Judas Iskariot: Your Intuition

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I am here today because I want to emphasize how important it is that you seek the knowledge within yourself. There is much to be said, there is much that flourishes in the air, there may be a little truth in everything but this grain of truth can be difficult to reach and understand.

Your intuition, on the other hand, can immediately perceive the truth in the stories you hear. However, it assumes that you are familiar with your own intuition. It can take time to get to know and understand what is what in yourselves. The ego has many loud voices while the intuition is low-key and wise. It may feel insecure and requires some courage to follow the silent voice inside you, but every time you have done it, it has in the end felt right and good. Yes it was good this, you can think then, it was lucky that I took this road, even though it felt a little unsafe at first. If you recognize this scenario, you have been placed between your ego and your inner feeling about where to go or do right now. You have followed your intuition and have an insight into what I am talking about.

It is important for all people to follow their intuition today. Anyone who understands what I am talking about should listen extra intently now and distinguish the intuition from the ego’s voice that usually has a negative tone. Egot’s objection may be the smartest choice at first glance, but seen from a different perspective, it’s probably not the choice you should make right now. This can apply to both big and small, it can be about your own well-being, as well as it can bring joy to others. Intuition will help you move forward on the road and will give you what you need most right now. The intuition works in the present and beckons you to obey its voice and act on its guidance. It is right now that you decide even if it happens tomorrow. It is already clear so to speak. Always ask your internal lead before taking the next step. People take new steps as they encounter different experiences in their lives. It is now especially important for them (and others) that these steps become the right ones, so that they can mitigate the difficulties they may face.

The calm and the light are within us, it cannot be reached from outside. It is therefore important that we stop, listen in and find the peace within ourselves, based on this calm, new possibilities can then be opened up and your path becomes bright and clear. Step by step, you come up with a calm and a confidence that can also make others calm and a little thoughtful. It is important not to rush into the current circumstances in which the Earth is in, it is instead better to gather power and wait its time, until it is time to put the spade back into Earth, and do what you feel you should do .

We are all facing something new, the one you were yesterday you are not today. Renewal and change happen all the time and sometimes it can even be difficult to recognize yourself. Development has accelerated and old dogmas and routines no longer work. This can make you feel lost but you are you no matter what is going on in the world around you. You have your own truth within you and that is the one you have to seek and realize that you are something more than you thought you were. It is your own core that needs to shine through now, so that you can take the steps that you are going to take on Earth with a greater calm and faithfulness. Everything there is unchanged holiness and innocence within you. Help stands beside you to accompany you to your own being whenever you wish. You are dearly loved and welcome home as soon as you wish to take those steps.

Listen in now, dear Earthlings. Your path is bright and beautiful.

Great love


Translation for this channeling to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg