Goddess of Creation: Releasing Fear Creates Confidence

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThe Goddess spoke at length about the changes taking place and our response to the shift in energy. The ascension that we are experiencing has been attempted many, many times in the past and it was not successful. The Goddess spoke about the fact that this time there are a sufficient number of ascended masters living on the planet and that the clearing out of the low vibration ET’s (I sensed reptilian) is what will allow this to happen. She spoke about how the 5th dimension is here already and that this clearing out is what makes the energies available to all.

Another key aspect to all of this is that the entire universe is going through this ascension process. We, therefore, have the support of the universe as we are also supporting the universe. This balance of alignment creates a great deal of stability.

When we were in the All That Is, the Goddess took us through four specific levels of energy. We, first of all, created the alignment with our physical bodies and the balance that most supports us in this energy. She spoke of transparency and what would see and how we would live. She then spoke of the mental body. During this she commented on the clearing out of the energies would lead many people to question their beliefs and what they’ve been taught their whole lives. This can be very, very hard for people creating fear. She then spoke of the next level; the level around the emotions. She again talked about how change creates fear in many. However, she spoke of what emotions pull you down and what lift you up and to pay attention. Lastly, over all of it, is our soul. This is what binds all of us together and creates an overall balance in our lives. I could feel everyone stepping into strength and trust with listening to their inner guidance.

This channel is about balance, learning to listen to your inner voice, trusting what it is saying, and thereby creating ease with living in the higher vibrations.

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out with my heart to yours, I reach out to embrace you at this time in which we come together not only to share heart, to heart, to heart; but to share the energy of this Ascension process.

Many of you that listen to this have been upon this path a very dedicated manner for year, upon year, upon year. There are also many of you that are listening to something like this for perhaps the first time and wondering, what is Ascension?

Ascension as I describe it is the shifting of the consciousness from one level into a higher level. People may say ‘that happens all the time, there is nothing new about that, what’s the big deal’. Well, the big deal is that this is creating a change that is affecting and will affect even more so every single human upon the earth and as the earth itself completes this cycle of ascension it is also going to be reflected out into the universe.

Your universe is the galaxy of which you are very aware. And then other aspects, of contained area that has other planets, stars, moons and all of that together that creates this universe in which you live. Now, there are other universes that also have galaxies, and also have planets, and stars, and suns. The are all experiencing consciousness in a way in which it is associated with that universe. Not all of them are the same, in fact, very few are the same. The universe upon which you reside, in which the earth as a part of, is one of free will. It is also one of conscious choices.

So, you may think to yourself that how is a choice different from free will? It may be subtle, but part of the difference is that you have the free will to choose the actions that you take within your life. You have the free will to go along with what other people are saying or not.

Then as we speak of a conscious choice; your soul is immense. It is interrelated with many, many other souls, and it is through your soul that you are guided at the level of your consciousness. Some will say that it is having the soul that creates this spiritual experience; living upon the earth having, having your free will, making conscious choices and decisions.

Throughout the past, it is hard to give it a number, perhaps 25,000 years, or maybe as many as 30. There have been forces upon the earth that have had an intention of taking away that free will. When you look at the various ebbs and flows, of what life upon the earth has been, you will see that there have been multitudes of different times in which that spiral of life went through an intention of disconnecting from the collective consciousness or for a pattern that was not supporting the earth or supporting humanity.

These cycles are the attempts that have been made at raising the consciousness of the earth in a way in which people are aware. There are multitudes of different times in which the vibration of the earth rises and the majority of people are completely unconscious that any change has taken place.

The intention of this time in which you live was to show everyone, meaning every person who has incarnated upon the earth at this time, this is to not only give you the opportunity to make this conscious ascension but from your soul level to participate in a dramatic change affecting the entire planet.

As you saw during our last teleconference the collective consciousness is like a band around the earth. And then my perception is the matrix goes around that. The matrix has repeatedly been infused with the crystalline energy which is caused it to expand bigger and bigger. As you worked with it last week you made a clear intention to infuse any aspect of the matrix that did not have the same electric flow of energy to be cleared so that that flow of energy could be easily moved around the planet.

The collective consciousness on the other hand is more like a density and within that density you have all the actions of the people, you have the thoughts and the beliefs. This is what you have been clearing for the past thirty to fifty years. Some of you have been at it that long, others of you have been at this for a shorter period of time. Most especially, since the year 2000 this clearing out of the collective consciousness is what has allowed the vibration to rise. It’s as if it was a ceiling that the vibration from getting to the higher degrees.

Why is that happening? You, you have chosen to live a life that is based in your soul. You have chosen to live a life from your heart. You have chosen to make decisions that affect the entirety or are in support of the universal law and in doing so, it is clearing out those beings that have held you back and have held you captive even though the majority of you had no idea that you were captive.

As this ascension continues in the manner in which it has there will come a time in the very, very short future in which the majority the world is going to say “what the heck happened” as if they wake up from a very long sleep. This is what we are here to do this evening; is to not only help people to wake up in a way they know and understand, but also to help each one of you understand not only how you have been a part of this process to enable it to happen. But also, for you to understand what you can do to live that life you have been seeking. As you do so, helping those that are around you also live in this experience.

It’s powerful! And you have the ability to do all of this and even more. I know I don’t usually speak so much at the beginning, but I just wanted to get that message across to everybody.

I invite you now to breathe into your heart center, as you link with that energy body of your heart, send it down going through all the energy bodies within your body, sending that link into Gaia. As you align with Gaia you have a sense of spreading out. Take this opportunity to first of all receive the love and support in grounding that comes from Gaia herself. So too, recognize how you linking and sending your love and support into Gaia is also nurturing her.

The planet has taken a deep, deep breath over the last two months and is easily shifting into the higher dimension. The earth has always had an alignment to all of these dimensions, the difference has been that dimension within which you live, in that conscious manner.

Take a deep breath in and feel the energy as it comes back up within you. Feel that ball of light in your heart center and you send it up. It goes through your energy bodies and it goes out through the top of your head and you immediately align with your higher self. This is that space that is the blend of your divinity and you as the human.

I put forth to you to have the intention that this space will become more easily accessible in your everyday life, so that when you would like a new perspective of something that you are working upon, you can take a deep breath, come into this space, find that information and bring it down into your everyday self. The vibration of your higher self fluctuates, sometimes it is at a higher vibration and sometimes it is at a lower. The more that your everyday person ascends, the more that your higher self also ascends.

There is that thread of energy that moves all the way up into your divinity. As you feel yourself linking take a moment and just merge. Not only with your divinity but merge in a conscious way with the aspects of your lives that you have been living that are pertinent to what is happening to you right now. Feel that flow, feel the love, feel the essence that is you.

As that begins to merge with all of your thoughts and your emotions, feel as if you are expanding, as if you are rising into an even greater awareness.

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you, I reach out to embrace you that we may merge into the All That Is. as you align within this space take a look around. Open to know everything that is here. You will find your own group of Angels and light beings.

I would like to take a moment as we are beginning to once more look from this perspective at the earth. So many different groups of people have been working on particular experiences that allow the consciousness of the earth to grow and expand. Some of these you may be familiar with, some of them you may not have heard about. All that are working on the Ascension and the expansion, are working together as this vibration changes completely upon the earth.

Take a moment to look inside, look inside your heart and as if you are looking with your inner vision, I ask you to pay attention to the earth. It is here as it is in front of you, look perhaps of the matrix, look at the collective consciousness. It is different from what it was two weeks ago. Not only because this group has been working with it, but because many other people are also working to bring awareness to this transformation through teaching, through blogs, through channels; the list is endless. And we right this moment can see the difference as we look at the earth.

The perception that I have is that in certain parts of the earth the oceans look more blue than they ever have before. This is why you are the blue planet, because of all your water. And there is a greater clarity or sparkle when you look at the water. There is a greater clarity as we look at the mountains, and the flatlands. All around the world this clarity is coming forth.

What I would like for each one of you to do right now and if it helps to have that image of the world in front of you, you can do so what it helps to take yourself into a space that is a bit more contained, you may do whatever resonates with you.

Living in the fifth dimension is living in a crystalline energy, it is living from the heart center, it is living in a world of much greater transparency. People will know more about what’s been going on that has been hidden. Already you can find it when you look for it however, at this time what I would like for each one of you to do, let’s call this layer 1.

Level One: Your Perception

In layer one of your personal awareness or consciousness, what is your perception about what is taking place at this time? I heard from many, many, many, people this is fantastic! I heard from some this is fearful. I heard from others this is crazy. So, in other words, there is always a broad spectrum of opportunity. What I would like for each one of you to do is to recognize where you are in just a basic level or the basic awareness about ascension into the fifth dimension.

So, people still don’t know what that means. For some they are words that represent the new vibration of living. The fifth dimension represents the vibration of the heart center. It represents the vibration of community. It represents the vibration of choices and conscious awareness. Therefore, this first layer when I ask you to consider what this is to you is about your perception.

Level two: Your Mental Body

Layer two, your thoughts your beliefs. As you live your life, you’ve had all those years in which you were trained to believe a certain thing, you were told to the media, you were told by your community, you were told by many different influences that this is your truth. Sometimes you said “I don’t see it, I don’t agree with it, but this is the majority”. Other people just said “yes, that’s true, I’ve seen that in my own life, yes I recognize that”.

As the world is moving through this new transformation, as that controlling energy has been removed from the earth, many of those beliefs, those thoughts, that reality is going to change. Can you even imagine what that might be like for you? For some it may create fear. “Well if I don’t believe that, then what is true”? “If this is what I thought was the way we were supposed to act or be with people then how is that different”?

The majority of what is going to change are those acts meaning actions that are hurtful to others. Actions that put somebody else down. Actions that are not spoken from the heart but instead are spoken from the mental body. Artificial intelligence, cloning, these many different things that you have heard about over the last several years fifteen to twenty that has not been in the best interest of the earth. Perhaps it is time to rethink the considerations that you have. So, in other words, your mental body, your belief systems, the way you look at yourself in the way you look at the world is changing.

For some it may be as if you wake up one day and that filter is completely gone and people are wondering what is what. In large part, this time at home has been a time of people slowing down, re-centering and rethinking about their lives, reconsidering what is real to them. This is already taking place.

Level three: Your Emotions

Your emotions are a way in which you express yourself in this life. Sometimes your emotions seem to control you and sometimes your emotions are ways in which you understand and filter what is going on around you. Excellent! I just felt a wave go through as everyone was tapping into their emotions.

So take this moment, considering your emotions; is your perception that there are certain emotions that are overwhelming to you and cause you to be immobilized? Or keep you from functioning in your normal way? Are there emotions that bounce and keeping distracted and keep you from really focusing within your life?

Within this fifth dimensional energy you have the ability to filter emotions. When you recognize that you are perhaps angry, frustrated, upset what is that telling you? Begin to look inside. Maybe it’s telling you something tiny, maybe it’s telling you something significant. If you feel an emotion and it comes up repeatedly there is a message in that emotion.

And then consider the emotions that go outward. Everything I’ve talked about is everything that is filtering through you and coming into you. However, as you are looking outward to you express anger, fear, frustration into the world around you? Do you express balance, happiness, joy or something else totally different into the world around you?

Within these levels, they all work together with one another. You begin as you first do, within yourself and then your relationship with everybody else upon the earth become these woven patterns of energy.

Level four: Your Soul

Oh, this brings up so much emotion in Shelly! Your soul is this beautiful, ever present essence for who you are! As your soul, you’ve had lifetimes that experienced every type of emotion; some in which you were harsh or back to others, some in which you received pain and suffering from others. And then many, many, other lifetimes in which you were perhaps neutral.

In higher dimensions you are literally closer to your soul and the flow and the infiltration of your soul is even more present than it has ever been before. Your soul has the understanding that you are your God source energy. You have the ability to live a amazing experiences upon the earth. Through your soul essence, you can teleport from place to place. Transform from one figure to another. Communicate telepathically, express and live with other species. Your soul is the link within the All That Is. Take a deep breath in and simply feel who you are.

