Experiencing 5D While Living in a 3D/4D World

star bright eraoflightdotcomHave you noticed that, despite all the chaos and disruption reigning in the world these days, and all the fear and despair so many people are feeling, you are nonetheless inexplicably having experiences of joy, freedom, peace and love?

If so, know this to be a sign that you are tuned into the powerful waves of high-frequency light now streaming onto the planet and you’re riding them. In doing this, you are likely dipping in and out of 5D consciousness – even though we are all still living in a 3D/4D world. I’ve found this is definitely possible to do at this point.

And it’s wonderful to discover – because it’s probably going to take a few years – and maybe even a bit more – before the Earth is going to be making its final shift into 5D. And, with all that’s occurring in the world today, learning how to live in 5D consciousness now is all the more important.

Even if you can only experience 5D for short periods of time, you can begin to change your reality; you can change your experience in your everyday life. You can actually change what happens to you. Because consciousness creates reality.

In the video below, I share my own experiences of this consciousness, along with what other people I know have also described. To be clear, it’s not like I’m constantly in this consciousness at this point – but it is happening more and more for me.

And I’ve realized that the more I focus on it when it happens, the more often I find myself there and for longer periods of time. You too may be having these experiences, perhaps without realizing it.

Like I say, when you do experience any aspect of 5D consciousness, it’s important to recognize it and then focus on it with strong emotion – especially with gratitude – because this is what will begin to create a new neural pathway in your brain. This then makes it easier and easier to tap into this consciousness as time goes on.

And, in addition, when you focus on these experiences, the Quantum Field around you registers this – and begins to create more of it for you, as well. As we all know, what we focus our thoughts on, especially with strong emotion, is what the Law of Attraction is going to give back to us.

So, listen and see what you think. Do you relate to what I describe? Are your experiences somewhat different? Did I miss something important?

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