Yeshua: Time to Rise

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI am Jesus and I would like to reach out to the people on Earth today. It is a great upheaval, what is happening now on Earth. The events are occurring, one after the other, and the Earth is now facing a new dawn on earth. Many people have worked for a long time to help the Earth and its inhabitants, so that they will have a better and more tolerable existence. It is now that an opening has taken place and different entrepreneurs can come up, which can change the condition of the Earth and man for the better.

This requires courageous men and women to rise and give the Earth their gifts. Gifts they have chosen to provide the Earth with when they reincarnated. The world now needs all the bright ideas and the humanity behind these ideas, so that a change from old patterns to new patterns can take place on Earth.

A higher state of consciousness now illuminates the Earth, and those who can embrace these bright energies need to do so now. Many will then follow suit and the change on Earth can start at an ever faster rate. But be patient, the implantation of new ideas can always take their time. However, it can only get better and the light has already come a long way. The manifestation of all the bright ideas that exist on Earth needs to start now, in order for them to have an impact a little further on. Reconstruction can take its time, but many lives can be saved now. Prioritize what is most important to humans and animals in this first stage. Everyone must be able to eat saturated and drink themselves thirsty to then be able to leave their straw to the stack. You are all one and connected to each other, so you need to get everyone on the train, and you do this by taking care of each other through compassion and the humanity that is to permeate the human psyche today. This is important, beloved children on Earth! This is important!

Now take care of yourselves first and then assist others with all the power that you yourself have gained. The power will also be in your field of consciousness so everything you do, say or think will be there, so examine your thought, your feeling and the action that comes from yourself. Correct what is not the highest good of all, and you have come a long way.

All the inhabitants of the Earth are now being transformed into a higher consciousness, each one along their level, so be careful and careful of yourselves, everything you do can soon be seen in the outside depending on how conscious you are. The manifestation happens faster if you have a higher consciousness, and have a slower effect in the lower consciousness because you are then unaware of what is happening and happening in the inner consciousness of oneself.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings now, dear people on Earth, they are more important than you can imagine.

I join you and help you, so call on me, the Holy Spirit and Father God, then the calling will come, and the help will stand beside you.

I love you so much


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg