Master Kuthumi: Third Chakra Shift

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomKuthumi: In the old third-dimensional chakra system, a thought was thought then coupled with a negative emotion because the survival fear in the first chakra was activated in the second. As it flowed into the third chakra, that chakra operated in a reactive state to survive by protecting the fallen image of self – the persona. The persona then engages and there is a misuse of power that then comes into play through that third chakra.

All of these things have been, to one degree or another, dismantled through the use of the Rays of Creation. There has been a major dismantling of those three chakras and the thought/emotional systems that kept them locked in the third and fourth dimensions. Now what is occurring is a fuller availability of that eternal Soul in that second chakra. This completely alters the functioning of the third. Because that third chakra then begins to manifest the image and similitude of Source, a huge opening into the Heart occurs. An appreciation of self develops. It is very slowly germinating. That seed has been planted through the Rays work, and it is germinating in the Heart. It is beginning to flower.

As you embody these concepts, there are exercises that you can create that allow the students to see very clearly how the thought system has changed. The exercises you create for this next class will show how the emotional components of the emotional body are beginning to change to where a more positive emotional range is available. You can create various exercises using those first three chakras. You can begin to reflect on what was present in third dimension, what is now present from a fifth dimensional perspective and how that electromagnetic field now supports the fifth dimension in your creations. An opening within the Heart exists that was not available previously.

For years, many teachers taught how important it was to open the Heart and to love fully and completely and unconditionally. But it could never be achieved fully and completely because of the malfunctioning of the first three chakras. The way in which the electromagnetic field was operating did not allow the full expression of the Soul nor the appreciation of self. ’Less-than’ and ‘unworthiness’ is not even in that equation when the system is operating energetically with the eternal nature of your Being.

Jim: Yes. I can see that very clearly.

Kuthumi: You can feel it.

Jim: Yes. Yes.

Kuthumi: I would like to spend some time in this next class, enlightening the students to these concepts that I have just talked about. Then creating some exercises to see what has been accomplished and what is being accomplished at this very moment in regards to the functioning of the chakras. It starts in the first chakra, changes in second and opens the third. The third chakra functions in a whole different way.

Jim: And it opens up curiosity and possibilities.

Kuthumi: Correct. When there is an outside influence that triggers you or that causes a relapse (which will happen from time to time because fifth dimension is not stably in place). When that happens it is a very easy process to eliminate the reaction; and see it very clearly, very quickly. It doesn’t take a long time to analyze it. You just, energetically, adjust it: ‘Oh, I see that. That stems from this thought / this emotion, and that reaction came from that third chakra that was very limited.’ Change the thought, change the emotion and the reaction is not there.

Jim: I understand. This will be, again, a very enjoyable class we create together.

Kuthumi: I thank you for receiving me. Blessings.


This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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  1. Kelly

    Guru, disciple concept. Master, student concept.

    How many posts are there on this very website that tell us we are all masters? What is this telling us – that we are all students?

    Which is it?

    Try posting information that is at least consistent.

    For that matter, if you go back to some of Matthews message from 2015 you will see that we transitioned to 5D then, but there are plenty of posts on here about being in 3D.

    So again, which is it?

    There is far too much inconsistency here with no connection between any of the messages, even within messages purporting to be from the same source but channeled by different people.

    Why is there so much confusion? Why the discrepancies between apparently the same source? and why is none of the information verifiable?

    The only time I have found anything verifiable was reading the book Bringers of the Dawn, published in 1992. It contains reference to junk DNA that Barabara Marciniak could not have known about as it was well over 10 years later that DNA researchers even began to touch on what she had written. So with the passing years she was shown to be correct.

    But the information on this website is just the same old message time and again, day in, day out, meaningless drivel – “we admire you”, “you are doing so well”, “you are masters”, “you are clearing so much”,
    etc – you’ve heard it before time and time again.

    This website reminds me of Jimmy from Bright Insight.

    He came out of nowhere and 2 years ago posted 45 videos but in the last year posted 8 videos. Of the 45 there was always a high content that you knew already, but often a little bit more, but something that didn’t sit well, something that wasn’t right. Well, when you know he’s CIA, it kind of makes sense why most of it was true but there was that little bit that wasn’t right. Again, 90% truth 10% lies to get the lies inbuilt.

    What are you Michael? a CIA operative or maybe heading up a small group?

    Well, your time is coming, believe me it is.

    And if I’m wrong, well, you know where to find me don’t you and I’ll be waiting.