Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Rapid Change

higher self image eraoflightdotcomLife carries on regardless of what is happening in the world, but it cannot help but be affected in the long run as times are rapidly changing. It has become evident that you are rapidly moving into a new era and have much to catch up with that has deliberately held back from you. The dark Ones have long prevented you from benefitting from the advances that have been made with free energy at the top of the list. However, they cannot be held back indefinitely and the present time is an ideal one to release details. Much is in a state of limbo and is urgently calling out for all benefits to Man to be released. Due to the current state of the world you are more or less at a standstill, and it has proved to be an ideal time to reflect on what you want out of life and where you are heading. The old ways cannot be preserved forever and there must be a fresh approach to what you want out of life instead of a regime that usurps your freewill choice. Cancer has blighted many people’s lives for years yet the cure is held back by who have an interest in maintaining the status quo.

The people are becoming more aware of their potential strength to make changes happen, that will give them a boost and strengthen their hands to get a better deal for Humanity. The greater wealth in the world is in the hands of a small minority, who have acquired positions of power and authority to control the population and keep them in ignorance. That cannot continue and already moves are taking place to remove those who stand in the way of advancement. It will so to say “come out of the blue” to be greeted by both shock and surprise. Understand that the majority of the people are blissfully unaware of how their lives are controlled to a degree that the Earth is an open air prison. However, the good news is that the Forces of Light are at this very time rooting out the active supporters of the dark Ones.

All is not all doom and gloom, and a great “army” of Light workers are paving the way to take back their freedom to determine their own path of evolution. As you must know by now, you have freedom of choice as to which path you follow, but in doing so you are obviously responsible for the outcome. You will be attracting entities of a similar vibration who encourage you to make progress. However for those of the Light help is positive and destined for success, whilst those on a negative path drop deeper into the lower vibrations. Therefore having chosen your path you have committed yourself to a course of action that will keep you on it.

In the situation you find yourselves in which raises many questions about the purpose of life, it is as well to remember that you have eternal life. It means that for the purpose of your evolution you live many lives and are not therefore your body. To explain further, your soul that is the real you incarnates periodically for further experience so you are naturally born to new parents chosen so that they can give you the type of experience you need to continue evolving. In the period that you are out of incarnation on Earth and in the higher vibrations, you have an etheric body that is a finer and younger version of the body you had previously, and it is free from any illness or bodily problems you may have previously had.

You might realise that when the time arises for you to return to Earth for further experience to enable your evolution to continue, your next parents are chosen that are best suited to your life plan. You may have some choice in such matters although sometimes it is arranged for you. Even whole families may incarnate together but not necessarily in exactly the same roles. Therefore you have a specific life plan of which your Guides would obviously be aware and help you to follow it. However with freewill you might go against it, in which event they will do their best to encourage you to go back to it but not use forceful means.

If you think about this arrangement you may realise that when you are between incarnations you will obviously meet other family members and friends also in their “younger “etheric bodies. However, it is possible through the power of thought to “put on” an older version of your body if it is necessary. Bear in mind that a soul only takes on what it can handle and some lifetimes may seem lacking in any real action, but be sure that the experience is arranged to help you evolve. As you might imagine some lives are full of action but that will all have been agreed beforehand.

Understanding the reality of life after death can overcome so much sadness and sorrow that usually follows a friend or family death. Sometimes you may have what seems to be a dream meeting with the departed and it seems so real because it is, although in reality few souls bring back such memories to their waking state. It is not unusual for a soul to come very near to you and that is very real, and they do take an interest in your spiritual development. However Spiritual Laws cover such events and a soul is not allowed to interfere with your freewill choices.

The key point in any life is that there is karma involved and it plays a big part in your set up, because other souls will be involved with it and even within your own family. So events are arranged that allow you to “set the record straight” and hopefully you will respond in the right way. If you do not it will come back again although not necessarily in the same lifetime so take care and try to avoid confrontation at all times. Help others where you can and know that “like attracts like” and that applies to good deeds as well as negative actions. In reality you do not get away with any wrongdoing as it will come back to you even if a future life. However, since you are within sight of Ascension obviously most of you will experience the end times.

Life has been hard and uncompromising in the period that you are in but when the vibrations reach a higher level which they will do with Ascension, it will change dramatically for the better and be peaceful and in harmony with everything else. .

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.