Thank You for Your Service as Light

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomAloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

I was observing what is important to say to you right now… and saw to thank each one of you and everyone for Living your Highest as Light, for Showing the Way (Wayshowers), for HOLDing immense unlocked NEW EARTH Codes and Templates within your own body-field-form (Embodiment) and maintaining openness, love, kindness, generosity, compassion and care, while standing in immense inner-strength/power to “Lead the Way” and BEing relentless in your focus and dedication to LIVE a Unified Existence (Oneness), while assisting with various transitional phases that present along the way.

Thank you for UNITING as vibrationally and energetically appropriate/aligned… for working, creating, coexisting through Divine Sacred Union and NEW EARTH Partnerships too….

Thank you for LIVING ONENESS and for REMEMBERING all as Love, REMEMBERING why we are all here and for applying “NEW” to everything you live, breathe, speak and do…. opening up huge portals and passageways of infinite possibilities and potentials for all to embrace and actualize too!

Thank you for REMEMBERING that all is THROUGH Unity, and that division and duality are just so all can see, clear immense distortions and to assist with the deep inner work through immense (previously) “invisible” programming, conditioning, illusions of separation and self-imposed limitations through believing fears, distorted/linear perceptions and fixed beliefs/matrix programs that separate all from this.

Thank you for Shining Light on all that was perceived as “dark” and for dissolving (Transcending) the separation you once held, hid from and didn’t want to see… and for busting through those strong defense/protection mechanisms that were your binding to 3D realities too.

Thank you for being the EXAMPLE, for Living your Pure Divine Essence and for diminishing the veils of separation within you that were previously present while still functioning and living from an amnesia (forgotten) state.

Thank you for CHOOSING LIGHT as your only way….

Thank you for being the LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL … as delving into the depths and transversing through the ever-winding rabbit hole (vortex) is a massive process that inner-twines, weaves, takes infinite turns and presents distortions after distortions until each “gets the hang” of multi-dimensional realities and realizes there are entirely all new realities available when each is truly ready for this….

Thank you for encouraging all to do the deep inner work and to shine and share their own light fully too!

There are no words great enough … ♥

Thank you for your ability to RESPECT where everyone is and understand how all works….. to empower each around you through your presence and unwavering dedication and commitment to HOLDING NEW EARTH REALities in place…

Thank you for your willingness to LIGHT THE WAY and honor each’s own decision to walk through/come through when it’s their time to unite as LOVE and explore/discover/create/build NEW EARTH REALITIES together too….

Thank you for your realizations that each must also do the deep deep deep inner work themselves and that each must come into their own realizations from inside, while working through immense separation and duality programming held within the carbon-based physical body still… (this too is activating codes, with every emotional release emanating from an old mentality/belief).

It’s beautiful how with every opportUNITY that presents, you SHOW UP AS PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS LIGHT through your own PURITY and Love…. naturally inspiring all around you to also CREATE ALL NEW REALITIES by embracing their own inner-guidance/knowing too, because you see how capable they are when supported, uplifted and inspired to do this like we all do and that feeling of simplicity and pride they have when they accomplish this themselves…

It’s beyond beautiful to SEE you all uniting, sharing, working together, supporting and having a blast, living your PURE JOY and PEACE while LIGHTING PATHS and Opening Gateways/Vortexes for all to walk through too…..

Passageways are important, as they are how each comes out on the “other side”…. as each exercises their own free-will (Conscious Choice) as to which version of Earth to Invest in, Experience and Live, by what each consciously contributes to, supports, aligns with, creates and allows….

It’s so beautiful to see so many stop saying programmed statements like “I/they don’t have a choice” through realizing that EVERYONE HAS INFINITE CHOICES, and that each’s hearts and minds just have to be completely open, ready and willing to utilize them, instead of hanging onto the “old ways” as safe…

So, today and every day, I hold you in pure love, gratitude and appreciation in my Heart-Soul for every one of you HOLDING THE FOUNDATION and Platforms for NEW Earth REALities in place and working to establish NEW SYSTEMS that replace the old ones that were operating from within a corrupted timeline…

Yes, it takes us all…. As all created old earth… allowed old earth, unconsciously supported Old Earth and participated in BEing OLD Earth until that HUGE GAME CHANGING MOMENT where NEW EARTH awoke/was birthed/became visible from within…. and EVERYTHING INSIDE SHIFTED/CHANGED….. and each of our own LIGHT emerged so softly, beautifully, peacefully and profoundly through simplicity and purity too.

For all LIVING FROM NEW EARTH fully from deep within, creating all aligned on a Soul/Cosmic Level …. my “hat is off to you” for being COURAGEOUS in no longer conforming to “the old norm” of the fear-based, constricting, limiting, imprisoning ways of fixed/linear/suppression mentalities/beliefs… and for BUSTING OUT and FORGING A PATH THROUGH and for HOLDING NEW EARTH CORE VALUES IN PLACE… no matter what, because you see/understand/realize how important all is…. for every one of us.

I look forward to all uniting more, as entire collectives break through/out and join us to CREATE/BUILD/ACCOMPLISH NEW Earth REALities for everyone to inJOY fully too! ☼

Keep initiating and reconnecting through our ♦ Crystalline Gridding Systems ♦ and ♫ Plasma Networks ♫ too!

Thank you for bringing more PURE LOVE through you for our planet, humanity and all ready to live NEW EARTH FULLY too! ♥

In utter and complete gratitude for you, your service, your sharing and your immense contributions too!

With the Utmost Respect, Love, Appreciation and and Reverence for all,

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