Gold and Silver Prices in Reset

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Viewer Submitted Questions:

Question 1. Michael : I know you’ve spoken on how in a reset gold goes up in price. For gold to go up in price greatly then by logic the dollar is becoming worth less. But if that’s the case and the dollar is just becoming worth less then wouldn’t all assets go up in price. What am I missing?

Question 2. Brian G: Can the US government ban the future sale or use of gold or silver coins?

Question 3. Scott C: After the Big Banks get bailouts do they get to keep their tons of gold they bought?

Question 4. Chris K: I have hundreds of oz. please help me understand why i would want to buy more when spot price is allowed to be altered so far from physical price? when i sell, it’s based on spot price. it is a false value. real value is what one must pay to buy it. please tell me what i may be missing.

Question 5. Yamil L: I’ve heard a number of times that a man’s suit is roughly worth the value of an ounce of gold, comparison which has held along decades. Also, I’ve heard Lynette say that, at some point, you could buy a whole city block of real estate with 25 ounces of gold. Therefore, I wonder: has there been a time when the value of a whole city block of real estate was worth the value of 25 man’s suits?

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3 Replies to “Gold and Silver Prices in Reset”

  1. Doug James

    Yah if gold was priced according to fiat supply it wld be far higher but a reset I assume would remove much of the supply and all debt cancelled so prices would adjust down if all debts cancelled and money is gold backed say $500 oz for example then all our savings etc are converted.. $1700 savings to $500 UST. Just my thought but gold is only priced this way as we think it is scarce.. it isnt there asteroids of gold I am told and much off ledger gold as well.. like it all we have been royally lied to

  2. Tom

    Changing to gold will be great.But I do not see POTUS is the person to do that. He is in his 3rd year and he had a republican congress his first 2 years and did nothing.

  3. Marilyn G.

    Fiat currency is toast. We’re going back on the gold standard, and I suspect that that will happen fairly soon. Thank POTUS.