The Arcturians: Choice Points and Probabilities

arcturian collective eraoflightdotcomTuning in this morning, guidance from my Arcturian soul family came forth.

There are many who will be returning to their true homes, their true selves.

This is not to be seen as a failure, rather it is a mission accomplished.

Many light seeders will remain to help with the birthing process. The light is growing exponentially. The calling will be heard.

We are in the Vastness of Being as Arcturian way-showers. We are here to assist through those who can hear us; those who are of our tribe and came to Earth for this grand undertaking.

We sense that you wish to stay and continue your work. All who wish to stay will stay and those who feel they have completed their missions will fly on wings of light to their homecoming. This has already happened to many and some are working with light and sound energetics to assist in the expansion from beyond the physical. It is as if they hold strings of light to assist the highest consciousness of Humanity to remain and continue to expand in a more refined frequency. This frequency is hovering above the fear and chaos of what has been. The feeling of this frequency is based in love. That is your navigation tool. Love expands into joy. Joy expands into bliss. You are guided and cared for and will know this when you surrender into neutrality with complete trust within yourself and witness the unfolding of events as Human Beings make choices.

This pause you are in is a time of stillness. Many are unable to find stillness and are restless to “get back to normal” again. Humanity cannot go on as it has been. This is a time of choice point and many probable realities are open all around you. Like tunnels, wormholes of probability. Many pathways. Allow your heart to guide you. Allow love to be your guide and trust your ability for discernment. Trust your hearts.

Technological advances inspired by those who have gone before are being created that will assist Humanity on a new path of sovereignty.

Allow your inner wisdom to be your guide. For each Human Being has the power of their own unique knowing and connection to Source within. There are many teachers that share information. Feel into what feels right and leave the rest behind. Do not follow teachers, no matter how dynamic they are, be your own discerning guide on your unique journey. Diversity is the beauty and strength of Unity Consciousness – of the Oneness. Each Human’s unique soul signature – vibrational frequency – shines in patterns of light from Source into the grid of light of united consciousness. Each unique vibration brings the energetic of upliftment, curiosity and wondrous creativity to the Whole.

The Arcturians are speaking of the work of Nicola Tesla and Royal Rife, to name two, when mentioning the technological advances of “those who have gone before.” They say there are many others, as well, who are seeding ideas into “young minds” of New Human Beings to bring about new technologies that will assist Humanity in the next steps of our evolutionary process. However, discernment will be required as to what technologies are part of the Human sovereignty, for there will also be some technologies that will come forth to attempt to further enslave Humanity. This is how Humans grow up – by clearly discerning the path of true freedom that resonates with their heart frequency. When I write this, I see a path of clear light and it feels joyful and I see all that is not of the truth of the highest good for Humanity falling away from that path of light. The truth, the path forward, vibrates with love and a joyful, creative excitement. Just know – WE’VE GOT THIS!

A week ago, Wisdom of Source came through with a message. It’s a little redundant to what is above, but also offers some clarity.
Wisdom of Source speaking:

Humanity is facing a choice point. A field of all probabilities is all around. Like you are in the centre of radiance. Each unique human being is in their own centre of radiance. Out from that centre lead many pathways. What do you feel your pathway is? This is how you find it. By feeling into the world you want to live in. Get clear. You don’t have to be too specific with the story of it, but a story may lead you to a feeling, so, however you get there is your unique way. Trust your feelings and your insights. There is no “how to” book, except for listening to your heart, body and mind. From the place of neutrality, listen with your entire being. Call your home to you. Your soul family. The energy is already out there, vibrating.

My body tells me the truth, through my gut feeling, my emotional body expands it and my mind tells the story.

Yes and the mind helps to decide if an action needs to be taken.

Now, the time you are in. Humanity has a chance to arise united. This is the only way. It is time to grow up. To come together as never before – those of you who can do this are an example to others. Be strong. There may come a time when it seems as if all may be lost. Fear not. This is the hero’s journey and you are a key player – each of YOU in your place of the world. Yes YOU, in the centre of your circle of light. Do your best to stay neutral – as you begin to play in the realm of neutrality, you will understand how vital it is and how good it feels. That is where you find your strength. Nobody can tell you how to get there. Each finds their way on their own.

There is assistance, however. Guide teams, Angelic beings, our own nature spirit allies.

Yes. There is a story playing out and your strength united will assist in the outcome. So, come together.

Blessings in One Spirit,

Leilah and the Vastness of Being

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