Navigating the Void Between Old and New

connected eraoflightdotcomQuite often the place between the old and new can be very challenging – feeling in a void between what was and what will be. Interestingly, however, that void is where we have the MOST potential to create something radically new and wonderful. Continue reading to better understand the void and how to make the best use of it this month.

May is a month of even more changes in our lives. These changes are quite personal – going beyond COVID and the overall dysfunctional state of our world. Whatever these changes are, this month we will be spiritually nudged to make them, even if COVID had never arrived.

Planetary retrograde energies are involved, catalyzing a big life review involving responsibility, relationships, and success. The start of all three retrograde cycles is this coming week.

The retrograde energies involved: Saturn retrograde May 11-September 29, Venus retrograde May 13-June 25, and Jupiter retrograde May 14-September 12.

For perspective, retrograde cycles give us an opportunity to review, reassess, and re-envision. It can feel serious and heavy at times, in part because what needs review we subconsciously resist, want to delay, or simply prefer not to see. Also, moving through a retrograde cycle – with its challenges of facing one’s shadow and doing deep inner work to make changes – can feel a bit overwhelming during a global crisis.

The silver lining: retrogrades in 2020 are a very powerful time to make personal changes that previously were impossible to orchestrate. It’s an excellent time to do clearing at a DNA level of ancestral patterns and early-life conditioning.

The Big Reveal

Keep the following in mind. While each of us grows spiritually by actively participating in our own personal reveal of what we need to shift – our world is experiencing what I call a big reveal.

As I describe more in my new book Predictions 2020, this year and the coming decade of changes involve humanity having a major reassessment of how we got here to this difficult and unsustainable place.

During that process, historical information perhaps not written down, purposefully hidden, or lost will begin to come to light.

Reassessing History

Our history isn’t what we thought it was. Why? One reason is that historians over the ages may have had a bias, lacked the whole picture, or simply misunderstood the context of events. Some of this could have to do with translation into different languages and dialects. A second reason can be attributed to the powerful influence ego-driven leaders have had in controlling information.

I’m mentioning both of these here, in part because this theme of distorted information – present again today – has ancient roots. We have experienced it many times!

This is Our Time

Know that THIS is the lifetime each of us came encoded to (1) want the truth (2) want facts based on evidence (3) learn to spot ego-driven leaders (4) learn to develop discernment.

As I wrote about last week (“Urge for Freedom and Certainty – Discernment During Chaos”), we live in a time when we must develop our discernment and our ability to sort through confusing or biased information to discover the facts and our own truth.

Discernment is a developing skill. So is the skill of withholding judgment and avoiding fear while we investigate information.

During May both skills need honing so that we don’t get caught up in the latest hysteria or name calling.

Enlightened Masters

The enlightened Masters like Buddha, if they were alive today, would shine a light on the distortions and imbalances humans have accepted as “normal.” They would remind us of why we are here – all of us together on this small planet – remembering how to love and be with one another and the Earth.

In fact, their wisdom remains alive for us today as we navigate these challenging times. Trust this. And trust that, crazy as things might get, we have higher purposes for these moments. In the coming times, each of us has the potential to tap into this on a very personal level – then taking actions reflecting our unique roles. This is how we change ourselves – this is how we change the world.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.


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