Earth Intelligence Report: Year of Exposure

the truth rising eraoflightdotcomWe speak as one and we represent that of what you term as the Earth Collective Consciousness. There is a peeling of skin that could be termed as debris which is currently lifting itself off your collective consciousness at this time. This is termed in this way because everything relating to the year of 2020 termed as the year of exposure is moving ahead swiftly. There is a stage that has been arranged for the Elitists as you term them, to expose much of their agendas in clarity due to this time of great transition happening upon the Earth. This is proceeding precisely as it needs to, and it is proceeding as it needs to to bring transparency to the secrets of distortions that have been kept under heavy guard for many decades. This exposure is helping to release the energetic equivalent of a parasitic strain created through many decades and many centuries of corruption that has been seeded within the collective front of humanity. This will continue in a great exposure so that every man, woman, and child will become aware of the corruption and debris that has been kept in the shadows for a great deal of time.

During this period, it would be almost impossible for one or few or many not to react to what is taking place during this great transitional time. This time is the apex of revealing what has been deeply contained within the shadows. This time is crucial to moving you forward past a greater threshold where you are taking a giant leap into an entirely new world. However, this time is transitory and gradual. It is of no surprise that many are impatient and wish to have this time conclude. Even though it does bring forward great challenges to humanity, it is a necessary time so that you can work and unify in the greatest ways that you can on a majority level. The intensities of these events will continue until more people are able to awaken from the slumber relating to ignorance and the corrupt happenings involved with their appointed world leaders, otherwise termed as Elitists.

There has been a great shift occurring behind the scenes as it were. As much of the Elitists have been removed from their positions of power. And only a select few are meant to remain because their exposure is necessary in advancing the collective further. They will reveal their intentions publicly. They will reveal their agendas to bring greater control, and agendas that attempt to take away the free will of humanity. However, this is nothing more than an illusion, and through these illusions of control and corruption, it shall be exposed on greater levels leading to the great collapse of an empire centered upon keeping the debris consciousness of control and corruption intact.

During this time, it is essential that even if you agree or disagree with each other, you are holding space. You are holding love. You are holding compassion for your fellow men, women, and children. This time will reveal to you who you truly are and who you are seeing before you with their own shared intentions of character. Even though some viewpoints may seem harsh, or even wretched, it is not for you to turn upon your fellow man, woman, or child because of such perspectives. Whether your differences of perspective are becoming exposed, this does not warrant a strength by battling one another over who is right and who is wrong. Love and compassion are the keys to bringing unification together on a greater scale.

The advancement of humankind will come through the realization that you are living beings. That you are upon the Earth. And that you share the same space. Through that nature, you deserve to work together with each other holding space, showing love, and sharing compassion. This is what will allow the transitional period taking place now to accelerate into greater revealing. The more that you ally with each other and come together, standing firmly against such shadow agendas that have been upon your Earth for a great deal of time, will bring greater clarity to how you live and exist upon your mother Earth.

Hold space. Gather together. Not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally, mentally and with great presence. The more that you converge yourselves towards the basic commonalities of sharing this world with each other through the intention of prosperity, community and compassion, you will find what it is to truly be human, and to truly become humankind as it was meant to be.

This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report.

By Brad Johnson

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