Wesak; New Energy Threshold

earth shining eraoflightdotcomThis year’s Wesak season represents the next in a series of new energy thresholds humanity must move through in the global awakening process. Continue reading to understand what this means for you personally and for humanity.


We’ve had numerous new energy thresholds in recent years – moments during energy events such as eclipses and solstices – when we reached a new crossroads in our evolution and could collectively choose to change how we live on Earth. Oftentimes, the energy after one of these events continued to ripple for months throughout individuals and humanity. This translated into significant consciousness shifts and evolutionary acceleration.

In my “Predictions 2020” book, I provide understanding of energy cycles, with a guide to personally navigating key 2020 energies. I explain that a person doesn’t need to understand energy cycles or energy thresholds to be impacted by them. They are a global phenomena, with often long-lasting impacts.

In terms of energy thresholds, you’ve been through a number of these already. Each time you are facing a new crossroad – needing to choose how to go forward. That usually involves a series of choices.

Sometimes it’s clear what the choices are – like whether to choose love or hate. With so many issues, however, there is complexity involved, and a lack of consensus about a solution.

Big Choice for Humanity

A big choice for all of humanity now relates to how people are living together on the Earth – with one another and with other living things. It’s about how people are caring for the Earth – not only for now but for future generations to come.

Humanity’s Evolution & Other Star Beings

And it’s about how humanity is evolving in order to join with other star beings throughout the cosmos.

Your Personal Choices

On a personal level, it means revisiting what is important to you as you make choices, respond to others, and set goals for the future. In a simple sense, it involves taking a deeper look at your life foundation – and making adjustments as needed so that the eternal and big picture is factored in.

In the past several weeks I’ve written articles focusing on the transformation of one’s personal life foundation:

“Navigating the Void Between Old and New”
“Urge for Freedom and Certainty”
“Spiritual Boot Camp”

I suggest that during Wesak season – with our official Wesak Celebration May 16 and the season continuing through Post Wesak on June 20 – you meditate on and work with the ideas in articles like these.

Invite your higher self to help you tune into some inner work you can do now to benefit most from this Wesak energy threshold. The key is to go deeper than you went before now – as you do inner exploration and modalities like DNA healing.

DNA Healing

Quite often recently, what I’ve found in DNA healing sessions is that my clients focused at a deeper level have been able to connect the dots in longstanding issues. Many of these involve ancestral patterns, past lives, and even soul-level agreements made on the inner planes before this lifetime.

Significance of This Wesak

During the official Wesak Celebration May 16, registered participants will be guided by the Masters to go deeper – to self-assess the next steps on their spiritual paths.

A key catalyst for being able to go deeper this year is the COVID crisis. Adjusting to stay-at-home and other changes arising from the pandemic have been challenging for most people. However, each of us has had a spiritual nudge to look at life in a brand-new way and to make inner and outer changes not possible in the same way before.

What I’m experiencing in my private and group work with people since the crisis began is a profound level of heart opening, and an ability of people to go beyond their comfort zones. In many cases this is so dramatic that people are changing careers, where they live, what they consider essential, or how they want to live. It’s like their lives were turned upside down, and then within the chaos, they are finding their new more evolved selves.

About Wesak

As a reminder, Wesak is when we celebrate the divine in all beings. The Wesak Celebration specifically honors the Buddha and his enlightenment – yet it’s really about the Buddha nature and enlightenment potential of all humans.

Buddha simply means enlightened one. Countless numbers of Buddhas have walked the Earth over time.

Examples: Kuan Yin, Christ, Tapihritsa, Saint Germain, Mother Mary.

This celebration is not about religion or any specific spiritual practice. It is universal. To attend Wesak is to remember and reconnect with your Buddha nature that is within you. It exists at your core. Trust this.

Your Buddha Nature

Trust that you are alive now with a precious opportunity to reconnect with your Buddha nature, and to self-realize with assistance from inner and outer planes teachers not so tangibly available in some previous lifetimes. You may not remember this now, but you had many lifetimes without these resources.

And most likely, you had some key lifetimes when you were blessed with being in the presence of or studying with awakened teachers. Treasure what you have now in these moments – acknowledge how blessed you are.


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