The Chains Have Dissolved and Freedom is Here

break free eraoflightdotcomHere, now, we begin again, a new inroad appears overlaying a path most likely to have been travelled through the mind over and over again, specifically playing out for the last 10 years, from the last solar minimum to this now.

Rooted fear, looping, growing, getting thicker, more set and perfectly adapt at duplicating the hauntings…

The choices we made back then, there can be no judgement, I feel we can all agree that who we were then feels like a alien being, someone we can now barely recognise, which completely releases any ideas of blame or shame, it was what it was, our only focus/task was to transform through it all, through Solar Cycle 24 until we came through the other side, the side in which all balances back out and for those who took the path……we have arrived

We were taken through places and spaces that on the surface we did not want to enter, dragged inwards into areas that were so filled with pain that we never believed we could ever stop yelping, bleeding and guarding those sore spots so no one could ever touch or hurt them, we masked them with humour, we attempted distraction but the reality sucked us in deeper, looping us so we could never forget the secrets and lies underneath.
Same theme just different people and places, we continued to manifest the same drudge that required the same amount of caution and control, it was exhausting. And as the years continued and we hit the solar maximum of cycle 24, around 2015 the focus shifted, the phase of the most greatest resistance completed and the transformation of just how much surrendering, just how much acceptance was required to continue the journey was Seen, going deeper and deeper within which in turn led us to realise, those fears, those pains, that bleeding, those sore spots, all of it was never something to guard, in fact to guard it, to try and block it, to stem the bleed was doing nothing but locking the abuser in with the abused.

Giving no air to wound creates a septic hole, and I can most definitely recognise this as my life pattern. There was of course happiness, there was of course movement, and growth of sorts, well growth as in some form of growing up, there was no growth that satisfied my soul, nothing that hit my heart like a bell to begin its infinite ring, did you know your heart has an infinite ring? It begins in the silence of peace, its struck in a space of contentment and once the ring begins, it can never stop, there can be no silencing of the sound of love.

Of course to fully understand this it must be experienced but the truth we found was that we was the abuser, there was no one else, there could be no blame, it was only ever our choice to enter all situations.

Our crime, if there was to be one was simply that we didn’t have a clue.
When I look back, when I gaze over to the time space of 2010, I was so fast asleep, I was making choices based on fear, HUGE FEARS, existing in a reality that I believed constantly attacked me, and for those who knew me then would have agreed, I lived an extraordinary life that was FILLED to the BRIM with data and the data surfed was complete survival codes.

Violence, Control, Manipulation was the pattern.

During those years, it was all intensifying to extreme levels, it was the final awakening call and it most definitely caught my attention, what a gift it was although it would never have looked that way, not to me, not to anyone looking in. Completely deconstructing, imploding, dissolving into something that could only be compared to as a toxic mush….I was DONE.

Point is I had no clue, I had no idea that I was manifesting my abusers, my misery, my life, to show myself how very little value I held for myself, I had no clue that I had choices, programmed with a belief that I held honour in the words, “I’ve made my bed, now I must lay in it” gosh these were word spells that kept me Asleep for what felt like hundreds of years. But this word spell turned out to be the most wonderful gift, a gift from my soul to show me where I was not aligned to that which mattered most.

I had no clue what reality was, I had no clue what kind of choices we got to play with, I was fully asleep and completely clueless to life. A grown woman, mid 30’s, responsible for children and yet when I look back now, I wasn’t responsible, I wasn’t aware of what responsibility actually was, I really wasn’t in charge of myself and to think I managed to grow three humans up in that state of sleepiness, goodness me I can see clearly why they have the experiences they do today.

We have been so very much Asleep, and we have been so very clueless…..and that is OK, but now what…..

Today, we know, today we are now aware, today we realise this beautiful awakening

Today its been noticed that this exact pattern is playing out, its beginning again, the moment, the crescendo of energy that happens towards the end of a solar minimum.
Its HERE, again, more powerful, more intense, more quicker!

Personally, because of the choice I made back then to listen, to Awaken, to follow the guidance as best my sleepy human could until it fully opened The Eye means this pattern becomes so easy to see in its entirety, what it reveals is something that looks like the mirror image of the experience then surfed which gives the view of the entire spectrum.
The flip side has arrived and confirmed with the most delightful letter received today.

The chains have dissolved and FREEDOM is here in every way shape and form, whether I choose to stay, wherever I choose to be, all dimensions are open, the old spectrum has collapsed and anew awaits its discovery.

But looking out, looking into a collective screaming in Fear, its become so very obvious, too obvious and I cant stop smiling, the pattern of the awakening codes are running through our entire globe, its happening now for the All, the Sense is so Clear and the opportunity has opened for ALL to experience this magic.

Everything repeats, patterns repeat, we all get to experience, but when/how this appears simply depends on some of the most subtle codes that run through us, they are linked into the responsibility programming, and it appears those who hold this spectrum visibly are most often weighted on the over responsibility side, and its that over weight that appears to trigger the awakening codes, it appears to be the most active awakening spectrum. It acts like a calling to balance itself out, and unveils the most purest tones and abilities to Care, but to care, wow that’s a massive learning, as we go deeper in to uncover these tones it becomes very obvious why some took this path during the last Solar Minimum, of course we were going to be needed NOW and our ability to Care so deeply, to love without measure, absent of conditions and vast enough to incorporate the All can only be held by those who took the time to uncover it all, in those who refused to hold the tones of Judgement and ultimately Fear.

