Judas Iskariot: Finding Balance

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and there is a lot going on now on Earth. In the midst of the chaos, groups of both good things and less good things are formed. The hard thing is finding a balance in everything that happens around one. Many different kinds of energies are swirling everywhere on Earth today. It is important to keep yourself collected and focused so that you do not pick up energies that do not belong to yourself. It can temporarily lower your power and the intentions that you actually have for yourself and for the world you live in.

So it is important to go inside and listen for the direction or intuition you usually follow. Most people have an inner guide who can express themselves in different ways. It is now especially important to listen and follow the directives you receive there. Some people have lost that thread and need to see that it can actually work. They need to see people around them who remain calm and focused and who take one step at a time. It can make the people who flax here and there possibly stop and look around a bit more calmly. They may ask you, how you look at things or how you can be so calm in the chaos that you are in. Give the answers they ask for, any longer lecture is not relevant in this situation if it is not really someone who asks for it. In the simplest way, you explain that everyone has intuition within them and that one can follow their inner leadership. A management that can express itself in many different ways. It can happen both in the exterior and the interior.

Everyone has once known that this way I should go, but maybe not at that moment dared to take that step, but after some suffering they have ended up there anyway. Instead of taking the detour, one can take the shortcut by following one’s inner direction, but one must then pay attention to what is happening in one’s interior.

This is important to convey today. People need to be strengthened in their good intentions and understand that the steps they are taking are especially important now if an immediate positive change is to happen. There are many who doubt today, they would like to make a good contribution to the world, but doubt their own ability. The ability is there dear friends and if you have your lead then you also have your help. This is the step that is important for you to take. If you have an inner poking voice that wants you to take a step in a particular direction that is good for you and your people, then it is good if you take that step. It is something that you have chosen yourself and something that you know you can do. If you need help implementing it, it will help. People will come to you in one way or another. That’s how miracles work and they work even today. Some of you have already experienced it. There has been help from nowhere or someone has heard from an unexpected direction.

It’s time now, dear Earthlings, to take some steps here and there on Earth. There are many who have a cold inside them and they span many different areas. It can be something that you have been practicing in this life, it can also be something that has emerged quickly, but for which you feel a strong passion. Listen, listen, listen very carefully now, feel what your soul, or gut feeling wants to say to you. If all the people who feel that they should take a step dare to come forward today, a big change could already take place. You are many who can contribute something, yes, everyone can contribute something, it happens in different ways and at different times. However, everyone can seek their inner guidance and find the light within themselves and let it illuminate their and their fellow men’s path to the ascent to which all humanity now moves.

The light here is dear friends and it shines in all its brilliance. It is reflected in your heart so that you can more easily find your own peace and your own joy in the quiet room that has always rested within you. It is important to search within these times, it is important to find your still room, to gain power, hope and joy, so that you can share it with your loved ones and everyone else you meet on your way. A change of consciousness in the small also gives a shift in consciousness in the big. You are all united so seek and find the precious treasure you all have within you. The light rays are now strong and light and they can quickly light up a heavy mind.

Be in faith Be in hope Be in love

Great love Judas!

Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg