The Council of Radiant Light: Expanded Potentials for Participating

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomDivine Ones,

We greet you in love. It is a time of tremendous change. You know this. Yet the changes are happening on many levels, and the changes are also happening in different spheres of experience. What you perceive of that, varies. We would like to explain a bit about that now and invite you to intentionally orient as you wish.

You are opening within more and more and this opening, is accessing increasingly broader spheres of life. As you open more, and become aware of broader spheres of life, your potential for participation also expands. In this broader awareness, your choice to cultivate harmony becomes an elevated way of being. For as you are aware of vaster fields of energy and light, AND choose to cultivate a state of harmony the choices, and perspectives will also be expanded. And reflect higher light.

There is power in higher consciousness. Power, meaning capacity. Making choices that are informed by increasingly expanded fields of energy and light, you develop higher consciousness. You gain a larger perspective – on life; on your own pathway of contribution and fulfillment; on what you think is possible.

This expansion…

This development in your embodiment, into higher consciousness, has infinite potential.

And as you develop in this way, as you grow spiritually, your capacity to live Oneness, opens.

For living the Oneness that is All, is a function of your capacities in consciousness. The broader, more expansive your consciousness, the more your choices will be informed by what serves All Life. This is not conceptual, this is experiential. You cannot know what is your highest potential for participation, when your awareness, is limited.

So becoming more and more capable in living and expressing higher consciousness is a path of continual expansion until there is great realization – Divine Self realization.

This is the greatest contribution you can make with your embodiment – to become aware of the Oneness that is All, to evolve and expand your consciousness, increasingly broadening your awareness and as that awareness, that you experience as your life, your presence, opens and reveals more and more of All That Is, then, your sense of what feels right, will also harmonize with more and more of Life.

You will naturally align with higher light, higher will and your flow, your being, your doing, your perspectives will become increasingly benevolent and harmonious with, components of Divine Perfection.

As you choose this path, you thereby allow your choices, to be informed by an expanding, increasingly vaster field of light and energy. Allowing you to express Higher Will, Divine Will, in your choices, to align and harmonize with Universal Expression and become an aligned participant in the unfolding of Oneness as Light in this realm.

This is how life in your world, elevates. As more and more of you awaken to your true Self AND expand your capacity to love transparently; allowing love to be given unconditionally, and without agenda. Loving because it is who you are to love.

Think on this, if you will.

Then, contemplate too, how as you become more and more centered within, you feel stronger. More stable and steady. As your inner connections, through your attention to them, through your investment in growing spiritually and going within… as these connections become wider and stronger, you feel better. You feel more connected. More clear. More often you will find yourself feeling resilient, capable, optimistic.

As your inner connections develop, and you feel stronger and more centered and balanced, more steady and connected, your capacity for love and compassion also expands. For the capacity for love and compassion relate very much to your capacity to love yourself and to your capacity to experience life, the world, other people and situations and be calm, centered, stable and connected. In that state, you see the divine within all life. You, in your harmonious, balanced state, can offer that frequency that coherence, and those reaching for it, will find it easier to align and open within. You become a beacon of light, radiant and relaxed. Calm and spacious in your presence. Allowing. Knowing. Being. Loving. Open. Free.

There are many situations in your life right now, that might feel as if they have the potential to destabilize you, to bring you out of your centered state of inner peace and joy. The opportunity here, is to be deliberate and devoted to your inner path.

You have the greatest potential to love, serve and express divine qualities when you are centered, connected and feeling clear and calm.

Your ability to receive all that you need also comes from this state of being.

This does not mean once you are steadily connected, calm, feeling secure and centered that you will never have other feelings. Or, experience what you think of as problems, or challenges. What it does mean is that you will still feel calm and secure, steady and centered. And in that state you will know how to proceed. You will know how to be calm and listen within you for the guidance, to feel the inspiration of timing and what to do, that will serve you and that serves LIFE in bringing forth the higher expression. You will grow in your ability to break patterns of disconnect, limitation, lack, patterns of all kinds that in any way, are diminished from the ultimate truth of who you are – who you ALL ARE. Because in your centered and connected state, you will simply not take on those energies or project them back. More and more you will simply be yourself, be loving, be compassion… You will see what presents, have access to steadiness within you and feel compassion and love for others.

All of you, and us, are One.

All other people are variations of the Oneness that is YOU.

YOU are fundamentally everyone and everything.

In that knowing, it is natural to choose to be your best self and to care deeply for every other living thing. To care for your life so that you feel good. So you can be your best self, and so you can offer to everyone, every other sentient being, the gift of love, respect, caring and connection.

We are all One. We are all in this together.

We are all capable of discovering ever expanding connections to the power, love and light that is our Source; our true Self, for Life Itself is infinite! This is true no matter where one is now, or what experience has been, for these potentials are innate.

Your world is experiencing a tremendous shift right now. This pandemic did not come about to punish, nor to provoke or awaken. That is not how things happen. The pandemic is happening as a natural outcome of many many many different choices that you are making collectively about how you live and relate to life in all forms. The virus is not evil, nor is it cured by light.

So, please, do not view this pandemic as divine light “waking you (or others) up…” That is not it. This pandemic does not have some meaning because it was created by the Divine to snap Earthlings into awareness. It did not happen for the purpose of transformation.

And yet, there are immense opportunities for transformation, for making new choices, choosing new paths, orienting differently and living in new ways. How wonderful that this is more obvious to you now, that you are free to change and do things differently, to pay attention to different things in your lives.

You, and everyone here, beloveds, are free.

You are here, you are free to live as you chose.

We come into conscious connection with you, offering reminders and guidance to assist you in returning to your inner connections so that you might live out more and more of your higher potential and feel fulfilled and joyful in your living.

There are great opportunities in life when patterns are interrupted, or habitual ways of thinking, being, choosing and feeling, are for any reason, suddenly gone.

The first opportunity is to realize that you are inherently free and that freedom is fundamentally an inside thing – something you recognize, accept and then embrace. As you love and choose freely, feeling within you for the harmonious way, your way, your life comes online and expands.

The opportunity to have this experience is always possible.

But perhaps right now, given all that is disrupted, you might feel more deeply and in a way that is more real, how readily life can change and in that awareness, go within and feel, connect, ask and become aware of what you care most about. Then center in that and go from there.

As you continue to expand in awareness, your desire to be a presence of love, of harmony and of light and coherence grows… As this occurs, you natural begin to focus upon higher will, the light and harmony of vaster fields informs you and what you want to be and do begins to flow into you from higher realms of consciousness; from your own wholeness, informed by higher light.

This shift into higher awareness is underway for many of you. Be very gentle with yourselves and each other as you evolve, remember, change and rearrange your lives.

There is great potential in this moment. How wonderful that is.

We love you very much.

I AM Quan Yin, with Ashira and the Council of Radiant Light

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