Protestors to Give Free Haircuts in Front of Michigan Capitol to Defy Lockdown Orders

independent media network eraoflightdotcomPro-liberty activists in Michigan have announced a peaceful demonstration against the governor’s draconian lockdown orders where attendees will be able to receive free haircuts from barbers and stylists in front of the Capitol Building in Lansing.

Organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, “Operation Haircut on the Capitol Lawn” is set to kick off at noon on Wednesday, May 20, and will be open to all grooming professionals and the general public, according to a Facebook page set up for the event.

The demonstration was inspired by Karl Manke, a barber who recently reopened his shop in Owosso, Michigan, and continues to operate despite persecution by state officials, who suspended his license for defying lockdown orders.

The event description reads as follows:



In support of Barber Karl from Owosso!

Protesters come get your FREE Hair Cut!

Barbers and stylists – bring a chair and your scissors or clippers!
Set up on the lawn of the Capitol!
Bring a tip Jar, wear a mask if you would like too!

We support all barbers, hairstylists, nail techs, massage therapists, salons all over Michigan that have been shut down and can’t feed their families

Show GRETCHEN WHITMER you need your Jobs and Businesses BACK!

Come line up and get your Hair Cut on the front lawn of the Michigan Capitol HIGH NOON on Wednesday May 20!

Barbers and Stylists text us and let us know you’re coming to clip!
248-866-2631 Meshawn
248-225-1846 Marian

Facebook, which recently deleted a group with 380,000 members called ‘Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine,’ has tagged the event page with a notice discouraging users from attending such gatherings.

“As the Michigan Conservative Coalition has a knack for successfully combining creative performance art with serious political messaging, this event is sure to generate much-needed buzz,” a Michigan resident told Infowars.

“At last count, there were 16 lawsuits filed against radical leftist Gretchen Whitmer and her unconstitutional executive orders. Enough is enough. Time to free Michigan and open the restaurants, gyms, salons, and economy. It’s time to recall the governor.”

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