P’taah: A Great Wake up Call for Humanity

new light human eraoflightdotcomQ: P’taah you have said that breath is our connectedness to Source-ness, so I was wondering, because this virus seems to affect the respiratory system quite significantly, is there particular significance that breathing is being affected?

P’taah: Oh Beloved, everything is significant, in so far as, according to your individual and collective consciousnesses. So indeed you may say that the collective being-ness of humanity upon your plane of reality was certainly cutting yourselves off from light of being, from Source-ness, in the way that the planet have been treated, in the way that peoples have treated each other and themselves. So you may say that nothing is by coincidence or accident.

And this is a great wake up call for humanity, again both individually and in your individual societies, if we may say it in that way, from country to country. So that you are giving yourself time to be still, to reflect, to look at the change-ment, both in societies and upon your plane of reality on your planet, of how things are changing in the most beneficial way.

And look at how, we would say, people are endeavouring to become more mindful of each other, to care, to have compassion – in this framework of isolation. And how the planet herself is responding to this significant reduction in the pollution upon your plane.

So there are so many positive outcomes. And as we have urged in these last months, for you to focus upon the positive, both individually and planetarily. To look at your life, your way of life, your being-ness, your connectedness with other peoples – in the acknowledgement of your own power and your own creativity, in that you all create your own reality absolutely.

And you do this individually, and you do this collectively – whether the collectiveness is just in your family, in your small society, in the larger society, nationally – in your dealings with each other. How far you have strayed from the light, and this wonderful opportunity to once more allow yourselves to be in the light-ness of being-ness.

Q: Thank you P’taah. So if I do get the virus and I become not able to breathe deeply, how else can I centre myself? Apart from giving thanks gratitude and by loving the body, is there anything else I could do?

P’taah: Beloved would you need anything else?

Q: I wanted to ask you whether loving the virus is something that I could do?

P’taah: Yes. It is to give forth the thanks for this opportunity which the virus has allowed. Nothing happens in a vacuum Beloved, everything is connected. Everything is connected.

Q: I was worrying that the virus may get stronger, like if you give a baby love the baby will thrive.

P’taah: It is to say thank you for the opportunity, really. To give forth the thanks for the opportunity for change-ment, for expansion.

Q: But does love transform the virus?

P’taah: Yes Beloved, love transforms everything. Again we say to you to focus upon the positive creations from this virus.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

» Shared per request » Channel: Jani King