Xiaera: This Hologram Will Rupture

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomNote: After an intense meditation process today, Xiaera (pronouned Sheer-a) came forward. I have never communicated with her before, not consciously, at least!

In explaining her session to a friend, the image I had was that we’re in a car on the Ascension Freeway.  However, what we see through the car windows is not the reality. It is a projection that’s been ‘harvested’ from the fear among humanity and developed into a hologram.

That hologram is projected onto our car windows, so we don’t know we’re on the freeway; but if we were outside the car, we would see mountains, nature, loving friends and Galactics everywhere. Very soon, the hologram will crumble.

Jennifer: Hello, do you have anything you wish to offer?

Xiaera: Hello, I am Xiaera.

J: Hello, thank you for connecting with me. I’ve never been through such a process. I see you as a tall feline on two legs, rather Human-like. Am I correct?

X: Yes, that is correct.  We are here to bring assistance and light to Humanity.

J: Thank you. As you may be aware, the present situation is upsetting a lot of people. What can you say to offer comfort or uplift?

X: The pain is noted.  However, if you could see your planet in the way that we perceive it, energetically, you would see that the waves of darkness are, though they swirl all over your planet, finding fewer places to land, to connect and to feed off of lower-vibration energy.

Although it may seem that many people are the same as before, deep within them, their energy signatures are evolving rapidly and becoming more refined. The light is now outstripping the darkness for the first time on your planet in millennia.

J: That’s great news, thank you. But what about some tangible change? This seems to be going on with no end in sight.

X: The ‘end’ of this process will be abrupt, a rupture, as if the hologram creating the current situation is ruptured. The true vision will spill out in different locations of the globe, as if a hologram is breaking down and cannot be sustained. It will fizzle and then disappear.

J: So are you saying the current virus is a hologram?

X: That is one way of understanding it. You are on the ascension timeline, this cannot be altered, but it can be seeded with lower vibration thoughts which are taken from humanity, and then woven together to make a picture, an illusion projected that seems real, but is not.

J: So we can disregard the virus and the protocols?

X: Not entirely. The virus can still make you ill, because it can be ‘launched’ in most people, triggered. However, it is man-made and weak.  It will collapse.

J: Can you make that more concrete for us?

X: It is not yet time. It will come.

The focus needs to be not on a vaccine, but on how you create expansion, joy. Now is the moment to look to your own life.  See the pains that still linger and actively heal them.  See where you have inflicted pain and make it right.

This is the time for releasing the last residues of the old 3D behind, coming into the alignment of creating only the good and the wholesome and the fulfilling. Living in alignment with the best of who you know yourself to be.

That is the message of this time. That is the single greatest action that humanity can currently take.

You are now on a positive, high vibrating space.  The clearer and cleaner you make your energy, intentions and actions, the more you affect, on a moment by moment basis, the lifting vibration of Humanity and Gaia and the healing waves of Light.

Very soon, these swirling grey energies will lift off the planet as they’ll have no one, or too few, to connect with.  Humanity will no longer provide a harmonic resonance for them. They will disappear, as will other phenomena associated with lower-vibration energies.

J: Thank you. So you are urging us to look within, forgive and be forgiven.  Is that correct?

X: Yes. There is no space in this process for fear. It is the expansion of healing love. It is the healing and perfect acceptance offered by the Christ energy that walked your planet. But you are all now endowed with this energy.

It is your birth right as Humans and it is now beginning to increase within you as the vibrations increase. So you may use your inner Christ energy and Divine Spark to heal yourselves and forgive yourselves and others.

J: That’s wonderfully simple~ if not always easy! Thank you.

X: It is a pleasure.

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert