Commander Ashian: The Second Wave

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomJennifer: Ashian, what do you have to say about the present situation?

Ashian: My dear Jennifer, it is wonderful to be in contact with you. As you are aware, there is a great deal of work happening on ‘our side of the veil’, as preparations that have been a long time in the making are now being executed.

J: So the round up is happening.

A: It is very much happening, and it is not for much longer that this will be held in secret from all of humanity, for that is the next step.

J: What more can you add to that?

A: Soon events will move extremely rapidly, and for many it will seem as though events are too rapid. The mainstream media’s bias is about to fall away, and the outpouring of truths will then tumble forth like a series of tsunamis.

We do not wish to alarm anyone, but we do say that this will be an exceptionally intense period for all of humanity.

You, the awakened ones, will also have the additional role of balancing much of the negatively polarised energy that this second wave will release within the collective.

This second wave will be make it seem as though you are on an emotional rollercoaster – elated one minute, despairing the next. Take heart, our beloved brothers and sisters, ask us to assist you. Remember we can, remember that each one of you has a team working with you on this project.

J: Will the Reval occur then?

A: Much will begin to change, very quickly. As politicians and leaders in every field are removed from their roles, new spaces will open up and will be quickly filled by those who are worthy to hold sacred responsibilities.

With this new wave of stewardship, across all fields, laws that seemed impossible will be swiftly enacted, to protect and honour all life, from your precious planet to the flowers and trees, from the seas and air, to the animals and humans.

Moreover, the blessed gift that is a human life will finally be honoured. You are to transition rapidly away from the slave economy that has crushed the heart of every man, woman and child. Your divine freedom will be honoured across all realms of society – from the provision of homes, energy and food, to creative and spiritual pursuits. All is about to change.

J: That sounds amazing… but!

A: Yes!

J: Lots of people are still asleep; they litter, they are unkind to others, they rape and steal… They aren’t going to ‘turn good’ overnight, are they?

A: This is a valid query and we thank you for bringing this forward. It is true that Earth is a school and there are different grades in that school. Those who are in the older grades – the awakened lightworkers – will do a lot of the ‘processing’ of negatively polarised energy that is stuck and blocking others.

You came here to make that contribution. It was among the very hardest tasks associated with this Ascension process and only the most resilient were accepted as volunteers. Indeed, it was known to be so hard, that you were each given your own personal team, as a backup, to support you and assist you in your preparation time on Gaia, and then in your full engagement in the energy harmonisation plan.

J: But will that wake them up, open up their hearts and minds?

A: Dear Jennifer, it will. Only a minority will choose to stay stuck and move to a density more aligned with Earth’s 3D robes. People are growing and expanding inside themselves in ways that are not obvious to your human eyes. This first wave has changed many, many. The second wave will change yet more.

J: Sorry if this is silly, but how is this all going to happen?

A: Not at all. In the first instance, everyone has the opportunity to bathe in the new energy release and cleansing tsunami of love and freedom that will wash across the world in the aftermath of these changes.

New stewards, who see themselves as genuine representatives of the people and their area of specialisation, be it medicine, transport, legislation, nutrition… they will, almost seamlessly, come into place.

Now, this will not be overnight, but given the scale of change, it will be extremely rapid.
With their arrival, the so-called rules that have bound their respective industries and services, will change rapidly. Force will dissolve, power will be derived from authentic wisdom mixed with a sense of stewardship that reflects the highest good.

New – or what to many will seem like ‘new’ – developments will rapidly be introduced to the people through your media and the funds will be put in place to build them where that is necessary and to buy them, where that is appropriate.

This transition phase is just that, a transition. It is not ‘The Event’, but it is ‘An Event’, one which is necessary to ready humanity for more rapid evolution in consciousness and closer partnership with the Galactics.

J: Does that mean that meetings are still a while away?

A: Not so much, for ‘time’ will become more fluid, and meetings will become more common. What I am addressing here is the wide-spread, active Galactisation of Gaia’s population; the process whereby humans recognise and identify themselves not as Gaians, but as Galactics, taking a fully awake, collaborative partnership with us.

J: That’s a lot of food for thought. Do you have anything further to add in closing?

A: Only that each and every one of you are completely loved and accepted, exactly as you are. There is no forgiveness, only your own forgiveness of yourself.

Start there, and you will contribute greatly to creating and manifesting your Light present, the eternal now.

J: Thank you so much.

A: it is always our pleasure and our blessings to you all.

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert