Angels of Time: Converging Timelines

the angelics eraoflightdotcomWe are the Angels of Time sending love and tremendous support to our human friends today. Humanity by and large has been greatly wounded. This is to be healed and you are in the process of healing. For the great awakening is in the healing stage although it may look and appear as fresh woundings it is simply the revelation of the gash underneath the surface that demands attention. Send the wound light. Send your bothers and sisters who are asleep light and love. By and large the bad actors have been replaced with light and not all is as it seems. Be encouraged.

We are the Angels of Time. We stand outside of it. We observe the manipulated time streams and send light, lessening any ill intentioned affects. We see all things in their true expression, their true form. We see humanity as rising as one massive collective in this now moment. (I am seeing a dot of pink light representing humanity on a spiraling vortex of a time stream. The pink dot is glowing and white light surrounds, extending outward towards both ends of the spiral. The spiral is becoming more and more illuminated with greater white light and I am hearing angelic singing encompassing the spiral).

We are the Angels of Time and space. We fill the cracks in the time matrixes with our light and music. For sound is a vibration and we use it to create a tremendous healing effect, filling the time cracks with our heavenly light and sound. We assist the music of the spheres. All is in motion. All is alive. The creation song is loud and strong on Gaia now, her song had been dimmed for some time. This was largely a silent ominous space bubble where the sound of joy of creation had been dimmed. (I am seeing how earth had been in an energetic cage and now the cage lid is off, the sides are also becoming unhinged. Massive light surrounds the earth. There is singing, laughter. There are explosions of light bursts like shooting stars surrounding her, eating up the remaining metal-like cage. I am seeing Gaia stretch and grow, no longer confined. She is becoming quite large and expanding, sparkling and crystalline are her waters. Her breezes are of the purest mountain air. She holds more space as she expands as do all upon her).

We are the Angels of Time. We hold the space in between the time vortexes. We explain that time is an illusion and you are also outside of it as the observer and within it as the current participant. We hold the energetic space for this in a way for we are aligning the time vortexes with more sound and light to assist with the highest and best outcome. For that is what is necessary and has been necessary for eons of your time and we greatly enjoy serving the All in this assignment. (I am seeing children try to peak into their Christmas presents between the seams of paper and that every present is representing a time vortex). Yes, galaxygirl. We fill the seams and cracks with light, with our energies of the higher vibratory joys of heaven. As you know, when the light shines in the tiniest of cracks in a dark space the whole realm becomes more illuminated. We shine our light, we shine our joy on you this day. You are the light holders. In a way you are doing the very same except you are in the middle of the present in the darkened box shining your light from within, a tall order but we assure, you are up for the task. We see that many of you are exhausted and we send you our healing energies. We see that rest is in order. Much turmoil surrounds, but so does the light. Bring the light towards you and shine your light outward observing the turmoil melt into the vapor of illusion that it is. We are dissolving the unwanted time streams with the approval of Mother / Father. We honor the All with our service, as do you, light workers, friends and fellow comrades in arms. Now is not the time for fear. See, the cage of fear has been dissolved by the light, by your light and our light. The light has overcome. Now is not the time for timidity but stout resolution and joy, feet firmly fixed into the now.

We are the Angels of Time. We offer our energetics into the vortex and converging timelines so that the maximum light quotient of experience is achieved. We surround each time vortex with our light, creating our own bubble matrix of light around each experience. We wish to surround you with our bubble of joy and light, for we see the collective as cohesively processing their own dark night of the soul and as empaths who are well familiar with the suffering of others this is an intense time of processing, for the all. Many of you have had several of your own personal dark nights and are well acquainted with the feeling of lostness. Dear ones, may we gently remind you to direct your energies towards the heart of the All that beats within you. With this heartbeat of soul connection you can never be truly lost. For spirit within is your home. We surround you with our bubbles of peace, with our songs of comfort. Feel our feathery embrace as our wings surround and rest in this space of healing. Feel your own strong wings beat with ours and rise with us on the dawn of a new day. We are the Angels of Time.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl