Final Wakeup Call: The Reawakening of Mankind

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomWho we are and from where we came

The various episodes of human history on Earth originate with the succession of alien and extra-terrestrial colonies exercising their territorial and cultural influence on planet Earth. In historical records lie many answers to questions often asked ‘who we are’, ‘where we came from’ and ‘how we evolved’ to become the beings we are today.

Millions of years ago, the Galactic Federation worked closely with the High Sirius Council to serve as a Guardian race that would help to support the seeding and evolution process on planet Earth in its lowest density, called now the first Harmonic Universe, or third dimensional timeline.

The origins of life go back much farther in time than widely is known — and still is lesser known, as the episodes of human history. The exploits begin beyond the confines of this planet and trace down through star empires, galactic federations, alien species and the civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and those who are only started to being discovered nowadays.

Much more is known about the start of the more ‘recent’ human civilisation that began about 6.000 years ago with the Sumerians in the land of Sumer, now known as Syria and Iraq. It is amazing that about this episode in history so much information is available nowadays. The great historian Zecharia Sitchin expressed his admiration for the countless people, who have never been lauded, but have recorded ancient knowledge;

“If we consider that these ancient texts come to us over a period that spans millennia, we must have admiration for the writers of Antiquity who have recorded, copied and translated the earliest of texts, probably often without knowing what certain terms and expressions originally meant, while always stubbornly sticking to the corresponding traditions to ensure precise representation.

It also proves the inner consistency of their reporting, and explains: “That the first settlements on Earth were established by astronauts from another planet, as dramatically depicted by the Sumerians.” Consistently, in countless texts, a reference is made to the starting point, which always reads as follows: 432,000 years ago, before the flood, i.e. the Great Flood, “The Respected came with Rocket Ships down from their own planet to Earth.”

Although it may sound exaggerated, many people will become convinced, once they’re given this version of our history, which will become popular and widespread in the not too distant future, and eventually will be studied and taught in schools, at universities, and scientific institutions. Already, the breakthroughs in astronomy, anthropology, archaeology and Egyptology tend to underpin this thesis of Sitchin and others, based primarily on the translations of Sumerian writings.

Reality is a consciousness trap

Many people still live in today’s third ‘Dimensional Reality’, which is not real. Factually meaning today’s reality is a consciousness trap. Who and what we really are is hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. And, that is especially the force of secret societies to make us forget, to keep us trapped. If people cannot see the past than you have been trapped, and are only seeing the illusion that isn’t real. Which hasn’t any bearing on reality or truth, it is a manipulated lying inspiration, an untrue deceptive illusion. Once you are becoming consciously aware of this fact, your Great Awakening has begun.

Strategic Alliances under the popular name Galactic Federation, made contact with selected members of the cabal, government and Illuminati bloodlines, and started the infiltration into the secret societies known as; Free Masons, Knights Templar, and other spiritual communities. The propaganda of the Galactic Federation, as a pro-human ET group, is used to derail the spiritual awakening of the people and channel them into the new age movement of Mind Control based belief systems that makes them compliant for suppression.

This new age movement includes channelling a variety of supposed Ascended Masters, and is primarily dominated by the Luciferians, a groups using the association with the Galactic Federation.

These groups were responsible for directing scalar based weapons into the planetary field of Stonehenge 11th Stargate in arrangement with the Nibirians to erase the collective human race memories and to eliminate any trace of our communal recorded histories stemming from Atlantis and the Luciferian Covenant that was behind the tragic events leading to the Atlantis Catastrophe.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is much older

For example; The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as beacon for exterrestrial navigation, to be a harmonic resonator chamber within an interdimensional portal system in which visiting space crafts could time travel and access the earth smoothly and quickly, especially if intervention was needed.

During the period in which the Great Pyramid was built, not 4.000 years ago as always is mentioned, but during pre-Atlantean times. By a human civilisation much further advanced than we are today. The Galactic Federation was tasked to protect the Stargate portal and the ascension chamber within it and to intervene in case of an attack from hostile intruders such as the Anunnaki confrontation.

The Great Pyramid was also a mystery school for the Blue Flame Melchizedek spiritual ascension program and to accelerate DNA assembly for portal passage through the Inner Earth portal that commenced underneath the Sphinx.

Some groups of the Anunnaki, among others like the Melchizedek became macho because they had disregarded the Law of One teachings. They became increasingly hostile when they were forbidden access into the ascension chambers and were not allowed to enter the Great Pyramid.

The Atlantis Tragedy sent earth’s inhabitants back into the dark ages

As a result, these Anunnaki organised a larger battle-group against Atlantis with the plan to explode the protective force field by setting off explosions in which to take control over the Giza Stargate, and to achieve their goal. They enlisted the support of the sympathisers that were in the Galactic Federation, as many of those were originally from the Anunnaki lineages that felt they also were being unjustly discriminated upon.

As a result, the infiltration occurred from Sirius A, meaning the Jehovah Anunnaki took control over the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. Another group of extraterrestrial beings, joined the Luciferian Covenant and planned the final stages of the Atlantis Tragedy with the purpose to eradicate the earth’s historical records and technological knowledge, sending the earth’s inhabitants back into the dark ages.

Satanism, Masonry and all forms of Paganism are all anti Human in nature and they are all based on energy and consciousness manipulation, through Mind Control, lies and deception, typically controlled through ritual based ideology.

Paganism is a term first used in the fourth century by early Christians for people in the Roman Empire who practiced polytheism (dualism). This was either because they were increasingly rural and provincial relative to the Christian population, or because they were not belonging to the Christian militias.

The Negative Alien Agenda

Rituals create energy fields, Vibrational frequencies, (5G) which connect the consciousness of the participants to the Negative Alien Agenda, (NAA) of the Archons, Reptilians, Kingdoms, named the 4th Dimensional Parasites, and are all of the same group. The Archons are based on Saturn – Satan – transmit Artificial Intelligence (AI) that contain Satanic belief systems to proliferate negative distortions on planet Earth.

This dimensional field, also known to many people as the lower astral, that resonates a frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, shame, hatred and so on. When a ritual focus on these emotions, as Satanism does, a powerful connection is made with the lower fourth dimension. These connect some of the ‘demons‘ for which these rituals have been designed to gather together, and assembled for the invasion that occurred 6000 years ago. Once a system is infiltrated with negative base desires as is described in Archontic Deception Behaviour or selfish ego, the system is not sustainable as it only collects energies from one group stolen from another group in order to achieve a temporary result. For example; like a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, by giving a selected number of people to manipulate the energies by obtaining an energetic advantage over others. Which is known as Consumptive Modelling.

Ever since the Luciferian Knights Templar were established to covertly replace the original Christos Essene Templars and Maji Grail lines on the earth, they asserted their genetic elitism and divine right to rule, meaning systematically slaughtering anyone of the population that did not comply with their agendas. Sounds familiar!

A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the NAA and their Luciferian Knights Templars were first attempting to create a super-race of genetic elites for the ruling of planet Earth.

This placed the hijacked Egyptian Serres and Ruby Sun DNA through their propagated bloodlines, that eventually evolved into Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, Jesuits, and other secret societies that persists with similar Thothian Luciferian attitudes of hermetic esoteric knowledge. As a result, the secret societies in power were originally formed by the Luciferian Knights Templar and were ultimately designed to hide the ancient sacred knowledge of humanities’ true origins from the common people, in order to route them into the guardrail of misconception, ignorance, false illusion and organised religion, such as the Church of Rome and Islam.

True prophets tried to turn the negative forces into positive energies

The true prophets of this world i.e. Jesus, Buddha etc. figured out the truth and broke through the illusion known as the consciousness trap. And tried to deliver a simple message containing the explanation how all 13 Chakra energy points could be unlocked through regularly positive healthy living patterns, of clean thoughts and clean food combined with meditation and prayer, that eventually should lead to complete self control. Afterward, this message has been heavily distorted with endless garbage and nonsense.

The light body is our ethereal body in its perfected, super-conscious state of being, which allows interdimensional communication and teleportation to other dimensional realities and spaces in time.

By design, most of humanity has been unable to stimulate the higher heart beat and connect the 4th DNA strand during adolescence into adulthood. Over length of time chemicals distorted DNA patterns and deposited Miasmatic (poisonous air) connections associated with the spread of disease, as well gist on core emotional issues and physical imbalances, that are not natural. If human beings cannot stimulate their heart beat and access the 4th strand of DNA they are unable to activate their Soul identity. As a consequence, they are unaware, why they were incarnated on earth, what their higher purpose is, and cannot connect to or listen to their Higher Self, because they have not activated their Higher Sensory Perception abilities.

Essentially this relates to the trauma having our Wings cut off from our Light Body that is related to the Curse of Yahweh, located on Saturn and is part of the negative NAA-group already known as the Archon families.

The true Great Awakening will be the full realisation and awareness of this. To discover who we truly Are. All wars over the centuries, have been negative NAA-initiated wars; instigated from greed, power and jalousie. Especially, to enhance wealth, power, and control over others, through food and medicine supplies. Think about it; people don’t need wars, we all could live in harmony, once the negative forces, are turned into positive energies.

All transitional optics of “Mind Control” and other “Religious Control” mechanisms must be removed; these need to be broken away in order to “perceive” the mind of One God. This “All Seeing Eye” of God is coming to reside as the Living Presence in our re-wired brains.

The anti-life forces of Luciferianism and Satanism

Most people have been continually brainwashed to disregard, ignore and dismiss the energetic reality of mass natural organisms of Collective Consciousness and spiritual forces. Those are the many different emotional levels of spiritual consciousness that exist as a quality, theme, and vibration of energy. Any of these spiritual forces are actually correcting and enhancing consciousness.

The trick of these low-level dark spiritual forces is to deceive, lie and manipulate the human mind of the masses, to let them believe that these dark forces are actually beneficial to them. This is a bold-faced lie embedded with Black Magic spell casting that hides the deliberate spiritual abuse of a human being.

Magic demons and dark forces in rituals come at a great spiritual-energetic cost, which will require payment, usually in blood or tragic death. The individual will be put through a labyrinth of personal pain and agony, as a result of what has been taken away over time from the demonic or dark force.

The hierarchy of dark forces have many unique vibrations, these are the accumulated knowledge in a particular subject, and when that knowledge is coveted or glamourised by a human being, it can attract the attachment of such dark forces.

Knowledge is power and we all need to develop our inner potentials to actualise our higher purpose, but when people cross the line into an addictive pursuit of mental power and intellectual knowledge above the heart and soul’s Knowledge, it will have negative consequences.

To gain access to this higher knowledge or power, or as a result of it, many Luciferian and Satanic cult families give up their own children and their children’s children, but also abuse traded children, spilling and drinking their blood in rituals in order to gain energy, material pleasures or dark sourced power on material level. These rituals are real and have dire consequences. Whereas others addicted to power and greed are selling their soul for temporary gratification, placing themselves in the hands of otherworldly deceivers that intend to inflict agony upon humanity.

The spiritual deceivers can be called by many different names; demons, fallen angels, jinn, shadow creatures, or actual dark extra dimensional negative-NAA beings. All of these entities are made up of a raw energy black substance that is organised accordingly a principle in the law of structure. The law of structure exists in dimensions of time and space, and some of these instruction-sets are energy structures that have been co-created between the anti-life spiritual forces and human-beings on planet Earth that are embodied in these dark forces.

This larger organisational structure is called the Black Tree of Life. The Black Tree of Life is exploited using alien machinery and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manipulate timelines, and also is referred to as the Artificial Tree of Life.

The anti-life forces of Luciferianism and Satanism chose to align only with the principles of Materialism and Negative Ego, primarily following an ideology that glorifies Service to Self, Moral Nihilism, Survival of the Fittest, Strongest, and Eugenics. In order to advance their power and influence over others, they act upon their whims and desires to accumulate a life-style constructed upon instant self-gratification, hedonism and material pleasures.

To acquire their tremendous wealth, power and privileges, they cultivate a lifestyle fashioned on falsehood, Blood sacrifice of living entities and contempt for fellow humans and planet Earth. They favour to believe in their own superiority over those they think are weak and stupid. They live in the death culture of parasitism, looting, embezzlement and deprivation of hardworking living entities, who are the original planetary and living souls of former Earthlings.

This is the hidden knowledge of the past containing secrets from a very distant history that have provided the basis for the theologies of secret societies as is explained. These secrets have garnered the attention of all high-ranking members in secret societies and secret services. These secrets now have formed the link between modern conspiratorial societies and ancient mysteries, why it is also important to fully inform people not only about the horrific truth of the past but also of the present.

Luciferian Satanic societies mainly consist of Paedophile members who sacrifice and cannibalise children. These rituals are performed in underground secret ritual rooms. Some of the well known participants are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Clintons, Bill Gates and wife, the Bush family, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama and his male wife. Other participants are European royal families, Hollywood stars, and typically well-known politicians like, Pelosi, Merkel, Macron, Blair, Rajoy, etc.

Now, the Earth Alliance with the Patriots operate with special trained task forces to remove these underground and secret evil societies, by arrests and destruction of their facilities.

It will be an incredible disgrace for many of us to learn that the Catholic Church is part of this global Luciferian satanic cult and is also involved in child trafficking and other crimes against humanity. Last week, 87 bishops and 60 priests magically died from the corona virus. This was not the virus; they chose the suicide pill to save their reputation by not being deported to GITMO for their trial. Yet, all crimes of the Catholic Church against humanity will be released to the public at a later date. Be assured; in the future there will be no longer popes who are jointly responsible for crimes, deception and lies to followers.

Meanwhile, the Deep State removal is in full swing. All financial institutions, public companies, hedge funds and private investment institutions are denied stimulus funds.

Unfortunately, before everything turns for the better, people can face temporary hardships, especially since most businesses are still closed. Many of them causing temporary unemployment.

The low oil price will shut down the shale, the North Sea and other expensive oil production facilities. Resulting in the final death blow to the petrodollar. While most financial, MIC – military complex companies, pharmaceutical and healthcare parasites within the central bank economy need to be privatised and reduced to half their original size before they can enter the new people’s economy.

We the people must reawaken and becoming conscious. Although many may try to continue their life of the past. They will do much better by preparing themselves to meet the challenges ahead. The central bank economy is going to be abolished and a brand new people’s economy is entering our society. Thanks to the brilliant and cleverly designed actions by the Earth Alliance and in the meantime being implemented by President Trump and his Patriots.

After reading and understanding the here provided knowledge, you should have woken up by now; hopefully you have also become aware that The Deep State can only win through lies and deception. Unfortunately, the majority of the population is unaware of their own state of mind, ignorance, indifference and apathy. Without the support of the majority of them, we will never be able to defeat the global mafia.

So, please tell all your contacts to wake up, stop following the mainstream media that deliberately feed people ignorance, to scare and enslave them. Motivate them to inform themselves by reading FWC articles on this site that also refer to other sources of information. Sharing this valuable information with everyone is the only way forward and to waking up more fellow citizens. Because, the opening of more eyes is the death blow to the global mafia. It is NOW or NEVER!

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18 Replies to “Final Wakeup Call: The Reawakening of Mankind”

  1. lightseeker1956

    Cheri – I do not engage reality at your level. I engage people who tell me what they have personally experienced. I believe them. Their experiences are real to me. I know them to be real. So perhaps we do not need to have a discussion. I have not altered by belief one iota. My team and I state that the Secret Space Program is real. You once told me it was not real. That it was just some ancient memories. So who was wrong about that… me or you?

    1. Cheri

      Fine with me Edwin either way It is your choice as a sovereign being. You have always shut me down as soon as I try to expand your understanding beyond there literally being metal ships flying around the outer atmosphere that are taking people off world. This was a hijacked consciousness program using technology to harness the kundalini. This is why they (the trafficked kids) are kept in cages below the ground to keep the vessel alive for 20 years (20 and back program) before they return their lifeforce back into the physical body. They only have memories of where the consciousness was, not their bodies being in the cages for 20 years. We are not our bodies, we are an energetic living intelligence animating DNA. Whoever controls the kundalini controls the pineal consciouness projection.

      You and I are are not in the same vibrational understanding of what a consciousness programmed illusion is and my work has taken me into the deepest recesses of the SSP as I have cleared through the soul energy populating these timelines from hell. I have seen the stolen and programmed consciousness of these brutalized children and understand it better than most but my understanding is at a much higher level overall because of the wisdom (compassion) that has come from clearing out the consciousness from these AI programmed realities and collapsing those inorganic timelines that held this Alice in Wonderland programming and the prisim technology from Raytheon in Atlantis that kept their consciousness tightly locked down within the narrow spectrum of ultraviolet as well as the molecular consciousness infiltration technology and AI programming developed by Monsanto in Atlantis that manipulated the elementals through invasion of the photonic structure mostly that entrained their consciousness and was driving these so called realities on different planetary blueprints. They are only programmed memories like being in a virtual reality program, it is not real like us being here in the physical.

      These funky beings and giant ants, and praying mantis beings and all the other things described are created by a computer program simulation program in false timelines. You have to be in vibrational alignment to access them. SRA and the horror of repeated rape, torture and brutal sodomy is a match for these timelines. The kundalini is harnessed through the sodomy which forces the kundalini to rise at the base of the spine where it is harnessed and run through these technology programs.

      So I believe every word these brave survivors say as they were trapped in a virtual reality simulation for years and years. We do not travel by offworld spaceships to other planetary structures we travel through the merkabah vehicle and bi-locate our consciousness within different planetary blueprints for reality experiences on different planetary structures. Every planet is a creational structure (archangel) with reality blueprints for pure consciousness to immerse within.

      We are all one and these children were holding the vibration within our omnipresence keeping our awareness within this frequency as this too is a holographic projection through our collective pineal or a low vibe recreation of true omnipresence using machine technology.

      You simply need to expand your thinking is all. You immediately reject what I am saying because you are stuck on the word ” real” and are bought into that literal understanding that this is something real happening looming out there as a threat to all of us. It was real and happened to them but it is not organic. Would you say a virtual reality program if you put on a helmet was real? Well you sure would if you wore one for 20 years as a child and that’s all you knew.

      That’s what is great about true creation though as is it is multifaceted and we can create whatever we want to believe. I am sure we could create travel in space ships and even space ships landing here but it will not be an AI simulation of MK Ultra like these brutalized survivors experienced. When I am done releasing and collapsing their mind controlled timelines we will all (WWG1WGA) be in fully organic timelines once again and can create freely whatever we desire. Well to put it more succinctly there will be no more mind control running through our collective omnipresence.

      The hijacking system had to be dismantled and the job of dismantling it and repairing the blueprints was in my soul contract. That’s all I can share is my experience. I love hearing it all!
      Everybody’s perspective is unique and adds to my overall understanding. According to you we are both from the Hilarion monad, we had a lot of our ancestors entrained within this programming in the past so I simply wondered if you had felt the lift in vibration as my inner team is almost done finally collapsing the entirety of the Alice in Wonderland programming. This is why the world is waking up because these false memory programs are clearing. Good luck to you and sorry I intruded on your conversation with my comment. 😘

  2. Doug

    Flags always get thrown when I read, yet, another scenario of the past history of Planet Earth and who did what to whom and when. I started my journey back in the 1970s with alternate versions of reality…and they have all been different and there have been many. Having said that, there are always common threads…the biggest being, we have no clue based on our accepted history of the status quo. All fascinating…but none I am willing to to embrace as total truth. We have been manipulated and lied to and deceived…yes. Soooo his overlying theme of needed to wake up to a deeper reality I agree with. Reality is not what we think…agreed. So I personally rest with Barbara Marciniak’s take from Bringers of the Dawn…. Realities within Realities within Realities…Plans within plans within plans. Who really know it all at this point… either way….great stuff to consider and be aware of….just not gonna build a house on it….thinking a one man tent.

  3. Keenya

    Does this new earth also entail a revamped law and justice system? I and many other people of color have been systematically oppressed by this county’s justice system and I never hear about this at all.

    1. lightseeker1956

      Keenya – The new Earth, that most are describing, is more or less like Heaven of the Bible. Live the best life you can. Help others when you feel that you should. Take a stand for what you feel is action in alignment with the Creator. Forgive as much as you can the trespasses against you. Be a light unto the world. Reject the darkness. In doing that you will find yourself surrounded by others of like mind and spirit… when the transition finally happens. Hope that helps.

  4. Isdra

    The author of this article may have good intentions but it appears that, without giving credit, he has borrowed heavily from Lisa Renee’s work (Energetic Syntheses) for parts of this writing. He specifically uses her terminology that I see nowhere else. So, just makes me curious of his intentions and authenticity. I do not respect those who do not give honest credit. I have read his work before and like many he is pulling together different pieces of the puzzle, but this time noticed the near plagiarism.

    Just my thoughts. Others input on this if you are familiar with Lisa? I know Era of Light has posted her articles here as well.

    Blessings all.

