May’s Light Letter: Heavenly NEW Earth Focus

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomI transmit out love to accompany you through your every moment of consciously creating more new, anchoring the codes for NEW EARTH fully and living beautiful dream realities too! ♥

Moments of deep observation, commUNION and reflection are our norm… observing the ENERGY of all and seeing from Infinite Dimensions/Levels of Consciousness… so vastly that every moment is vibrationally re-coded and re-aligned just through Pure Presence, BEing and Pure Sacred Connection held deep deep deep within….

I can speak to the unraveling, the immense distortions and craziness that is occurring in 3D/4D frequency bandwidths or I can speak to the beauty, magnificence and pure JOY available to all fully living 5D-12D from deep deep deep within… and how HOLDING OUR HIGHEST STATES IS WHAT SHIFTS ALL to a whole new reality, tons of them, and what’s actually available, what’s truly possible and what’s just waiting for all to embrace, grab ahold of and bring forth as their whole new reality here too.

There are always options, there are always choices and there are always alternatives…. and how easily we see, how easily we shift, how easily we Tune our Consciousness (and Crystals that make up our Crystalline LightBodies) is determined by how open our hearts/minds/energy/whole body/being is….. Plasma gives each the ability to re-shape/re-form entire realities, as well as play in a field of cohesion and experience some “trippy stuff” for awhile, until our Plasma LightBody is completely online, forgo accelerating more LightBody phases as we return to 12D with our whole body/being.

Do you SPEND your moments creating all new realities to experience as your whole life here? Do you INVEST all of you and all that you have/are/do into ALL NEW that looks nothing like the old use to? DO you truly CARE to UNITE and work together and share? Or are you still holding on to “the old ways of living/doing things” because of what you were told/learned (programmed) to believe? (It’s important to Resolve all victim mentalities here… as all of this was individually Soul-determined prior to each’s incarnation)…

Do you awaken every day, excited and ready to rock out awesomeness or do you spend all of your “time” (energy) focused on what’s going on “out there”? There are ways to “see”, without it “dictating” y/our reality or getting “caught up in any of it”. Through heart/mind/consciousness expansion we are able to see from multiple perspectives and various levels of everything. These expanded perceptions/awarenesses/understandings are utilized in teaching/re-educating/guiding/assisting and shifting all to much higher timelines/realities at-will.

Do you govern yourself fully and hold deep sacred respect for all? Do you observe yourself and all in your own reality and REALIZE that you are the one that makes a difference?  The expanded realization that you are the one that CREATED THAT WHOLE REALITY/EXPERIENCE by the programming your cellular body holds, what you listened to, participated in, supported, believed, allowed and actually did or didn’t do are a part of how you/we all come into y/our power here. These realizations are flooding forth for many right now and increasing for more as we go.

Do you bring forth programming, separation, duality, fears and lack or do you shift to a completely different place/space inside and UNITE ALL THROUGH LOVE? Are you still playing out the old distorted illusions because of ignited stories fueled by heightened/suppressed emotions or are you LIVING YOUR MOST MAGNIFICENT REALITY fully….. by BEING LIGHT in form… fully and encouraging all to be/do/live this fully too?

Where your focus is, what you “do”, what you allow, what you spend your time/energy on… this is what “manifests” (materializes) in your reality as an “experience/form”….

First, akashes and karmic timelines must fully be cleared. We do this by doing the OPPOSITE of what the ego aspect wants…. This activates each’s Merkaba to start to construct/build over much linear time for physical body ascension to occur. Through consciously dissolving our own inner-separation, a unification of “all bodies” occurs….


NEW EARTH IS A REALITY/EXPERIENCE that each are able to LIVE fully… as each INTENTIONALLY/CONSCIOUSLY HOLDS NEW EARTH TEMPLATES and CODES IN PLACE…. with their whole body/being/presence — ACTS & ACTIONS….

NEW EARTH is vibrant, more colorful and starts out so “sur-REAL”…. soft, fuzzy and dreamy and SO VERY PURE…. occurring as each lets completely go of the old everything and CONSCIOUSLY ALLOWS their whole body/being to raise it’s whole overall vibration fully… where each’s heart is fully connected, where each’s mind has completely relaxed and whole body surrendered to PURE PRESENCE and PEACE… where each’s body is truly happy and SO FULL OF LOVE that it naturally bursts out, naturally RAYdiates and emanates out…. from every cell. ♥

Nature speaks energetically, birds sing symphonies, butterflies and dragonflies flitter about. Conversations and exchanges are kind, loving, soft and pure…. and “realities” are CREATED through full consciousness, sharing, uniting and working together to support, uplift and inspire all…. ourselves, each other and all of humanity… AS ALL ARE ONE AND THE SAME….