And now the collective takes that exact same journey…

Today Pluto turns Retrograde, today the transformation begins

Pluto, my Lord, I have fallen in LOVE.
The Gift you delivered I resisted, I rejected and threw back repeatedly for years, I blamed but only because I held shame, I simply didn’t know.
The more you whispered to trust, the more you sniggered at my blind refusal the more resistance I gave and my Lord I am so very sorry, but this I know you know as I fill with the feeling of forgiveness.
I thank you
I love you
Pluto my Lord I pray that this gift is shared, given to each and every Brother and Sister to experience the Freedom you offer.
Guide All into the underworld, show All the roots of where this began, and in time, once the All reappear from the gates, realised, remembered and realigned, then we, collectively can rise together and experience Heaven on Earth, as One.
Together we Trust, may it now reveal.
We are ready.

My loves, Pluto our Lord of the Underworld and that of transformation through death and rebirth, personally his lower octaves of death and rebirth have been dissolved in the reality I exist in, but that isn’t the case for all, to release these templates is a process, a process that each will soon become aware of, as each begins the process of dying a thousand deaths and returning as new, over and over and over again, a period in which memories will come alive, louder than life and eventually die once spent, to the point in which they feel so very detached and one could become uncertain if they ever existed. This dying of deaths isn’t just a feel experience though, it isn’t just mental experience or an energetic experience but this will also play out physically, and for many there will be near death experiences, massive points of awakening to show up the energy/programming stored and the utter destruction that its been creating on the inside. It has to make its way to the surface, it has to release like an erupting volcano, and we have all been there, those who awakened went through this process which meant a complete collapse within every single field was required, the energy must be seen for it to be released and what’s important to share here is the more resistance that has been held the more loud the awakening experience becomes, many of us have experienced full body collapse/breakdown, complete mental breakdowns such as moments of madness, my personal choice was an awakening with tones of psychosis and the physical breakdown, well the last experienced had my digestive system completely deflated and hours from death, but these change and can manifest differently, each is as intense as is required to dissolve the resistance held, but you know, this heads up now, can change this experience, if I had known then how this all works, then I could have given the awakening my full attention, which would have allowed me to manifest a completely different set of awakening experiences.

We can learn, we can remember and therefore we can place our attention into our truth and heal before we even realise we require healing….

The difference between you and I is that I had to figure it all out, but isn’t that the point of sharing now, with you All, so that you now can take a choice that I was once never aware even existed.

That’s how evolution works, this transmission now makes it a choice, do you choose to investigate now, or do you choose to carry on blindly and wait for the awakening to arrive, now really isn’t the time to be playing a game of Russian roulette, this pattern, it came to us all and will continue to pattern out until its pattern is Seen by all, but its current set up that the collective must awaken into is massive, there is a pandemic as the reality, we are now one step beyond, which from some dimensional views looks more like one step behind.
There is a world of conspiracy, there is a world of unrest and imbalance that has now become the chosen setting for the awakening experience.

The repeating pattern has got louder and far more intense, and for those observing from our spaces in time, we see the urgency, we see how close we are now to the tipping point, its literally just a stones throw away now and THIS now moment, with Pluto turning retrograde appears as more collective preparation.

Pluto is going deep, he is going to show each how this illusion has been working, he will highlight just how deadly the octaves of conspiracy, distrust and masks are to the beholder. The ground is to shake, the disjointed cracks, the heat melts all not prepared for the fire, but lets be clear, this is still the beginning phases, in fact we could expand on that, in some views this isn’t even the beginning, this is just the point in which the seed has cracked, the shoot hasn’t even begun to show.

Control shows just how tight its prepared to grip until it will crumble under its own pressure, control will become super topical at the end of this year once it really begins its destruction – watch that space, Saturn and Jupiter in December 2020 heading into Aquarius, I can hear my witchy cackle bubbling up from within. Lets never forget what Saturn in Aquarius delivered with his brief visitation, we all became GROUNDED, taken into our collective cocoon, oh my angels my prayers ask that each Sees exactly what is happening here, so all can join the surf, in New Earth, but let us be super clear here, New Earth is an incredibly light space and it will not hold the weight that its past version would have held.

Those times are gone…

Now is the time, to become aware, that all the corruption, all the lies, the twisted truths and distorted chords that have been manifesting fields both personally and collectively are now coming into view for the chance of the clearing to take place, it will be in those areas where you wince, shy and hide, it will be in the most sore spots, but this my loves, this is what brings you to fields where we can exist consciously, happily, openly, unconditionally from our hearts, once this all has cleared is the time in which we can unite, we can share, there is nothing hiding, its where all can become Divinely True, its where your hearts have been guiding you for all these years, that space you knew existed but was only ever able to catch .

Taking these inroads, going through these perceived pains is the ONLY way it can clear, it’s the only way we can come back as One.

Our promise, is to continue to share the codes of Freedom, to continue to support our Brothers and Sisters through their passing, however they choose to manifest their passing, we hold no expectations, we hold no attachments, all we hold now is the space filled with unconditional love for the choices each makes and the guidance, should it be requested.

And now it begins…
This is going to be such a transitional period for us All, personally Pluto is currently sitting on my natal Sun and the clearing it has already provided has created a new path to fly, this means that the reports will come in when most required whilst I explore, play, expand and learn how to service this space and time.

Showering our world with SO MUCH LOVE

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