Xiaera: Begin Now

star family eraoflightdotcomJ: Xiaera, welcome. I feel you have come forward to communicate. What do you wish to share?

X: Greetings beloved brothers and sisters of the light. We are very glad to be in your presence again and to have the opportunity to share our perspective, our experience of this stage in the end times, the end games.

Although you may consider this anything but a game, at the highest level, the off-planet level, those who are ‘pulling the strings’ consider this as meaningfully as a game.

They care not for humanity. They know they can no longer exploit Gaia and her population, and most have left or been dealt with; the events you are experiencing now are the result of those on planet fighting for their very survival.

Some of them will stop at nothing. Others have had second thoughts and have seen the error of their ways. All of them were indoctrinated in the way that you as a population have been programmed and manipulated. Not one of them is unworthy of your compassion and forgiveness.

They have chosen a difficult path, for the karmic weight they carry is not one you would wish to endure. Yet this concentration of darkness had to be played out, so that the light would be revealed and would, eventually, light up even the darkest corners.

Now, to events afoot. There is much change as you know and you will not have to wait for much longer to have the proof that many of you have yearned for, so that those still asleep may awaken. As I mentioned when we last communed, the hologram is rupturing. There are illusions you cannot conceive of that will become clear. Finally, all will make sense.

At this time, we would share some ‘self-care’ suggestions. In the current situation, it is crucial that your vibration remain as high, clear and loving as is possible for you. Focus on all that these new times will bring you, on the deep, nourishing satisfaction that you will feel when love is shared freely among all people, when you are united for the common cause of the upliftment of all.

Be aware of what is going on, but NOT at the cost of your vibration. When you are feeling overwhelmed, saturated, hopeless or even dirty, pull back. Recentre: in whatever way uplifts you.

Begin now. Share seeds with others, but do not overwhelm the sleepers. No one likes to be awakened by a bucket of ice water thrown over them.

Begin now. Live life as you intend to live it, when love is the currency. By this, we mean live now with love, with joy, with kindness, with compassion. Life lived with the values, virtues and qualities of spirit are the scaffolding of the New Earth. Better to raise that scaffolding now, as it will make the transition when the pivot point comes much easier, as you will already be used to living a life of loving service.

Begin now. Gratitude. Whether it is for the sunshine, the breeze, the air you breathe, the joy on the faces of others… a life of gratitude is a life of blessing. It is walking on a velvet carpet, regardless of the terrain you are crossing.

The days and weeks ahead will demand all that you are: your compassion, composure, forgiveness, understanding, empathy and love. When you are overwhelmed, retreat and renourish your heart.

This is the time. You are in the Now moment that you have planned and trained for at a soul level for eons. This is the dawn. You are love incarnate.

J: Thank you so much Xiaera.

X: With our love and blessings to you all.

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert