Stay Focused in a Distracted World

energy waves eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,

During these incredibly ‘shifting’ energy days of 2020, you may be well aware of the TWO distinct energy streams that are vying for your precious attention. One stream takes you along a road of hope, inspiration and the bigger ‘positive’ picture for both yours and humanity’s future and the other, takes you down a road of fear, blame, condemnation and a restriction of your freedoms and future, expansive path.

It could seem that TOO much information is being disseminated (from so many sources). Perhaps you don’t know who or what to believe any more. And that’s just the point! If you’re feeling torn and unsure of what to focus upon, it could be because you’re being guided along a path that by its very definition, is ‘confusing’. Indeed, it’s only at the point of confusion, having your world paradigm stirred and the bedrock of your reality brought into question, that you have the soul-driven impetus to wake-up and CHOOSE wisely – for yourself.

You see, the time has come to ‘take back your power’. Staying focused on your unique life path whilst inhabiting an increasingly ‘distracted world’ isn’t just a nice to have, it’s an essential skill to craft and harness, as you navigate humanity’s ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ shift.


If you look around right now, you’ll see that our global media channels are swamping us in overwhelmingly ‘negative’ news. Not that this is new, for indeed news channels tend to always focus on the negative, as it creates sensationalism, appeals to the personality and therefore keeps you in a low-vibration cycle. When you’re caught in such a frame of mind, you’re out of ’your’ power and into the power of the media channels who seek to control you.

When they control you, they have your energy source – you’ve given it to them by aligning with what they’ve given out. And that’s the way the old 3D systems work on Earth. It’s always been a power game, which appeals to the energy of the head – the personality. What’s happening in 2020, is that it’s not only the mainstream media channels, but also millions of individuals who are engaging in negative energy dissemination. Indeed, for every ‘one’ person choosing to focus upon empowering energy and information to share, there are ‘ten’ more doing their best to drown it out, in an attempt to further the negative route.

And why is this? Well, because humanity has been so conditioned over centuries to look for the negative and disempowering answers and solutions to any seeming problem ‘before’ they recognise and express the positives and silver linings – that are always on offer to us. This negative emphasis, further keeps people locked into the limiting 3D way of living and expressing soul’s truth.

When you wake-up to this truth and realise that ‘freely available universal power’ can be accessed via your heart – from soul – the infinite, unlimited spiritual universe of which you’re a part, then it becomes natural to follow the path ahead that empowers yourself and others. You naturally focus upon asking, ‘How can I inspire and uplift’ with my interactions, rather than choosing (consciously or otherwise) to create further fear and negativity on the planet, with what you think, say and do.


It’s a considered choice to pause before you speak or pause before you choose to engage. That’s the mature and wise path that many people who have been awake for some time or who have just woken up through the COVID crisis are now choosing to move along.


Considered choices tend to have more power behind them. Their delivery can be extra-potent. Direct and considered modes of communication will often catch those people who are asleep, unaware and on auto-pilot, by surprise. Communication that has the intent of being ‘purposely directed’ goes straight to the heart of someone and bypasses their personality. It disarms and smashes old paradigms instantly.

Therefore, when you’re on the receiving end of communication that is designed to improve and receive an empowered response, it can facilitate a much needed wake-up call, even if initially rejected. You see, empowering energy can be so foreign to some that when they first encounter it, they shut it down or choose to defend themselves.

“Empowering energy can seem overarching and demanding to many, because they themselves are not engaging in ‘using’ their full power”

Until we all begin thinking and acting in an empowered way, there will seem to be a great divide between people who are tuned in and switched on, ready to help and accelerate their growth and those who care little, are sloppy, disinterested and unprepared or willing to improve and change. When they can shift on up, they’ll be assisting themselves and others in the process.


So, if you choose to be on your empowered path, using all of your talents and skills to stay focused and not distracted by the myriad of information sources vying for your attention – you’ll need to learn how to act from your heart – the source of spiritual power within you.