It starts at “home” (inside)… in your whole life and “how you live” energetically and physically too. How you behave, treat yourselves/each other and where you function from matters…. as this is what creates the FLOW OF ENERGY and the DIRECTION OF CODES…. that “tells” the Quantum Field/Unified Field how to respond to/for you…. especially when we get into full Embodiment and organically transmitting LIGHT CODES out that are COORDINATES for multi-dimensional realities/experiences….

When you breathe, you transmit. When you BE you transmit. When you speak, you transmit, when you sit, when you think, when you inner-act, when you create, when you “do” anything… you transmit the COORDINATES OUT FOR THE DIMENSION you OCCUPY and EXPERIENCE as a vibrational RESULT of this….

Your EVERY nano-second/moment you are transmitting, receiving and generating CODES…. Quantum Geometric Equational Codes that constantly take new form, constantly re-shape, constantly inner-acting with a Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Field and COMMUNICATES on an ENERGETIC LEVEL …. where through your own full consciousness you are able to ENERGETICALLY DIRECT…

As you experience these MASSIVE PLANETARY, COLLECTIVE AND INDIVIDUAL SHIFTS from Old Earth to NEW, from the old corrupted Databases/Codes/Foundations/Programs/Systems/Platforms/Databanks to completely “new” ones…. you are “leaving” separation, leaving duality, leaving lack, leaving survival mode, leaving fear-based beliefs/realities to TRANSITION OVER to a whole new REALITY that’s FREE, PURE and A NEW DREAM…. built on a FOUNDATION of PURE LOVE, UNIVERSAL/COSMIC TRUTHS/WAYS/CODES….

We are exactly where is important for shifting the whole planet to Living FROM a much higher State of Consciousness than before. One where each holds themselves accountable AS a Soul-Star-LIGHT BEing and sees what they didn’t want to before. First, each has to open up to ACCEPT what they didn’t want to admit, see or “deal with”, because it was “uncomfortable” or “made them choose/do” something different… yet this is NECESSARY to assist each in stopping unconscious acceptance of “any of that” as an ACTual “reality” and start to unite with those who Serve Humanity as a greater whole…. and CREATE/ACCOMPLISH TOGETHER that which comes forth through INNER-VISION (NEW Earth Visionaries), PURE HEART and by APPLYING NEW EARTH CODES to how we all live our lives here……

Until each ACTUALLY SEE what was actually going on, what was “hidden” and deeply veiled…. and admit that which didn’t care about or support humanity, our planet and all…. each won’t open up to listen with their heart, open up to re-learning all a-new and fully embrace all new different realities instead…..

WE NEED ALL TO SEE, we need all to truly “get it” and also dedicate themselves, their gifts/skills/abilities, their own reSOURCEs and time/love/energy to NEW EARTH fully too. This is “how” we do this…. together…. and so while “ALL COMING INTO LIGHT” is not “pretty”, it is an important part of the Awakening Process…. because without this part, no one would “choose” to “leave” the old ways of unconsciousness, separation, duality and “give my power away to that which is outside of me”…. in order to UNITE/CREATE/BUILD all new realities (NEW EARTH) through Divine Harmony, cohesiveness, love, purity, kindness, caring, support and sharing….

As long as “the old ways” are believed to be “protection/safe”, then humanity is unable to shift. So, each will be presented with SEEing that’s not true (it never was… just an illusion of this). Each will constantly be presented with CHOICES and the energy each holds/transmits out will “tell” the external what to “do”.

This immense process is one of re-learning everything all over again, deeeeeeeeep de-programming, deeeeeeeeep cellular purification/cleanses of heavy duty (hidden/invisible) purging (at first) and FILLING THAT SPACE INSIDE with PURE LIGHT.

This is a DNA “battle/war” to “control” Consciousness… yet Pure Consciousness can’t be controlled. This is, and has always been, the HOLY GRAIL… and the “Keys” to all are held deep within each one of us here. ♥ It’s also a culmination of all timelines/existences rolled up into “this one here”. Each will REMEMBER and MERGE (through the clearing of immense inner-distortions) their Galactic, Atlantean, LeMUrian, Sacred and Divine Aspects, as each realizes that “all of those” are not “another time” like once thought.

This is where your LightBody repairs your own degraded/damaged/destroyed DNA, which was a part of the role played by 3D everything. You/We/Each just have to learn to re-prioritize all to fully support and honor this…. as it does mean “y/our whole life” here. Literally and on every level….

As each’s LIGHTBODY is “allowed” to come fully online INSIDE….. This IS THE PURE LIGHT OF YOUR SOUL LITERALLY “taking over your body” (not an entity or anything to “fear”), while your bio-electrical system is activated to awaken your body’s consciousness so that Electrical Photonic Light can work through body density and fill your every cell to create a sacred gridwork/networking system INSIDE that communicates and transmits out multi-dimensional codes with your every breath…. and where YOU are someone completely different than “before”….