    1. Kazar

      Hi Isdra. I agree with you in that many things were patched together here. I also wondered about Lisa Renee when some of the writing seemed hers but the syntax was different. Doug– have to disagree a bit. Barbara Marciniaks first book claimed they are our Gods. Their whole race believes this. The Pleidians were an extremely warlike race. Why do they get a free pass when our history is reviewed. Who nuked Sodom and Gommorah? Who were they really battling? Who were the 2 sides in the war using Vimanas in the hindu region? Who was actually involved in the destruction of Atlantis. The Law of One by Carla Ruckert is the Luciferian Soul Group. The Law of one Priests in Atlantis were not strong enough in their ideology to prevent the destruction that followed. All of the real players have not surfaced and their is some good cop bad cop stuff going on with the Pleidians methinks. It’s definitely an interesting tim . Discernment is our highest faculty. I am enjoying the speed up of the process. I haven’t had to leave yet before many of the big changes. Life is Good Christ is great. PEACE

      1. lightseeker1956

        Kazar – I did not understand the book to say what you understood it to say, based on your comments above. Reading your comment was enjoyable in that you are a sincere and major seeker. Love that energy. What you feel in your Heart is the only TRUTH you need. There is no perfect book/description of reality that will check all the boxes for you. In my opinion the Pleidians stand with us against our oppressors. Many of them are incarnated as awakened leaders of the planet. The light beings are all from somewhere else. They volunteered for this mission. I have met several of them. Many of them post here. We are becoming a more connected family of light as the process evolves.


    I would appreciate it if you could advise me wheather B.OBAMA’S mission was
    on the positive or negative side of EARTH’S/HUMANITY’S ASCENSION.
    In various updatings I read different versions.
    Thank you

    1. lightseeker1956

      Lefteris – If Obama’s mission was on the positive, then he is under cover and will not be revealed any time soon. If not then we have seen the truth already.

      1. Kazar

        Nicely put Lightworker. For those that doubt he is dark. Why did he attack Libya? Look what’s followed that one action. Much of the dark plans hinged on it

    2. Tom

      I believe Obama was and is of the light.Of course many on this site feel he is not of the light. In this article they state that Obama wife was a man.This is sad that they state that when he has a family with 2 young girls. It also stated that the dark ones lie to hurt the human mind.
      I have live thru JFK to Trump as president and I have never seen a President lie to the American people as much as Donald JTrump.So stating that I believe we all walk our own path to oneness. Go inside your self and talk to your higher self.

      1. lightseeker1956

        Big Mike is indeed a man. So what? We are spirits not bodies. We are not male nor female in our true form. What one holds in their HEART is significant. Many of good intentions have allowed themselves to become corrupted in these dense energies. Does that mean that they are Dark Souls? Forgiveness is part of the ascension of mankind. We will not move forward with hate in our heart.

        1. Cheri

          Gosh my soul family brother you sound great! Loved your comments!

          My point Tom was not that Michelle is indeed a man (who cares) but why lie about it to the world and the American people? What bothers me is who are those children? Pawns in their game forced to live a lie. It’s about truth not hate for Obama and Big Mike. However children are not pawns. This is classic Illuminati behavior. Each soul is accountable for their actions. Hatred is a projection upon another of ones own feelings of self worth.

          Follow the Q movement if you want some red pills on Obama and the Illuminati control system. X22 report/Praying Medic/Red Pill 78/ And We Know on You Tube.

          Great to hear from you Edwin! I have been wondering if you have been feeling the huge psychic ancestral burden that is being released from our monadic soul structure lately? 😘

          1. Cheri

            Well I would love to hear from you but I lost your email address. Send me an email if you would like to discuss. I think I will finally be finished this year! Hope all is well as our collective implanted memories fade out of existence!

          2. Cheri

            This is a great article posted on Cindy’s blog in a response by Lisa Renee to a question posed by someone waking up to the satanic system artificial structure and the SRA of the children to feed the system. This is what we came into as starseeds to heal. Lots of people waking up now to this artificial structure or AI controlled manuscript running this frequency of reality.

            This is what I call “false” Edwin meaning it is a false creation program not that it doesn’t exist per se just that it is artificial, non organic, and controlled through the manipulation of the consciousness of the children whose stolen kundalini was running the SSP. The entire genetic pool of humanity was hijacked and implanted within our omnipresence through the worldwide trafficking and stolen consciousness of the children to program and entrain into these false creations using the consciousness portal system known as the halls of Amenti. With the trafficking of the worlds children they had access to the entire akashic records of humanity (all root races) and implanted them with all these false memories. This is what I and other planetary architects are working on repairing so the fallen stargate system is permanently closed for business. These false memories were held in our genetic and soul monadic records. Love! 😘