LOVE energy is high-vibration energy. Love isn’t a state of being i.e. I’m in love. I love you etc. – it’s an energy stream that sits high up on the vibrational wave length spectrum. It’s high energy.

Love energy can be expressed in infinite ways. Everyone will convey high vibration energy ‘differently’ according to their particular way of personal expression. There is no ONE way to show and use love.

Some will express love in a witty and humorous way

Some will express love by being mental and direct

Some will express love in a gentle and passive way

Some will express love vibrantly and be fully alert

Here’s the important aspect to remember…

“Just because you come from LOVE, this doesn’t make you a push over”

You will be commanding and ground breaking. Others will respond to you, as if you have some magical energy. Not so, you’re simply employing the full use of the energy stream available to us all. There are infinite ways in which to express the love energy and every person will do it differently.


When you do your best (each day) to look ahead and envision an empowered life, you then need to act on creating it – TODAY.

When I first woke up to my spiritual truth over 20 years ago, I got so excited that I was the one in charge, creating my own destiny that I immediately chose to block out everything that wasn’t in alignment with me. I started focusing upon only what was in alignment with me. And back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s there were plenty of global and local distractions vying for my attention, just as they are today in 2020.

There will ALWAYS be distractions pulling at you.

The great choice of the soul is to wake-up, decide for yourself, act for yourself, think for yourself and go about creating a life path that embodies these practices – forever. No matter who or what calls for your attention, decide if it’s in alignment with your life path, where you’re heading and what you want to experience today and then act accordingly. That is being in the LOVE stream. That is using your power wisely. That will produce beneficial results.


Consider that you’re not restricted in any way. Even if you don’t have in front of you today, that which you wish to create more of, as you focus upon it, work towards it and keep inspired, positive and creative on your path – with your bigger vision firmly in mind, you’ll surely bring it in.

For example, back in 2000, I set about making my vision to be a full-time spiritual teacher and healer – a reality. I saw my long-range view. I had a vision to reach the globe. Even if I didn’t know all of the intricacies of what I was creating and how it would unfold, I knew the feeling and vision for the life I wanted to lead. So, each day I made moves that brought my reality into being. I studied, I read, I applied, I transitioned from my old corporate career, I took the leap of faith and started working for myself full-time as a healer. I took the pay-cut, I cut back on expenses, I saved, I didn’t listen to naysayers – I only saw the benefits (for myself and others) of what I was creating. I applied myself and over several years the reality became stronger and stronger. It wasn’t always easy, but I loved it and I still do.

And so, here I am with you today – impacting thousands around the globe in a positive way because of my inspired choices. I know from creating this path myself during the time of 911, global wars and GFC’s that you CAN successfully plan, act and live in your power. Anyone can do this. You just need to begin, be patient and consistent and stick with the path of love. Rewards come in.

Also consider that when you work with the love stream, it doesn’t mean that life is a bed of roses. You will face negativity each day, both from yourself and others. Expect it and work through it.

“Use what you learn about what ‘could’ hold you back to ‘not’ hold you back and instead rise and flourish because of it! With each of us doing this, the world will shift for the better”


What many are choosing to focus upon (unconsciously or consciously) and align with, is low vibration energy. Many have a purely ‘physical’ outlook on life, with no greater inner, spiritual or cosmic connection. When you’re a spiritual being inhabiting a physical world (as we all are) and you ONLY focus on the physical side of life, this generates great fear. And fear creates negative energy and keeps you stuck on the lower planes of creation. This means that what you create is not long-lasting. It falls apart easily and doesn’t generate pride or personal satisfaction. You’re always left wanting for more.

Indeed, never being satisfied and looking for the next object or experience to make one feel good, is rife in modern day 2020. It’s happening, simply because people have forgotten to connect within, to find and use their power and to act from love.

