Mastering Personal & Collective Energy Fields

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe following was ‘unpackaged’ within yesterday for these times, AND the times ahead, for the forerunners to practice now, in order to reach a mastery of it, that shall serve you and the whole.


Now and in times ahead, there will be a greater degree of influx from peoples of different backgrounds, ages, lives, world influencers, all at different stages of awakening. This could be a person you interact with on the street, a light worker, family, friend, partner, government officials, people from religious orders, societies ‘hierarchy’. It will present in forms varying from the shy introvert to the almost a ‘forceful’ and loud request for your ‘time’. All are equal to each other, there is no ‘hierachy’ or any human of greater/lessor ‘need’ of your attention.


We are being asked (please just discern for your own self), to practice mastering READING/FEELING, both our own energetic and then, the energetic field or light grid that SHOWS the overall bigger ENERGY picture of NOW energies for Gaia, her Kingdoms and humanity. If you understand, see, feel this OVERALL ENERGETIC LIGHT GRID, and your own field, read on with your own discernment. Otherwise just discard this post and focus on your own path, for your role is unfolding and that is your focus and empowerment for you right now.

We are being asked to practice this ENERGY GAUGING FIRST, before we give any action or response to an outside stimulus of people in the collective timeline. To feel/read our own personal energetic field PLUS then read the LIGHT GRID. And only then choose to take action or respond. This is our evolving energy mastery; in order to make HIGHEST ENERGETIC CHOICES in the unfolding timelines ahead. Chooses and responses that come from the ENERGETICS we can tap into, as opposed to the learnt behaviour of the mind reacting. An action chosen by GAUGING our own ever changing energy and ever changing energetic LIGHT GRID in each NOW MOMENT, can be ‘no action’ or action. So we may choose to respond to outer stimulus coming to us from the dream/illusion/hologram, or not respond, not give our energy to it, in that particular moment, or indeed if chosen, any moment.


In unawakened 3D, and to some degree 4D, our reactions and actions were/could be governed by the small mind. In workplace settings in particular to help explain the point, we learnt to value time/hours. To be our most efficient, in reaching chosen goals of the day/week. We learnt to prioritise tasks, in order to achieve what the mind wanted us to achieve. Our mind taught us that some things could wait, whilst other tasks required priority (priorities given by the small mind). We became efficient task masters. This was our ‘small mind’ making choices, based on it’s personalised perception of it’s own priorities. We could share/align priorities with other minds. Whilst others may not agree with other people’s priorities. A setting of separation within the field of polarity. Where one or more minds could agree priorities, or disagree. No right or wrong. Just an experience of the small mind within the illusion. This in truth, was the human being taking a perceived control of it’s own dream reality, from WITHIN it. This is key to understand; the human was WITHIN the dream, in forgetfulness, trying to control, take charge, of it’s already created dream, from WITHIN IT. Not, from outside of it.


When the ‘dream’ provides us stimulus (another interacting, or a task requiring our attention), by first GAUGING our very own energetic field (within and around our body), then secondly feeling/gauging the overall CURRENT state of the Collective Light Grid, we can then be WISER in our choice of action/no action. We will feel both of these fields, understand the ‘state of energetic play’, and be able to make the HIGHEST ENERGETIC CHOICES for the WHOLE. Both the GRID and our OWN field are ever changing. So it becomes our practice, each time we receive stimulus from within the dream/illusion.


On the awakening path, we learn to be LESS reactive. This is a journey in itself. We witness ourselves at times not reacting, keeping a distance whilst in engagement with people. We witness ourselves KNOWING not to interact or ‘do’. And we also witness the times we simply do react, on auto pilot, as the human version we are all dissolving out of. The journey of OUR own reactions and actions is a long journey. We feel we get it right, then trip over, get back up and carrry on, but all the while we are ACTUALLY mastering our human. We are becoming the higher human frequency, via experiences we LEARN FROM as opposed to not learn from. So don’t be hard on yourselves, because immediate REACTION to the dreams stimulus WAS how we each learnt to live here, of the mind, of the ego. We learnt this way. And we still live amongst many who STILL expect us to react instantly or at some stage to their needs of us. Their needs, can easily cause us (still in learning stage) to feel we must give instant attention to THEIR immediate NEEDS of us. And there lies our own lessons, empowerment, and on going mastery of our own behavioural patterns. To master when, if and how to respond to OUR DREAM. WHAT to give energy to. What does not (in bigger timeline view) require our attention (our energy).


Timelines now and ahead will require us to take the HIGHEST ACTIONS in all our NOW MOMENTS. Highest action is not of the SMALL MIND, that is a processor of all data acquired so far. Small mind doesn’t know, until it knows. The mind IS EVOLVING rapidly now in it’s ABILITY to interpret more higher frequency WAVELENGTHS.
To tap into our own energy field, and also the LIGHT GRID, shows us the current ever changing energies, of both ourselves, and the current energies in and around Gaia, Humanity, the Kingdoms. By always KNOWING the NOW energies at play, we are able to THEN see/feel the HIGHEST ACTION we individually can take in each NOW MOMENT. This practice immediately takes us outside of the 3D and 4D, to PURE ENERGY STATES, to non human, to awareness of the bigger picture and timelines. To then HONOUR that awareness and sight/feeling IS to act by that understanding. The energetics will help you discern and KNOW YOUR Highest action to take or not take. In this way, you are not susceptible to influences contained in the dream. Or influences of others in your dream. For the times ahead will bring forth what seems/appears to be ‘strong’ demands of you, from within the dream. Remember, it’s YOUR dream. So it’s wiser to master it from outside of it as your Higher SELF, than react to it from INSIDE of it, as the lower energetic self you are transcending out of. There will be increased demand of you, so to master HIGHEST choice now, will benefit YOU, your balance, your peace, and those choices made, from your higher energetic state of awareness, will benefit the whole, as the Collective Timelines unfold.

Please take what resonates and discard the rest. It’s a long read I know, as it’s hard to explain the higher energetics that in truth are so simple, but not simple to put into words. Bearing in mind I try to make posts understandable to everyone at their different stages.

One Love
Amanda Lorence

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