A New Awakening Wave

star bright eraoflightdotcomThe opportunity for a great leap forward has arrived in Your Ascension. The forward momentum from a new Awakening Wave has created an open door for a considerable leap forward by those of the first wave, and of course, the waves in between all proceed with a shift forward.

Where the tedious battle to get Ones to stand has come to fruition, the focus of the more powerful Co-Creators can be tuned to the higher 5D state of Being, as well as enjoying the higher 5D experiences, from where the new timelines and steering for humanity is Created. While the remnants of darkness are distracted with the new Awakened Wave, You are free to Create more efficiently unimpeded and, not distracted from Your mission.

You are strongly encouraged at this time to complete the utmost separation from the lower timelines and influences. The total focus NOW once again, is to go upon the advancement of Your physical vessel. The Masses are fine and do not require Your energetic support. Upgrades to the extremities of the humanoid nervous system, the nerve endings, has been ongoing for a few months of linear time and has reached a level in the most advanced, where seclusion from lower frequency is essential to expedite this most important process. Your energetic environments are to be cleared to the utmost as well, to expedite this process. The urgency with this process is so, as to such, enable the highest level and ability of the physical body to enter and sustain other dimensions yet. Common symptoms of this upgrade are electrical impulses throughout the entire body, involuntary twitching and jerking of the physical vessel, physical vessel vibrating, sensations of needle pricks or insect bites, rashes, and/or boils over certain areas of the physical vessel, thirst, and drowsiness.

Whereas in some, the Light Body Process has progressed to such a degree, the water content within the physical vessel is converted to an energized water which becomes a much more efficient conductor for the body’s new electrical circuitry, somewhat nuclear in physics innerstanding.

The delivery of the photonic Light to assist in more than one way is occurring and will continue to intensify. Your sensations will be beyond anything felt yet with this Ascension in respect to electrical. These new nerve endings send out electrical impulses that directly changes the polarity of reality and allows for a reset of reality as well as transition into the other dimensions and experiences. Your levitation abilities are also at hand upon completion of this process. Your Mastery of fear allows this to be.

Love and Light

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