When you think, act and express out of fear you will feel restricted

You may always want to go BACK IN TIME to when you felt life was ‘better’ somehow

Your future vision becomes clouded

You find it difficult to rise above the mundane daily distractions

You pour all of your energy into the physical side of life

You lose your perspective


For example, there have always been a hoard of conspiracy theories doing the rounds on Earth. There could seem to be more in 2020 with so many people having access to self-expression on social media and in the online world in general. Of course, within every ‘theory’ there is always a modicum of truth. Yet, the intent of conspiracy theories is to create fear to grab your attention – and wake you up this way. They tell you everything that is WRONG and rarely offer solutions on how to correct what is claimed to be wrong. They take in a LOT of your time and energy and usually when aligning with them, you can feel your solar plexus pulsing, as heat and anger rises within your body.

Some people find this inner pulse, energising without realising that they are GIVING their life force to this conspiracy theory. They’re aligning with it and will need to work hard to extract their energy from it.

Rarely when reading, listening to a podcast or watching a video about a conspiracy theory, do you feel your HEART energy pulse and flush your body with feel-good endorphins. Rather than expand, your energy contracts. You’ll walk around all day feeling bad about the world and even worse, that you’re powerless to do anything about it.

“Conspiracy theories, actually perform the same role as mainstream media, they keep you trapped, feeling hopeless, distracted and off-track from enacting upon your own powerful, focused life path”


I’ve said this many times before and I’ll continue to do so. Discernment is a great talent to develop, particularly during these COVID times. Know yourself and what your chosen path is. Do everything that you can to remember it, cultivate it and stay upon it.

This is why I’ve been writing and speaking The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast every week since 2003. It increases one’s confidence and makes it easier to know when and how to act along an inspired stream of purpose and love when you align with energy that uplifts and energises you. The Tip-Off continues to assists thousands of people worldwide to wake-up in a positive way, know who they are, move onto their life purpose and harness their innate powers to create a life of personal meaning and reward.

Carefully choose who and what you decide to align with, as it directly affects your ability to stay focused upon your chosen life path. Notice ‘how’ what you absorb yourself in affects your moods and energy levels. Ask yourself, ‘Does this make me feel low and angry, or uplifted and inspired?

Consider that both anger and joy will move you to action. Anger operates on the low-vibration wave length of fear and joy on the high-vibration wave length of love. Both operate side by side on Earth and always will, as long as we learn through the teaching vehicle of duality. You’ll be constantly asked to CHOOSE what energy stream you align with. And it is a choice.

So when those distractions hit your inbox, phone, TV, or everyday life – ask yourself, ‘By giving my energy to this, am I generating more love or more fear?

Be mindful to do no harm with your thoughts and actions, for it will only come back to you (near instantly) under the 5D energy template now operating on Earth. Create with the aim of improving and inspiring and it comes back to you, gratefully received.


To conclude, I share with you what one could consider to be a great secret. Yet, when I highlight it to you – it will seem that you know it instinctively – already. As with all ‘great secrets’ they really are common sense, that we’ve simply overlooked.

This ‘great secret’ is to…

“Give your energy to what you’re FOR, rather than what you’re AGAINST”

You see, the emphasis is not on trying to ‘convince others’ of how they’re wrong and you’re right. That’s a waste of your energy. You’ll end up fighting and defending, will feel deflated and will lose track of your positive, empowered life path.

Simply share with others what you love, focus upon it and extend your knowledge abundantly.

When we focus upon our empowered positive path, resisting the urge to become distracted by the negative stream of others, the result is that the negative has the wind sucked out if it, by people actively engaged in the positive.

“All of the negative press, government/big business fear tactics and conspiracy theories in the world are NOTHING if they don’t have YOUR engagement. And this is key and says it all”

I invite you to deeply consider what I’ve said. Let it sink in and then as always, choose wisely – for yourself. The future path for Earth is being crafted right now by people just like you. What you decide to do with your life and what you choose to focus upon affects us all.

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