Allow that soul energy to move through every emotion giving your emotions the balance. Feel your soul as it moves through your belief systems, your thoughts your expressions; again, bringing in an intrinsic balance. And then in level one that physically living in the fifth dimension.

So often people feel alone, isolated, separated. Your soul is here to say that you are never alone. This alignment and integration of your soul is breaking old patterns and creating this new expression of who you are. To say that you are spiritual, is to say “I acknowledge infinite potential”.

Take a deep breath in and allow all of that to simply move through your consciousness, to move through every aspect of who you are.

How many years of I sent to you that you are more than what you think you are? How many years and I said you have limitless potentials? While that is always been true, the difference of this time space reality is that you are now in this vibration in which this is all taking place and that alignment to soul and to source is closer than it has ever been.

Okay, okay I’m going to allow that thread of energy just to be moving through everyone. What I believe is going to happen with some people is that they will not comprehend that there is anything different. No matter what has taken place in the vibration within each individual their belief system or their unconscious self will continue to say “nope, a bunch of crap, not for me, not for you either” and it will attempt to undermine this new reality that you are creating.

Therefore, to deliberately work with everybody’s unconscious I want to tap into your unconscious and illuminate all of it ~whew~. Clear out any barriers that you may have within your unconscious. Let it go. Take a deep breath in, and breathe out.

For those people that have that perception that it is not going to work and it doesn’t work I ask one small thing; can you open enough that perhaps, maybe it will work? In doing that, you open the door for all of this to come rushing into you. If someone is completely shut down, there’s no possible way this will ever happen; of course, it will not.

However, even for those individuals everything that I do you just described is still going to be happening around them and so where in some people that unconscious is blocking them, in others if it is the consciousness that is blocking them then we give those opportunities and potentials into their vibration, and who knows what may happen at that point.

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out.

How do you live in the fifth dimension? You live from your heart, listening to your inner thoughts and beliefs. As they change, you begin to listen to things that are supporting you, that help you to feel better, and that help to create a sense of expansion for you.

The fifth dimension is about love, compassion, working together as a team, transparency. If somebody is then trying to say yes but change will only occur through something that is fearful, or hurtful, or painful; not the fifth dimension. That is what would pull you down and out of that vibration if you allow for that to be your truth and your reality.

Be your authentic self! Be your spiritual self! Live it as the expression of your soul!

Whew, I could really feel a wave go through everybody as I said that. Take the time to integrate this. Some of you may come back and go a little deeper and deeper and deeper each time that you listen.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group and that image that you saw of the earth, have a sense of seeing it and you are around it. I invite you to just take stock of your own alignment and integration that took place ~whew~ and send it into the earth. I see balls of energy and light going through and with all of that, the clear intention of the expansion, and the potential as all moves into the earth. It moves through the matrix, the collective consciousness, and it goes down until it anchors within the center of the earth.

Gaia has a sense of integrating it, anchoring it, and then it comes back up through each one of you. Here is your opportunity to allow for this transformation to become a part of you. You feel it as it moves through you cell to cell to cell to cell. The environment around you, the water the grass the trees; everything becomes infused with this energy, awakening all and awakening, clearing out, the essence of what this is.

Clearing out the old, and integrating this new perspective of living.

That aspect of you that remained in the all that is, I invite each one of you to send a ball of light that goes out into the universe ~whew~. You may send it out as if it goes from your soul out into the universe, or from the All That Is. It all moves, creating a balance point and then the rest of your consciousness comes back down. It aligns within the soul plane, allow for that conscious awareness to come back through your higher self. And now you anchored that which is from Gaia and that which is from the All That Is; it all moves up and down through you. Ahhhh, Take a deep breath. Experience you as you.

As you experience life, as you experience living through your heart center, and these various levels that make up who you are, understand that at times it may feel confusing and different and then at other times it may feel as if this is very natural and in the flow.

Choose love, choose balance, choose to be in the flow of the energy, the light and all that is here in support of you. You integrated everything in the higher dimensions this evening. Know that that integration will continue to move through you cell, to cell, to cell, to cell.

Beloved, know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net