A Light Message: Transitions in Process

space eraoflightdotcomDonna’s prayer: God in All, Divine Oneness, I open to receive your messages. Thank you, Angels and Guides for your help in this time of changes and challenges. We open to receive those communications that come through the Light of Love and Clarity, the inclusive Light of the Christ Energy, of the Buddhic Wisdom, and of Everlasting Love. We give thanks, profound thanks. Amen

Guidance: Today, through Donna and through your own inner messages, we wish to speak about Transitions in Process.

It is easy to feel impatient with the structures in place to protect against the spread of Covid-19. However, there is a Higher purpose that goes unnoticed by most. This time of seclusion brings a chance, worldwide, to examine life without the modalities of what has been considered normal.

If the home-bound orders are lifted too soon, people might easily slip back into routines without paying attention to what needs to change. Fears of the current virus have the potential to safeguard people against backsliding because of their impatience for life to get easier, or at least more familiar.

The transitions that are in process, but nowhere near finished, will eventually lead to different systems of daily life in all its aspects, including education, business, government, spiritual nourishment and even such daily needs as exercise, food and relationships. People will be quicker to help out their fellow beings, to create the future as community and to up-level their values from getting and spending to being in nature and having meaningful relationships.

Some establishments will be the slowest to change, but life will force them to regroup, restructure and renew. In the process, the previous forms of institutions and structures will dissolve, which isn’t particularly comfortable to the human consciousness. Humans prefer certainty and stability, and this is an unstable era.

Whenever a massive change in consciousness is birthing, the earthquake of transition feels like the land will crumble beneath your feet. This has been true throughout history, and it’s true now. You volunteered to live your life at this time, so remind yourself that you are part of a much greater evolution than your fears belie.

Breathe in peace, breathe out fear. Remind yourself, through all the changes, slow-downs, stuck spots and unknowns that there is a Higher Process at work in all circumstances. All is well, even though the human personality may not agree.

All that is God, however, works NOT through coercion, protestation, resistance or force. All that is Divine works through spiritual alchemy.

That which begins as broken is transmuted to higher vibrations that it may be absorbed by willing and visionary individuals to create positive changes. As more of these world-servers become inspired and move into action and manifestation, systems tremulously begin to change. The previously resisted ideas become new thought and are contagious.

Then the thought-forms of the higher vibrations, the visions of the future that serve humanity and Earth, become more and more common in the mass consciousness. Gradually, what you call the grass-roots movements begin to make changes that move humanity forward. That is starting to happen now.

How can you help at this time? What is this era, including seclusion, about for your personally and for your service?

We can’t answer this glibly or globally. Each of you has individual purpose. For some, you may be drawn to go deeper spiritually. For others, you return to nature to inspire your creativity and growth.

Perhaps for you, learning not to emphasize productivity over stillness becomes your goal and your purpose. Some will create future processes or products that help heal humans, water, air and Earth. Others are not in isolation, but serving with every fiber of their being through their work as it benefits their fellow-beings.

Whatever your purpose(s) are now, you are helping the mass consciousness transmute from self-centered to community-centered, from using up nature to honoring and cleansing her, from ‘What’s in it for me?’ to ‘How may I help?’ Your thoughts and faith are more contagious than a virus.

We invite you to amplify your beneficial qualities and expansive thoughts through prayer, meditation, creativity and thankfulness. Notice, appreciate and give thanks. You will be spreading the much- needed energy of trust and hope. We thank you – for all you have done and all you are doing. In love, we conclude this message. We wish you Peace.

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