Star Command: Shift in Energies

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomGood morning and greetings,

We are from Star Command and docked on the Atlantis Space Station.

We now see how many are ready for the Truth, a full exposure for the timeline has come for a divine Disclosure, all Humanity is ready for living the way God intended us to in a New Earth, New Heaven, and New Jerusalem.

There is a huge shift in energies. All are experiencing and have been learning about these are our creators Energy…. LOVE IN ITS PUREST FORM is here. REVELATIONS to REDEMPTION to RESTORATION in the THIS ASCENSION OR THE GREAT AWAKENING is what many are experiencing. God is raising your consciousness awareness and discernment while God is disconnecting all divine souls from connecting to a lower frequency being.

Removing them ,releasing them, and restoring you to your divine origins.

The Sun and Moon are Changing

Our genetic DNA and biological makeup, attitudes, behaviors ,and perceptions …beliefs while God is exposing all old lower frequency beings creations.

It has been many ages in creation and way to long ,that people have suffered by their false guidance or interpretation of me, MANY of my people gave your power to those lower frequency beings to create the Apocalypse, Armageddon and Babylon …. I AM NOT A GOD OF DEATH OR DESTRUCTION.

Many see who They are now lower vibrations of Spirits of DEATH and DESTRUCTION Lost Souls their inner foundation full of Wars and divisions.

Lead by a false god and a false light that’s why this 3D world was created in a lower consciousness and was reliving the suffering of past generations while being their Sex Mind Body Soul slaves and clearing their Karma.

They all have taught the ways of living in FEAR or SURVIVAL that’s how we are to live life ..was what all these lower frequency’s have really imprinted IN THE DNA.

This has been modeled to you through parents teachers preachers leaders or elected officials media so many other resources as it was to be repeated so every cell tissue and organ within you believed it.

So many of you were guided by their inner foundation of the past masculine or feminine as that was the only foundation you know or have received. The apocalypse imprinting.

Causing much of your pain and suffering.

Now we are in the 21 century technology has far exceeded the human race we have AI’s programmers.

This is why it God knew it is time for a Love revolution and a evolution of AWARENESS.

None of my people were created to live in a survival mode.

I created all of you as beautiful images of me.

Many of you are from all different galaxies as We have come to Earth to explore the beauty and wonderment of our Spirit being in physical form .. experiencing and living Life to it’s fullest every day in every way.

My promises to my children are here.

Heaven is on Earth……. “as above so below” all has been prepared for the event.

Many of you will be shocked at how instantly you are seeing things return to their divine origins.

Now we have a Divine connection in National Security Division of Spiritual Science.

We are ready for a full disclosure as all the classified projects have been unveiled and our ground representative’s beings have fully awakened and removed all that was necessary for all to live life in FREEDOM.

We’ve gone public with this information and many of you are already following our models now.

To many, what follows in the coming days will shock you and disgust you, as it was all happening in plain sight.

Those who thought they had control will be repenting and on their knees begging for mercy … for the false images are exposed.


WWG1WGAWe are a unity of LOVE

Always surrounding you in Love while surfing the waves of the Light.

» Shared per request » Channel: Lightsurfer