Jenny Schiltz: The Collective Wound Revealed

empathy eraoflightdotcomRecently I noticed that some of the pictures of people graduating in masks or wedding dresses with designer masks invoked a very deep response within me. There was sadness, fear, anger, even rage.

This is always the indication that I need to go deeper inward as there is something to heal.

Where I have found myself is coming face to face with the fall of the Divine Feminine. High priestesses, guardians and countless women that were in service to the Mother were masked, silenced, chained, raped and beaten. The collective wound is enormous.

They were masked to not allow them to speak as it was believed they would curse or hex their captors. Yet the captors didn’t understand the turn of the wheel and that they would one day find themselves in another life shackled, abused and silenced.

As I sit with these deep knowing and deep sorrow, I’m grateful for the trigger the masks have provided. Grateful to be able to heal the wounds that were done out of fear and a desire to control.

Now is the time to let it all go. The stories, the roles, the anger, pain, trauma and sorrow.

Understanding that I have played all roles: the villain and the hero, the abuser and the one abused, the betrayer and the one betrayed, the controller and the controlled, the silencer and the one silenced.

From this place I can let it flow through me, like tears soaking into a parched land. This space is creation, full potential unencumbered by the past.

Each of us can embrace this space by letting the roles and stories go. The space where we can forgive, be forgiven and then realize their is nothing to forgive after all.


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