that starts the chaos needed for another and better more equal order to arise.

It is a very simple parable but it has its points in its obvious clarity. You now think more yourself, do not let others think of you. Those who you have previously experienced so obviously stuck with the truth are now not at all as obvious and the very high-ranking pedestals now sway questionably. Remember that when the pedestal is swaying, the person sitting on top of it has a full chance to find the balance and that is when you can become clear that you are now in your own direction.

Breathe and be who you are. Dare to stand eye to eye against the polluted power. Your time is now.

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» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madsen