Aita’s Higher Self: The Power of Words

angelic essence eraoflightdotcomYou are almost through the eye of the Storm. Much, much is about to break open to the light. The old, worn and weary planet earth training simulator matrix is breaking up. It is finally falling apart. This earthly experience has been a long and extensive exploration of the dark side by Consciousness. You, Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, are knowing that the time of the Planet Earth experience is almost over.

Consciousness, God, All That Is, is reclaiming his/her own. In reality you never left. You see you are Consciousness itself. You each individually are not God, but you are a part of God. And the whole of God is contained holographically in each fragment of God, in each Human Being.

Amazing though it seems to you, who have thought of yourselves as bodies and egos, egos with the inherited thought systems of your parents and forebears, it is of your own volition, that you agreed to be entrained into a very narrow and constricted understanding of your earthly life.

There are no accidents. This entrainment was for your own growth and evolution into love. And for the growth and evolution of all Mankind and it’s Heavenly Beingness.

Here on Earth we are restricted by our Human form and our egoic understanding. Our bodies are merely physical temples, computers, vehicles to house our Soul.

To us it seems that we dream at night and live our real life in the daytime. On earth truly, what appears to be up is down, what appears to be down is up.

In fact the daytime is a dream. We, the essence of our Being, our great Spirit, are still in the Heavenly realm even as we experience our daily life. We have never left heaven. We never will leave, we never can leave. Heaven is our home.

Our great Spirit chose to have an experience here on Earth. An experience that would expand our Beingness, into a greater integration of the love that is God.

God is growing his children to be like unto himself. That is why the Material realm was created. The Universe, the Galaxies, Suns, Planets and all the Beings therein were created so that God, could send parts of himself to experience contrast.

God is love. Beautiful, ever enduring, deep, fulfilling love and light. God wished to expand his Beingness to greater heights of bliss. He wished to know all, all that it was possible to experience.

So he sent parts of himself, you Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, into this universal hologram, matrix, computer program that is the World you see in your everyday Earthly life.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound. Not unless you, who are the radio that tunes into the sound of the tree falling, are there to hear it. And so it follows, if your eyes are not there to tune into the visual scene of the hologram, is the hologram still there?

The hologram, the Planet Earth, your surroundings were created for you to play at being Human. You were given free will to choose your experiences. To choose light or dark, to choose love or fear.

Free will is a double edged sword. Wonderful in that one can choose to turn to the light and be loving and kind and integrate the qualities of God into one’s Earthly behavior.

Since there is a choice, though, there has to be dark also. If there is only light and love there is nothing to choose. Now, with the dark and the light available for choice, one can sift and sort and work out what one prefers and does not prefer.

This hologram experience for the Soul, is a schoolroom. Here we experience the preferred loving events and the not preferred unloving events. Over time and with living through the painful not preferred events, we come to realize that we do not want the dark, the evil, the unkindness, the denigration with words that is so prevalent on Planet Earth.

In baby hood, as we enter this Planet Earth adventure, we are entrained into negativity by our parents, caretakers, governments and religions, medical systems and cultural morality.

This psychological conditioning takes place through the use of words. Words, for us, are the energy of the Creator in Action. The words that we use create our perceived reality.

This is a hologram, we program the hologram with our words. When we claim that we are poor, unhappy, victims of the nasty behavior of others. When we claim we are ill, in pain, hard done by, and so on, what we claim is what we get.

We think we feel bad because of what others do and say to us that is unkind and uncalled for. Actually we project out our thoughts and consequent words onto others and those very words create their negative or positive reaction to us.

It would seem to be so easy to change our thinking and therefore change our words to the positive. In this hologram experience it is quite a challenge.

It is said that the eye does not see itself. Nor does it. We are quick to criticize the behavior of others. But we do not see how our own entrained, automatic, unkind words and deeds affect those around us. How they influence behavior. And, how they are deadly to ourselves.

Every word that comes out of the Son of Man is creative. Every word, every claim is a blueprint for life. A belief and claim of poverty leads to poverty. Man then sees he is poor and complains bitterly of his poverty. Thus he creates more of the same with his words.

Every heartfelt claim of abundance brings more abundance. Hence the saying, to those that have shall be given and to those that have not even that which they have shall be taken away.

And so it is. We think that we feel unhappy because of unpleasant events that happen to us and cruel people who behave unkindly towards us. So we complain and complain and in so doing we call out more negative experiences. That which they have, is manifested from their thinking.

So, why this earthly adventure. In sifting and sorting through the morass of complicated and painful experiences that constitute the planet earth life, we grow in the understanding of the love that we truly are.

We find that when we are not in the loving mode, we are unhappy. In fact, the more out of alignment we are with our Soul, the unhappier we are. We are out of alignment with our Soul’s inherent lovingness when we are in fear.

Fear is the imagined opposite of love, that we are in the hologram to experience. Fear has many aspects: anger, hatred, blame, shame, guilt, jealousy, arrogance, false pride, apathy, depression, sadness, are all parts of fear that we variously experience.

And it is by these experiences that we find we prefer love. As we feel fear, our Soul protests. Our Soul knows we are inherently love.

The fear experiences are uncomfortable, they give us anxiety and discomfort and sometimes great pain.

It is this pain, this misalignment from our Soul’s love, that eventually turns us back to love. We find the discomfort of living in the fear vibration to be too great.

Finally, when we have experienced all we came here to feel, we turn to the light, we turn to love. We listen to the still small voice of our Soul and we return to the love that we never really left.

We become unconditionally loving, we become blissfully happy and content with the world around us. Nothing really matters anymore for we have reclaimed our true identity. We know now we are of God. We know now that we are Divine Spirits having a Human experience to learn love. We know we have experienced dark, to have a greater understanding of the inherent love that we are.

We have sifted and sorted the preferred and the not preferred. And in so doing we have realized our true potential. We have sorted out our values and discovered our talents, preferences and abilities.

Now we look at the world benignly and kindly. From our high vibration in the upper room we see the world as a benevolent schoolroom.

We love all and everyone. All are a projection of God. There is nothing outside God. All is exactly as it’s meant to be. We know our thoughts and words create our reality. We see only the love that runs the universe.

With our high vibration, we help to lift the world and all around us out of the fear dimension. This Planet Earth fear experience is coming to an end. We Humans are returning to being the wonderful, blissful, powerful creative Beings that we truly are.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We are Blessed Beings indeed.