Lighting Our Way Into New Earth Consciousness

light waves eraoflightdotcomAscension energies are powerful right now. As we move towards the 5/5 gate and the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon we can expect this.

Symptoms can be nausea, exhaustion, digestive and nervous system issues. These can also arise as we navigate the heavy energies currently being experienced on the earth.

You may have noticed that, other than in my webinars, I have not had much to say about the current struggle of consciousness that is ongoing on the Earth.

That is primarily because I believe that, as the Founder Angels demonstrated, the only way for Love to emerge victorious is for us to focus on Love and Be the Love. In the current context that means being in a high frequency of Love and Compassion and focussing on the New Earth that is emerging.

Anything else pulls you down into the low frequencies of anger and fear and renders you liable to being manipulated by the unscrupulous and cynical forces at work right now.

Remember that there are many “opinions” and “perspectives” out there, but Love is the only Cosmic Reality and Truth.

At this beautiful time of what I call “Pleiades Rising” the Light Codes emerging from Alcyone are lighting our way into the New Earth consciousness. Don’t allow yourselves to drop frequency and drop out of the new timeline. You are all needed to manifest the New Earth Reality.

Also available now are waves of beautiful and compassionate energy from the Divine Feminine Heart that is so strong in the Taurus region of the galaxy.

The Beautiful and Blessed energy of Mother Mary is available to heal and guide and activate us to new levels of Compassion and Love.

It really can be as simple as being a vessel for Divine Love and Compassion and holding space for Beauty to manifest around you. The Divine Feminine so needs space to Be on our Earth right now.

Have a beautiful and blessed and light filled day!

» Source » By Celia Fenn