This is the dissolving of the separation of “time”, the linearity/density/fixed mentalities of ego separation programming…

This is the re-merging of all into/as ONE inside….. so that “outside” can become this too….

This is where the “battle” inside finally goes (as it was all of your aspects/versions fighting your higher/future/purest Source SELF through games of separation)…. forgo “the battle out there” will go too and you won’t be “fighting” anyone/anything anymore, as you shift to 5D where there are no battles… Instead there is Unity, Love and Pure Consciousness that dictates all and THIS is where NEW EARTH emanates from…… and you just have to HOLD THIS FULLY… as your whole NEW reality here….

Every moment CAN BE PEACE, CAN BE HEAVEN…. when this is where you LIVE from INSIDE…. for when you breathe, you breathe love. When you breathe, you breathe light. When you breathe, you breathe peace and this is what emanates out to BEcome your Unified Quantum Field Experience….

Yes, you will always be clearing old programming, yet it’s no “big deal” after awhile, as it’s just a cellular thing that doesn’t inhibit or infringe on “how” you ACTually LIVE here…..

EVERY TIME we get a MASSIVE BLAST OF PHOTONIC LIGHT (which is 24/7), your whole body/being/reality is going to be reworked/realigned to all new “codes”……

This is a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Existence… where nothing is fixed and everything shifts constantly….. yet it takes a while to relearn how to function in all new ways…. and an immense amount of openness, readiness, patience, presence and CONSCIOUSNESS… to do this with great ease and grace. Yet, the JOY, the beauty, the magnificence is what all “receive” as an ACTual experience….. and this can be shared/transmitted/united through our vibratory fields…. where CREATING is so much fun, so awesome and simple….. because CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS  is where we all live/function from…. where everything is OUR CREATION…. so we take GREAT CARE in everything…. because it is “this important” and it “does affect” everyone and everything and every reality on a Multi-Dimensional/Quantum Level….

SO LIVE YOUR LIGHT…. Live your JOY…. Live Your Purity and LOVE fully… and observe the distortions…. all of them…. as this gives you the POWER to see, dissolve and shift, tune and re-align all yourself!

InJOY listening to the Cosmic Frequencies encoded and constantly re-tuning all…. InJOY the Softness, the Silence, the Purity, the Simplicity and Peace… (available to all from deep within), so that when you “move” your body/field, that this energy/vibration” is what you bring forth, share and emanate out.

Joy, magic and immense beauty and abundance are a natural by-product of this…. ♫

I love you and what’s coming next will be even more mind-blowing for those still awakening …. while exciting realities prepare to come forth for all fully embracing ALL NEW…. as 12D dictates this planet now… the rest is the dismantling, unraveling, restructuring and re-setting/re-balancing processes and bringing ALL INTO THE LIGHT FULLY so that ALL IS VISIBLE… to allow for greater shifts to occur.

Are you Living Out Victim Mentalities or Holding an Empowering ENERGY….? Do you continually convince yourself that you don’t have a choice or do you truly open up to SEE and EMBRACE all that’s available and possible when your heart/mind are open fully and you live from Sacred Trust and Divine Union inside? This makes a difference in what your actual experiences will be going forth. ♥

Yes, there will be great division…. as the “Split between Old Earth and New” occurs for/within each… yet this will eventually dissolve too…. AS all becomes ONE AGAIN…. as all is re-birthed from within and each LIVES NEW EARTH fully…. and as Pure Love here. ☼

Unity Consciousness Prevails… as the old is no longer (on a Quantum Level) and only plays out where this is still held within by each).

Get ready… as we’ve only just begun…. there’s SO VERY MUCH MORE still to come! We are shifting an entire planet… one by one… group by group…. collective by collective… until everything is transitioned through 2222 Higher Consciousness HUmanity Codes and the application/implementation of various/infinite Source Codes too.

12D NEW EARTH TEMPLATES continue to accelerate and rework everything…. continue to replace the old… continue to dismantle/dissolve and bring NEW BALANCE in ways not understood/visible/perceived before…. These codes are within each one of us and are constantly being activated through the barrage/floods of Light Codes and Photonic Light/Plasma Energies increasing/accelerating 24/7 every day.

Ultra-High Frequency Photonics sing Cosmic Harmonics constantly and it’s the most beautiful song ever felt/experienced/heard… ♫♫♫ Everyday is Massive Stargates/Gateways opening/re-synchronizing/re-aligning, one after the other and another and another…. so massively that constantly integrating, stabilizing and shifting is a natural state too…. ♫

Your NEW EARTH REALITIES will take all of you, all of your energy and everything you have/are/do… just like old earth did… yet these realities are built on Purity, Unity, Love, Freedom Codes and your own HUMANITY…. and all get to IN-JOY these fully and with the utmost simplicity, care, respect and ease too! ♥

Immense Love, Respect and Reverence for all,

Lisa Transcendence Brown

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