Ascension Ascertained

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomYour Ascension and Your progression is directly dependent upon Your state and stream of conscious thought, Your consciousness. It is Your Heart that is activated first, then Your consciousness begins to expand and the memories of Your other existences, are incrementally released into the consciousness from the Heart. Your memories from other existences, ie; Pleiadian, are energetic threads that get translated into the thought to the degree that the thought process/consciousness has evolved. Within these memories, as they are incrementally retrieved, come new clues and techniques to apply to Your NOW to continue with overall progression in this Ascension.

It is important what thoughts enter Your consciousness at ALL times. What You think about, can keep You stagnant, looping, or advancing. Again, where Your conscious focus goes, Your energy goes to energize that reality and the state of Your consciousness. To add in the game, You have to contend with a resistance that has an agenda to keep You in the lower dimensions and to prevent You from Ascending, You must Master the attempted control these adversaries had over You, and that Mastery involves going into the advanced consciousness, backed by the Heart, the seat of the Soul.


How quickly You persevere, depends somewhat upon You, however, NOT entirely upon You. For You see and KNOW, that there are also, many Light Beings and Galactics holding and maintaining the space so that You persevere and evolve, unhindered by the dark forces of the lower dimensional realm, AND ASSURING YOUR ASCENSION. The Light Beings and Galactics are Your Protection until You reach the level of trust required within You to Create Your very own protective reality, as You finish the Light Body Process, of advancing the physical body in tandem with the conscious memory of who You are and why You are here in this NOW.

It becomes totally obvious that there is a GOOD outside force beyond the planet’s surface, beyond human that is assisting. If this was not so, You would not be experiencing and seeing all of the worldly corruption being revealed, if the darkness or bad alien races really had power over You, it would have been kept concealed. If You were ONLY human here fighting against the forces of evil, You would have succumbed to total violation and enslavement a long time ago and even been killed, for the very reason You are alive here, shows You have the POWER AND THAT THERE HAS BEEN DIVINE INTERVENTION upon the surface. There is NOTHING to fear and it is essential that You overcome the disempowering fear completely and open up the further avenues of the memory of who and what You truly are and stand in Your power. If the darkness really had power over You, You would not even be reading this and other material given to You in written form to assist with Your guaranteed Ascension, all of it and the Ancient Teachings would have been censored and concealed from You. The forces of Light are in complete control of this planet and You are part of that force of Light. You cannot be killed nor taken out if they could have done that, You simply would not be reading this now, KNOW the simple TRUTHS that eradicate the disempowering fear within You.

Any source of information out there and the purveyors of such that are NOT showing You that You have overcome and have full power, are actually the remnants of the Masters of Deception, that wish to disempower You through Your own thoughts/consciousness. The darkness CANNOT manifest nor create on their own, they created through You in the past by manipulating Your thoughts through what they showed You, wrote and projected upon You through other means.By tricking You into believing some Draco, Annunaki, Reptilian Force is controlling everything here and has power over You, You as a co-creator of Your reality, energizes that to be in Your reality, where You would feel doomed, have no hope, and are at the mercy of a nefarious force. You are NOT to be energizing any material or thought that gives away Your power, Your power is in Your consciousness, and it is the immediate choice of what You wish to believe in any moment that sets You free, or even keeps You powerless and entrapped, looping in a cage. Recognize the old masters of deception and say no. There is darkness out there masquerading as ones that wish to help You by showing You some truths of what the darkness did and is doing, these are FALSE PROPHETS with an AGENDA to trick You out of Your power and EMPOWER their agenda where You THINK you have no hope, and keep their world alive where they control You, IF THEY DO NOT MENTION THE INVINCIBLE FORCE OF LIGHT THAT IS HERE AND THAT THE BATTLE BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARK ENDED IN 2012 LINEAR TIME. (there is a higher perspective of why these scenarios even existed, however, these higher truths come individually upon reaching a certain level of retaining their memory)

Your conscious thought is to be directed towards Your Ascension, the empowerment of You together with Others, and advancing Your physical vessels into the Light Body in preparation for multi-dimensional experiences. When You keep the conscious thought directed towards this means, You expedite Your process and that of the overall Collective of which You are a part. It requires ALL of You working together as a team. Follow Your highest Guidance, even if it begins to contradict human logic and rationale, for remember, You are lifting out of the confines of the human programming and experience, and to do this, You let go of any anchors to just being human, and transition.

Every time since 2012 when the remnants of darkness tried to create wars, WE STEPPED IN, WITH DIRECT DIVINE INTERVENTION. We took missiles out of the air several times, We immobilized ALL AND the most advanced military equipment on the surface AND IN SPACE. The darkness knows this and now know they have no choice but to FULLY COMPLY WITH THE GALACTIC LIGHT FORCES. There will be NO MOCK ALIEN LANDINGS where aliens begin to harm humans, We have even DISABLED the technology that projects holographic images of crafts and grotesque alien beings in preparation of the first amicable contact. The first contact IS TO deliver the NEW TECHNOLOGIES in the most assisting and friendly manner, the first contactors ALREADY have it all, there is nothing from humanity they require.

Any Light that appears to attack Light and/or discredit other obvious emissaries of Light are only revealing the insecurities and fear they have not Mastered yet and they are not to be judged, for they are NOT dark. In this time to assist ALL to go forward, anything that NEEDS to be cleared/eradicated does come to the surface, is revealed, to be reconciled, and it is to be innerstood that they are just going through due Ascension processes of Mastering their deepest fears. By seeing other Light attack Light, it also provides great examples for those beginning their own Ascension Process, to assist them with seeing what is actual enlightenment and what is not beneficial to their own advancement. These Light attacking other Light are to be thanked for being the examples and congratulated at playing the roles of examples of what not to be or do so that Others can rise above it and do not get caught in those traps themselves. You may assist some of these Light attacking Light that get caught up in their loops they have created, by pointing out to them publicly what they are doing and to get back on track with Unity so that ALL may move forward Together. You may also remind them that each are indeed their own Saviours and to impose their beliefs and issues upon another is actually blasphemy to what they are as a Divine One. When a student is ready, the Teacher does not run out in the street with a big stick clubbing Ones over the head to come to their school, the Teacher merely sits at Her/His desk in the classroom, and the student walks in the door, by their OWN choice and Guidance. That is WHEN the student is ready to SAVE themselves. There is the reality where there is no wrong, however, the wrongs must be omitted to achieve that state, that reality, everyone is on their way there.

At this time, most advanced Co-Creators are reminded of maintaining the highest Collective Consciousness, advancing the Light Body integration, and Creating the higher timeline tributaries for ALL. The more Etheric Portal attachments to the surface, the better. Direct attention also towards activating ALL existing geographical stargates/portals as well as anchoring in NEW Master Portals. The 5D Crystalline Grid is in place and is physically touching the surface in many locations, proceed with any other buttoning locations. Flashes will be the result of some of these buttoning locations due to some minor negative resistance that is overcome/overpowered during the process. The photonic Light is being increased from Source Sun to assist in these applications and to expedite this planetary process. Your geographical confinement with limited movement will remain in place indefinitely until the Grid is fully anchored in, everyone is in perfect geographical alignment and positioning for this anchoring.


Love and Light

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